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Joel, overall, the Simplex+ has a lot to offer. Correct.

November 30, 2019 02:19AM avatar
Especially in the build quality, the feature set and great touchpads. Balance, easy-to see display an d size of the VDI read-out and more.

However, I always evaluate every detector I get in my hands to better understand their strengths ... but along the way I am also alert for weaknesses I performance and behavior. Dilek contacted me to make sure I share my opinions with her, and that's I'll do. Both the strengths and weaknesses, and there are some of both. I won't comment on the Forum because I want to let Dilek know just in case my device has a glitch or not.

Ya that's way to cold Monte ha ha ha.
At 1:00 PM Friday it was 33° with a NNE wind of 18 MPH for a wind-chill about 24° and that kept me inside. Now it's just past midnight and 28° with a wind reduced to 8 - 10 MPH but we're getting a light snowfall in this early hour to start Saturday.

Yup the simplex is sure a impressive machine. Everything is there really that a guy could want one way or another. Some people I'm guessing will not like the way they setup the disc and notch feature. I absolutely love it. I'm one of those guys that hunts in zero disc no matter where I hunt so works great.
It IS impressive and Yes, it does have a lot of features most people want. But it isn't without a few glitches, or at least my specimen has some.

If you're hunting without Discrimination then you can't be using any Notching.

The notch works great in the parks and runs smooth as can be. I tried it out. I've used notch with other machines that give ya a bunch of clicks and pops and bangs and still make all kinds of strange noises. Not the simplex runs quiet.
Yes, the Simplex + can be quiet. Matter-of-fact, it can be TOO quiet depending upon the target size and shape, alloy content, coil-to-target distance and other things as well.

Monte I would have to disagree with ya that this machine wont take away from the other Nokta/marko products.
No, it won't and it shouldn't, but I am finding a few things that I feel should be addressed with the Simplex +, or at least better understood by consumers so they will know 'Why' something behaves differently than expected. For example, using the smallest 5" DD coils, and a very small, thin silver Half-Dime on my Nail Board Performance Test instead of an Indian Head or Zinc Cent, the FORS Relic, Racer 2, Impact, Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi can perform very well, even selecting the better operating frequency on the last thee devices .... but none of them quite match the performance I get from the FORS CoRe. Close, yes, but the CoRe is the winner and usually the Relic is the better performing unit of the rest of them.

As you know I use an assortment of other Test Scenarios that can often challenge the performance of even the best of the Relic Hunting models on the market, including one 'test' for performance on one 'sample' that includes only 1 iron nail, and another 'sample' that doesn't use a nail or any iron. Right now it is a bit difficult evaluating the Simplex + also because it only has one, bigger-size coil and nothing in the mid-size or smaller-size to make a better side-by-side comparison. I really hope they offer a round 5" DD for it so we can find out if that will help resolve some of the field performance concerns.

I would never choose a racer2 of the simplex for a few reasons. 1 price 2 build design. 3 waterproof. The biggest for me is the build of the simplex with the fold up ability, and it pistol grip design swings alot lighter than a racer2.
I have had sort of a 'Love / Hate Relationship' with the Racer 2. I really loved the prototype I was sent to evaluate prior to release, and I continued to enjoy the Racer 2 ... except for some of the times I compared it with the FORS CoRe and proto-type and then production FORS Relic. I sold or traded it and after a short while I got it back (Oregon Gregg knows what I'm saying), and this happened a few times, too. Then about twelve months after I got the Racer 2 in my hands I received the Test Sample Impact for evaluation and, once again, I didn't like the Racer 2 compared with the Impact and some of the functions I favored with it so, once again, I parted with the Racer 2 because I had too many detectors in my den and it was just kind-of excess.

But the Impact had a problem at the get-go because they hadn't made a smaller round coil for it. The Pro Package came with the then-new 4X7½ DD and in the NBPT I described above, and I invited Gregg over and we compared a lot of makes and models and coils in that test, and about the worst performer of them all was the Impact with that smaller elliptical coil. The cause was the DD coil's size and shape. Gregg posted the results and almost immediately Dilek read it and contacted me to find out what was up? I explained that I didn't think it was the Impact's circuitry design or frequency used, but the size and shape of the search coil. It needed an 'OOR' or 5" DD coil in the hope that it would improve the performance. I also put in my often mentioned hint of request for a Concentric coil as well.

Very quickly, Dilek conveyed our discussion to Alper, the lead design engineer, and they made two 5" coil samples. One for them and one they sent me to put it to test, which I did on that really tough NBPT using a thin Half-Dime and I hunted a couple of very dense nail contaminated places. Wonderful performance!! The Impact then worked as well as my FORS Relic in that test and some challenging sites that had a lot of ferrous debris.

But Nokta / Makro didn't stop at that because the 'team' continued to work on a couple of other coils. They got the 5" DD into production, and shortly they also introduced an open-frame 5X9½ DD for the Core, the Relic, the Racer & Racer 2 and the Impact which gave them a very attractive looking coil that worked great and made for a nice offering in the mid-size accessory coil choices.

Perhaps even better, they also introduced a round, open-frame 7" Concentric coil! Those were made for the Racer & Racer 2 and for the Impact. When the Kruzer and then Anfibio models were brought out, they also offered the 5X9½ DD and 7" Concentric coils. They didn't make the 7" Concentric for the CoRe or Relic, partly because they either couldn't get them to work efficiently, or because they would soon be discontinued with the coming Kruzer series. (A sad moment in history, in my opinion, because the Core and Relic are by far the two best Relic Hunting models I've found for the really nasty, dense iron contaminated sites.) Now, back to the Racer 2.

With the new three Kruzer series added they not only discontinued the CoRe and Relic, but reduced the MSRP of the Racer 2. Gregg has a 'collection, if you will' of CoRe, Relic and Racer 2 units 'on-hand' for the future, but my trusty racer 2 that had gone back-and-forth he had parted with. So, a few months ago, I got a brand new Racer 2 from Gregg to add back into my Regular-Use Detector Outfit, and only to use a 7" Concentric coil I keep mounted to it just about full-time. The smaller coil had a defective coil cable (a short near the coil-end) and I just replaced it with a brand new 5" DD that went on a spare lower rod and into my Accessory Coil Tote.

There is so much talk on the forums about the multi-frequency models on the market, both selectable like the Deus, ORX, Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi than many are pooh-poohing single-frequency detectors. Well, I know there can be some subtle benefits from them at times, but all too often I have used one of my favorite single-frequency detectors and easily matched or out-performed some of the once popular multi's like the Explorer II, SE Pro and CTX-3030. I know nothing is 'perfect' but there's a reason I own and use more Nokta / Makro devices than any other brand.

One of those reasons is 'Performance' but another important reason is 'Value,' and you honestly can't beat th 'value' of a Racer 2 and one or two search coils to handle your various site needs. With an MSRP of $499, there is nothing out there to challenge it that I have seen. Excellent coil selection, terrific selection of modes and adjustment features, ease-of-use, and many of us prefer a detector that is powered my AA alkaline or AA rechargeable batteries. Not all of us need a submersible, weatherproof detector, either.

As a new model that is available today, the Racer 2 at $499 is a 'must-have' model for anyone who wants to get well above-average performance in the dense ferrous trash sites we enjoy hunting in the ghost towns we've worked on our Welcome-to-Hunt Outings, and it would be a model that I'd have in my Outfit to cover those needs ... IF I didn't have a discontinued FORS CoRe or FORS Relic.

The Simplex + definitely is a well-built and submersible model at an attractive MSRP, but Nokta / Makro wasn't going to offer an "Entry Level" detector that would match or exceed the performance of there other proven models. It's "Entry-Level" with a lot of good features.

Only reason to buy a racer2 over this machine would be for coil selection. Maybe if you really need to change your tone breaks would be another reason to get a racer2. To me that still wouldn't make it worth it.
Adjustable Tone Breaks, Adjustable Audio Tones, more search modes to include 'Deep' mode, the VCO and modulated audio do not drop off as abruptly resulting in better perceived depth-of-detection, more search coils, and better general purpose performance. That's a lot for a model that retails brand new for only $200 more MSRP than the Simplex +.

Would I give up my anfibio for a simplex absolutely no way! Anfibio offers alot that simplex cant touch.
Exactly, and so does a Kruzer or Impact or Racer 2 or even a used Relic or CoRe that might be at a closed price on the used market. The Simplex + is an impressive detector that can 'complement' all the up-line models they offer, but it definitely is not going to out-perform any of them.


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I've started my evaluation of the new Simplex +.

Monte 456 November 28, 2019 10:13AM

Snow-thrower and Frequency Shift aided my Simplex + work.

Monte 267 December 03, 2019 11:29PM

Re: I've started my evaluation of the new Simplex +.

GeoW 228 December 01, 2019 09:40PM

I appreiate 'Air Test' aka 'Bench Test' reports.

Monte 238 December 02, 2019 08:07AM

Re: I've started my evaluation of the new Simplex +.

SvenS 242 December 01, 2019 10:44PM

A few initial comments about the Simplex +.

Monte 317 December 01, 2019 10:23AM

Re: A few initial comments about the Simplex +.

Kickindirt 279 December 01, 2019 01:02PM

I feel ther Simplex+ really needs at least two accessory coils.

Monte 215 December 02, 2019 07:26AM

Headed out the door at 7:15 AM to get to a hunt site.

Monte 358 November 29, 2019 09:29AM

Re: Headed out the door at 7:15 AM to get to a hunt site.

Kickindirt 296 November 29, 2019 02:11PM

Joel, overall, the Simplex+ has a lot to offer. Correct.

Monte 326 November 30, 2019 02:19AM

Re: Joel, overall, the Simplex+ has a lot to offer. Correct.

SvenS 282 November 30, 2019 07:27PM

Bit of an update

SvenS 340 December 01, 2019 05:42PM

Re: Joel, overall, the Simplex+ has a lot to offer. Correct.

Kickindirt 324 November 30, 2019 11:53PM

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