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The 'Simplex.' Predicted to be out soon, and I am sure it will set-back the competition.

July 25, 2019 08:59AM avatar
I would really love to fill everyone in on the pending Nokta-Makro Simplex, and I have had e-mails and other contacts by others who have been 'Testers' for other Nokta and Makro offerings, who are also anxious to get a test sample in-hand for evaluation and to also add one in their personal arsenal.

Personally, I don't make it a point to go hunt in the rain. With my cane and mobility issues I am also not one to plan frequent trips to a sandy coastal beach. That said, I do enjoy working some freshwater rivers, lakes and other impoundments that don't have a lot of that annoying fine sand. And I do enjoy working a lot of old sites that get those summer thunder storms that sneak up on you and can dump a fair share of rain on those hot summer days. For those times I DO want to have a handy, simple, yet good-performance unit in my Regular-Use Arsenal. Of the waterproof models so far, my favorite is the Anfibio Multi, but I don't want to make a high-cost unit tag along as a regular-travel detector.

The Simplex, which has undergone some physical/cosmetic changes since the first non-functioning example was displayed at Detectival in 2017, is still promoted at having a $299 retail price here in the USA. That's quite a prediction, especially when it is also touted to offer above average in-the-field performance. Yes, this is one of their offerings I can definitely see as one to be included in my regular travels and be along in the car just about year-'round.

The only thing that concerns me, and I have heard this from several very avid Nokta & Makro users, is the choice for a 'standard' search coil. It's been showed with, or claimed to come standard with, an 11" open-frame search coil. My personal opinion is that they ought to have a 7" Concentric open-frame coil for the Simplex, and better still make it the 'standard' coil and not the bigger-size 11" DD. I don't think they need a wide array of coils for the Simplex, but I do hope they offer a 5" DD, 7" Concentric and 11" DD. Then, if anything else, perhaps a 5X9½ open-frame DD.

On the Welcome-to-Hunt Outing to Utah in early May, at least half of the attendees asked if I had heard anything about the Simplex. Quite an interest. And then we had the WTHO to Wells, Nevada in mid-June and still no word or firm release date, and again half or more of the participants asked me about the Simplex and wondered about my thoughts on a quality-built model with decent performance for the suggested retail price.

My personal thoughts? Easy to figure out because most folks know I am a dedicated fan and devoted Nokta-Makro detector user. Their build quality is very solid and their performance is reliable. Their search coils come in a workable assortment of sizes and types, and above all else their Customer Service has to be the best in the industry. Competitors, or most of them, have had to trim their retail pricing to keep up with Nokta-Makro, as well as work on improving the features found on the products they offer today's market.

And as it is now, most detector makers offer very little in serious performance and value in their lower-cost detector offerings, and many of those are priced OVER the US' $299 price point ... They're just are not worthy for anyone serious about this great sport to consider investing in. The past few hot days that have kept me inside or close to home I have grabbed a few low-end units from other makers in the USA for some casual, indoor bench testing of an assortment of samples I use. There wasn't one single model I would care to take out hunting ... anywhere! Old rural sites or common urban Coin Hunting sites, ... not one was of interest to me.

I feel comfortable making the claim that I think the release of the Simplex, for the low-end cost, is going to really shake up a lot of the competition who already are struggling to offer anything that can rival all the models Nokta and Makro have offered us since the start of 2015.

Yes, I am eager to get my hands on a Simplex, and I have no doubts that it will be a model I will be grabbing and using frequently.


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The 'Simplex.' Predicted to be out soon, and I am sure it will set-back the competition.

Monte 441 July 25, 2019 08:59AM

Re: The 'Simplex.' Predicted to be out soon, and I am sure to set-back the competition.

jmaryt 329 July 25, 2019 06:16PM

Re: The 'Simplex.' Predicted to be out soon, and I am sure to set-back the competition.

SvenS 226 August 02, 2019 04:19PM

Re: The 'Simplex.' Predicted to be out soon, and I am sure to set-back the competition.

jmaryt 234 August 02, 2019 11:11PM

Re: The 'Simplex.' Predicted to be out soon, and I am sure to set-back the competition.

D&P-OR 263 August 03, 2019 10:20AM

Re: The 'Simplex.' Predicted to be out soon, and I am sure to set-back the competition.

jmaryt 264 August 03, 2019 11:59AM

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