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Back to you, Scott.

January 04, 2020 02:26AM avatar
That little park in Stanfield is what started my hunting in the heavy aluminum trash. I found my first good ring there, amongst a nasty mass of aluminum garbage. It was a ladies Black Hills ring, with a small stone. The type of target that looks like more junk, but you just have to see what it really is.
Back a few years, when I lived in Arlington on the Columbia, I'd drive into the big town to do my shopping coming in from the west and Coin Hunt a few places here and there. But about once, every 2 to 3 weeks, I'd take that longer route back home by looking up to that little pack, gas up at Pilot, then head for home. There were two places in Hermiston that were usually fairly good, but that particular Stanfield park was productive 3 or 4 times out of every 5 stops. Sometimes take a quick-hit stop, grab a favorite Tesoro w/6" and be back on the road for fuel and home in 15 to 25 minutes with 35 to 70 coins. Reminded me of the better places I'd hit in the Portland area, especially back in the '90s when more people young and old, frequented the tot-lots and playgrounds more often.

The Kruzer and Anfibio both came with wireless head phones, which I really liked. I forgot them today. Since the deal with the Anfibio came with the adapter for standard headphones, I used my Whites ProStar headphones for the first time in a year or so.

I remember really liking the Pro-Stars. I can't say I still do, after using the wireless ones. The sound seemed muffled and sort of muddy. I think my next investment will be a set of top notch headphones. I had some SunRay Golds once upon a time that I really liked.[/color][/quote]For me, going back to the wireless headphones with the Racer 2, and then the Impact, Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi, the wireless headphones just were not loud enough for me. They had more of a muffled sound, to me, and I always did better with a good set of coded headphones.

I used to use a set of 100 Ohm speaker headphones made by Koss, but moved on to the Killer B 'Wasp' that use 150 Ohm speakers. I really liked the audio and most often used them w/o the 'Limiter' feature. I also used some Sun Ray Pro Gold that I got on a great sale. They were made for Sun Ray and also 150 Ohm speakers and the same ear cups and essentially the same as the 'Wasp.' Later I switched to the Killer B 'Hornet' style that I like because they use a 'tank style' ear cups. those cover the ears better, block out noise better, and I find them a little more comfortable. But they still use the 150 Ohm speakers and sound great.

Back when I was a White's Dealer, I bought quite a few sets of Pro Star headphones and they also sounded a lot better in most detectors than I thought since they were 50 Ohm speakers. Usually those with 8 Ohm, 16 Ohm or 32 Ohm speakers are too muffled and wimpy-sounding. The ones they made in Sweet Home that held up well were, and are, very good headphones. Then they quit making them, went the 'Made in China' route and I have now had so many sets of Pro Stars they have a headband that easily 'snapped' when trying to put them on or take them off that it's been very annoying. I have had over a dozen headphones .. BREAK!\\

I still have two of the original Made in Sweet Home sets in-the-box that I will sell, but other than the one set of Pro Star headphones I'm using, I mainly use Killer B 'Hornet'. They sounded just fine in all the Nokta / Makro products I've used, and the new Simplex+ sounds very loud-and-clear with any of the better quality headphones I use. I have a back-up set of Killer B 'Hornet's as well as a like-new set of Killer B 'Wasp' I just bought last month for $55!

I always keep my headphone's volume controls set wide-open for full volume and that helps with a good set on most detectors for my bad hearing. The ONLY wireless headphones that I have found that I like and are very 'hearable' are the Gray Ghost XP's that I use with one of my ORX units, and the XP 'back-phones' are working fine with my other ORX. Otherwise, all I plan to use from now on are Killer B's Hornet and Wasp.

I realize the bottle caps are coin shaped. I also understand modern coinage in Europe can be poorer metal composition than we have in the US, and wondered if that is why I sometimes get fooled by VDI numbers, considering the detectors were built there. I am also digging signals that are questionable.
Many foreign coins, even from just north of us in Canada`, are made with some type of magnet-based metal. Nickel, steel, etc., etc. and mixes of similar problem metal. I have several foreign coins I use for 'testing' and it's surprising how many look like they might be good ... but aren't. Since I typically am hunting in a trashier environment, it's almost a 'must-do' to recover a lot of good targets that just don't 'lock-on' very well.

Good advice about learning my detectors. I can use one for awhile, then run another one. When I come back to the first one it seems to be easier to get along with it.
A metal detectors is like a friend, and the better we know it the easier it is for understand their behavior and get along with it. Having more than one detector, to owning several of them is no different. We just have more friends and they, too, can be different like an assortment of detectors. So, to get along with all of them we have to know more about them and what to expect of them.

The only thing I am sure of is that I don't know much. I'm not going to let a minor detail like that stop me!
Never sell yourself short. The more you read, listen, watch and ask, the more you learn and know. Every time you go out detecting and are alert for the different audio responses you get and hear them as being different from another model, the more you learn. None of us know it all and we should always be 'learning.' Heck, I'm still in school, so to speak, because I've been 'learning' for over 55 years and know the next time I turn a detector on, I hope to get just a little smarter. Knowledge can also be our friend.


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scottwyl 256 January 01, 2020 11:40PM

A Detector collection .. Coil selection .. and Responses to your post.

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Re: A Detector collection .. Coil selection .. and Responses to your post.

scottwyl 160 January 03, 2020 08:58PM

Re: A Detector collection .. headphones

Kickindirt 155 January 04, 2020 08:29AM

Back to you, Scott.

Monte 190 January 04, 2020 02:26AM

Re: Back to you, Scott.

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Re: Back to you, Scott.

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