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My detector collection

January 01, 2020 11:40PM
This could get long-winded. I apologize in advance.

Two or so years ago I transitioned from a MXT Tracker to a Racer 2. I got the 7" concentric and 5" coils. I used it a while, and marveled at how small bits of metal were detected. I was not pleased that shallow square tabs rang up in zinc cent range, however.

Partly because I wanted a waterproof detector, and mostly because of the VDI situation, I got a Multi Kruzer. I used it much more than the Racer 2, and began to get a feel for the sound quality of targets first, and not relying on VDI as primary means of classifying a target. I did not care for the stock coil, and soon got a 7 incher for it. Much better!

I still had wants, mostly waterproof head phones, and a hankering to try out that new coil on the Anfibio. The Kruzer was fine, but I felt I was lacking in depth at an older park that is local to me.

Instead of buying these items separately like any sane person would, I found a forum deal with an Anfibio that included the waterproof 'phones.
Now I have a 3rd detector to learn, without thoroughly learning the first 2, particularly the Racer 2.

I have maybe 10 hours on the Anfibio, all with the stock coil and wireless head phones. This set up is deeper than any of the others I have or have had. Besides these 3 I also have an XL Pro and a Classic IDX with the 4" Snooper coil.

I have already found a silver Rosie in a hunted out school yard with the Anfibio, although I believe the Kruzer or XL would also have got it.
The feat that has got my attention was a dime on edge that gave a double beep, just as any surface coin on edge would. Thing is, this dime was over 3" deep, and I was in 3 tone mode, disc at 2, and isat at 0. Gain was 92.

However, this detector on these settings also loves the steel bottle caps. They sound good, even raising the coil off the ground. I suspect it is that DD coil, along with minimal disc causing this.

My plan is to put the 7" coil on the Anfibio and see how it compares to the Kruzer, and how the Kruzer acts with the bigger coil.

Looking back, I should have drastically lowered the gain when I was learning the Racer 2. I plan on leaving the small coil on it and use it to look for gold rings in the seas of can slaw we have. There are also some torn down shacks littered with nails it could be useful at. The main thing is to log some hours on it, and really listen instead of watching numbers.

The Kruzer and 7" coil is what I have the most confidence in right now. That could change, depending on how the Anfibio acts with it on.

The IDX is good for tot lots and getting up close with fence lines. The XL Pro only comes out on sunny days to cover ball fields.

So, I have a few questions:

Does the Racer 2 do anything better than the Kruzer or Anfibio?

Does the Anfibio have any hidden capabilities the Kruzer does not, other than more options to customize tones and ranges?

Would the 9" concentric be a good replacement for the Anfibio DD coil?

Is having the Kruzer and Anfibio redundant? Would I be better served trading one for something else? If so, what???

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My detector collection

scottwyl 256 January 01, 2020 11:40PM

A Detector collection .. Coil selection .. and Responses to your post.

Monte 238 January 02, 2020 08:20AM

Re: A Detector collection .. Coil selection .. and Responses to your post.

scottwyl 160 January 03, 2020 08:58PM

Re: A Detector collection .. headphones

Kickindirt 155 January 04, 2020 08:29AM

Back to you, Scott.

Monte 191 January 04, 2020 02:26AM

Re: Back to you, Scott.

scottwyl 113 January 05, 2020 08:31PM

Re: Back to you, Scott.

Kickindirt 113 January 05, 2020 10:17PM

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