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Del, you definitely have a full-featured, well-built detector in the Anfibio Multi.

December 21, 2019 07:08AM avatar
One thing I noticed right from the get-go with my first Nokta product, the FORS CoRe that arrived 5 years ago this coming January 8th, was their build quality. That was when unboxing it and noting the parts they used, even the small things like the really nice rod-locks and bolt & nut and washer design to secure the search coils. Just everything in the way of fit-and-finish was really impressive.

But their physical design and build quality slightly dropped to #2 in what I liked. That was after installing batteries, turning it on, and my initial start of evaluation. Performance immediately rose to #1. And it's been the same with just about any model I have enjoyed using. For me and my bad back, shoulder and neck, the CoRe & Relic are, and have been, the best balanced units with a standard-size coil, and are amazing with their smaller to mid-sized coils. I also really like the Racer 2, especially with 7" Concentric, but that was the coil I also favored on the Impact. I actually preferred the balance and feel of the Impact more than the Racer 2, Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi.

And, as most know, most of my hunting takes place in very debris-filled sites, with a big portion of that being nails or other ferrous-based junk, and to deal with that I have preferred smaller-size coils for forty-eight years now, but the Anfibio brought one change in my Outfit. I've never been a big fan of the 7X11 size coils from any maker, and only used that size coil on my FORS CoRe in wide-open parks, beaches or fields and rangeland when needed. Then I unboxed the Anfibio 19 with that wonderful round-shaped 11" DD and was very impressed.thumbs up

Partly due to the Anfibio's nice hand-grip and physical packaging, it felt better-balanced and was a pleasure to use in open areas. I favored that coil even more with the Anfibio Multi system box and the available features and using the selectable frequencies. I still prefer smaller-size coils to mid-size, like the 5X9½ DD open-frame coils which are my 2nd-most used coils on the CoRe and Relic. I keep a 5" DD in my Accessory Coil Tote for my Racer 2 that I leave the 7" Concentric on.

My Impact was among the stolen detectors and other gear, and it is the one detector I haven't been able to recover yet. The Anfibio Multi is being used by someone who 'winters' in Texas ... for 6 months at a time ... and he likes it, as well as the 7" Concentric I also used on it regularly. I did pick up an Anfibio Multi I had, parted with, then re-acquired, and then parted with again because I've still been in the mending process from the fall that messed up my right shoulder and neck that required cervical spine surgery. For me, the Anfibio Multi is too top-heavy and more fatiguing than any other detector I own and use.

But I really missed that round 11" DD coil for working the park here in Vale and other open-areas. Well, I have that size coil now, and using it at 12 kHz which is an ideal mid-range operating frequency. I am referring to the new Simplex +, and I mention the Simplex + here because it has that bigger-size 11" DD coil like the Anfibio Multi, but also because their engineering was working overtime to bring us an excellent physical design and well balanced and waterproof detector that also happens to perform quite well.thumbs up.

It looked like it might be a simple take-off of the Anfibio Multi design, but they lightened the overall weight with a different rod system, have a better-feeling hand-grip, and still retained the durable build quality and very impressive performance. Simple and light, and I have the two most-used modes that I like on my other Nokta / Makro models. The 3-Tone in Park mode, and deeper-seeking 2-Tone in both the Field mode and Beach mode.

I do most of my hunting in trashier places with a smaller coil (still to come for the Simplex +), favoring the round 7" Concentric for general use on a Racer 2, Impact or Anfibio Multi, and the round 5" DD on these models for the very dense iron contaminated ghost towns, etc.

In more open areas with minimal trash, or perhaps just scattered nails and other wire-iron to deal with, I like to use the 2-Tone mode. If it is a cleaner area with possible deeper targets, then the Anfibio Multi, like on my Racer 2 or Relic, I switch to the 2-Tone DEEP mode. I personally didn't care for the 4-Tone or 5-Tone modes, and the multi-tone labeled '99-Tones' drove me batty. It's actually '85' tones since the 1-15 VDI Low-Tone / Ferrous range produces only 1-Tone so that leaves 84-Multi-tones +1 for '85' total different tones.

I never ran my Disc. higher than '5' and kept my Iron Audio Volume at '1' or '2'. The majority of all my detecting with any of their selectable models was at 14 kHz, and I never liked 5 kHz in more iron contaminated places. As for the individual Tone Pitches, we all might favor something a little different so just find what you like for the different Tone Break ranges and go for it.

Enjoy that comfortable winter-season weather down there while also enjoying your new detector. Let us know about your success stories, too. If it warms enough I'll try to get out today, tomorrow or Monday before colder weather returns ... for a month or more.sad smiley


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Nokta Anfibio Multi

D&P-OR 269 December 16, 2019 11:04AM

Del, you definitely have a full-featured, well-built detector in the Anfibio Multi.

Monte 180 December 21, 2019 07:08AM

Re: Del, you definitely have a full-featured, well-built detector in the Anfibio Multi.

D&P-OR 169 December 21, 2019 09:56AM

Comments back to you, Del.

Monte 158 December 21, 2019 03:25PM

Re: Nokta Anfibio Multi

Kickindirt 206 December 16, 2019 05:54PM

Re: Nokta Anfibio Multi

D&P-OR 152 December 16, 2019 06:21PM

Joel (or anyone)

D&P-OR 145 December 20, 2019 06:56PM

Re: Joel (or anyone)

Kickindirt 144 December 21, 2019 09:30AM

Re: Joel (or anyone)

D&P-OR 131 December 21, 2019 10:25AM

Re: Joel (or anyone) yup wish they did make a perfect machine

Kickindirt 135 December 21, 2019 08:30PM

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