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A response and a PM reply, too. (It hits the 5¢ coin just fine!)

January 03, 2020 09:59AM avatar

I just sent a PM reply to you regarding the Simplex+ and this topic and the individual you mentioned.

Matter of fact, I have watched that video a few times, and a couple of other videos, even just within the last two hours. You know what? I didn't let it bother me. It was one guy doing one test using only a Simplex+ w/11" DD coil and a Minelab Vanquish w/9X12 DD coil and only comparing 1 US 5¢ between 2 nails.

I am not into doing videos as I don't have the $$$ or the time for a camera and such. If I did, I could have some fun doing a video of "What These Detectors CAN'T Do." and there wouldn't be many detectors that would be left out of that show, either. When I evaluate any make or model, and their standard and optional coils, I am always looking for their strengths and how well they might serve my needs.

But at the same time I am looking for any weaknesses in design, function or performance afield as well. I like to know a detector's strong points but also their weaknesses as well. They all have both.

I noticed in the video you refer to, and a couple of others I have seen, where the video maker slides in a comment about how it is Multi-IQ that is the main difference and why a Minelab model seems to out-perform a single frequency model. They can't answer specific questions about the "Multi-IQ' when asked, and they don't describe why they came to that conclusion, because many I have watched, the results had nothing to do with simultaneous or single frequency detector performance. There's a lot more to it than simply one or more frequencies at work as so much also includes other circuitry design and other function settings, plus the coil design and size used.

By the way, after I watched that video again just a couple of hours ago, I have a US Nickel and two nails on a board here in my den as I am doing tests with other detectors. Why? Just because it is interesting and I learn goods and bads about all the detectors under my roof. Also, in his video where he suggests marvelous performance on that set-up with the Vanquish, note that he didn't sweep the test samples gong lengthwise with the iron nails, only crosswise. I wonder what he'd say if he encountered that from a 90° approach? I did.

Before replying here I had to run each and every detector I own on that test. In the video he said the iron nails were about a "finger distance" between the Nickel and each nail, so I measured that with my right index finger. I used two square nails from the ghost town of 'Lost' and a 1936 Buffalo 5¢. Note, too, that under the board that I laid on my den floor are nails in the flooring that I don't believe he had in that dirt. Also, this test sample and the search coils being swept across that set-up were only 5' to 6' from my computer, and my den, with computer and the lighting, is a bad EMI experience.

I pre-test guessed what my performance might be from each detector model with the coils I keep attached, and I was almost 100% correct in the results I got. And I'll trust my testing over what I saw in the video. Here are the results I got by category:

No Positive Response to the Buffalo Nickel:

• Fisher F44 w/7" Concentric coil ... (I didn't expect it to. A very good urban Coin Hunting unit, but terrible in iron.)

A Positive Response to the Buffalo Nickel swept Crosswise as in the Video:

• Nokta FORS CoRe w/'OOR' DD coil ... (All 2 & 3 Tone modes to Accept Nails. then to Reject nails then at Ferrous Reject.)
• Nokta / Makro Simplex+ w/11" DD coil ... (All three modes w/Zero Disc., Reject 1-Bar (nails), and Reject 3-Bars (ferrous range).)
XP ORX w/5X9½ DD HF coil
XP ORX w/9" X35 DD coil

A Positive Response to the Buffalo Nickel swept BOTH Crosswise as well as Lengthwise:

• Nokta FORS Relic w/5" DD coil ... (All 2 & 3 Tone modes to Accept Nails. then to Reject Nails then at Ferrous Reject.)
• Makro Racer 2 w/7" Concentric coil ... (All 2 & 3 Tone modes to Accept Nails. then to Reject Nails then at Ferrous Reject.)
• Tesoro Bandido II microMAX w/6" Concentric coil
• Tesoro Silver Sabre microMAX w/6" Concentric coil
• White's IDX Pro w/6½" Concentric coil ... (Unit Modified by Keith Southern)winking smiley

Note that I never changed the position of the square nails or Nickel so all comparisons were done one right after the other. Also note that the Nokta CoRe w/'OOR' coil almost gave me good repeatable hits lengthwise, but the slightly ticky response just wasn't solid enough to match the Relic and other models that did well both directions.

Also note that the particular model in question in the video and here, the new Nokta / Makro Simplex+, was using the largest search coil, the standard 11" DD. It will be interesting to re-test this when Nokta / Makro release smaller-size optional coils for this device. But the audio response I did get from it, in Field, Park and Beach modes, was absolutely a beautiful response.thumbs up


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Loss of Nickels---Simplex

SvenS 365 January 03, 2020 03:38AM

Here are photos I made of the test I did to get the results I posted below. Attachments

Monte 306 January 04, 2020 02:41AM

Re: Loss of Nickels---Simplex

Kickindirt 249 January 03, 2020 11:06AM

Joel, check the post I just made above w/photos. N/T

Monte 182 January 04, 2020 02:42AM

Re: Joel, check the post I just made above w/photos.

Kickindirt 194 January 04, 2020 08:20AM

Yes, from my post below ----

Monte 201 January 05, 2020 11:09AM

Re: Yes, from my post below ----

Kickindirt 168 January 05, 2020 12:40PM

Back to you about the video and Simplex+ test. Attachments

Monte 191 January 05, 2020 06:25PM

Re: Back to you about the video and Simplex+ test.

Kickindirt 207 January 05, 2020 10:38PM

What should be changed / improved with Simplex from my poit of view

WM6 163 January 28, 2020 12:54PM

I hear what you're saying, but ....

Monte 125 January 28, 2020 09:52PM

A response and a PM reply, too. (It hits the 5¢ coin just fine!) Attachments

Monte 244 January 03, 2020 09:59AM

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