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Hey, Minelab Equinox users ... I like Park 1 mode.smiling bouncing smiley

April 19, 2020 11:00AM avatar
And you might, also, if you get your hands on a Nokta / Makro Simplex ++. (I call it '++' because it's the good old / young and already proven Simplex +, but now mine is + the updates) and check out their new Park 1. And with the really nice changes they made to the overall Simplex + package, it is simply unmatched! The ONLY thing they need, and very soon, are good smaller-size search coils to enhance its versatility.

Hey Dilek ... we really need and want a 5" DD coil and a 7" Concentric coil for the Simplex + !!!

I hunted two very littered ghost towns yesterday and really wish I would have had this unit in-hand with a 5" DD coil. Heading to a different ghost town today with a little more open area where either a 5" DD or a 7" Concentric would work quite handily ... but not an 11" DD or anything close. No bigger coil, no 9", just a 7" Concentric or smaller. An open-frame 5X9½ DD would be OK in some low to modest trash areas, but a 5' DD would really be the icing on the cake for those really tough Iron Nail choked sites with sagebrush, building rubble and other obstacles to deal with.

The 'revised and upgraded' Simplex + has got to be the best dollar value model I have seen ... just about ever! No 'perfect' detectors made, but this updated device is an ideal fit in my Detector Team to complement my CoRe and Relic and a couple of other complementary devices, and with this update, and when smaller coils are introduced, my Simplex + will be a constant travel companion fit to take on any type of site I encounter.

Before the update, the Simplex + had an All Metal mode, Field mode w/2-Tone VCO audio, Park mode with 3-Tone audio, and Beach mode w/2-Tone Non-VCO audio as you advanced through the settings left-to-right on the display. The 3-Tone Park mode worked OK for the trashier sites around picnic areas and such, and might have been a better set-up for audio tones for some foreign countries and their metal coin alloys. But the Mid-Tone / High-Tone break-point put our modern USA Zinc Cents into that High-Tone category. That's fine if you like it, but personally, I didn't.. Plus, the Park mode was a very fast-processing mode for really dense shallow targets and didn't get as much detection depth as many would like in low-to-modest target areas..

On the new updated revision, we have an added mode option, and the mode lay-out on the display is this:

Field, which is the same 2-Tone, VCO enhanced function. Then Park 1, a NEW Park program that is also a 3-Tone mode, but with a slightly slower processor to enhance the depth of detection and allow a bit slower sweep speed. Not only noes this new Park 1 mode offer those enhancements, but the Mid-tone / High-Tome break-point is now at '70' and that puts the better, older Copper Cents and Dimes in the High-Tone range. The modern US Zinc Cents read ± '67' and are just slightly below that break-point producing a Mid-Tone or slightly raspy break-up between Mid-Tone and High-Tone as they are close to that fluctuation point.

I did some quick bench testing (aka air tests) and confirmed this on shallower targets or those at 'average' or 'typical' depths. Doing some quick 'test garden' comparisons, I had those 'fringe-reading' coins report with a High-Tone when they up-averaged' when at about 5" -7", but that's okay with me. Why? Because most of our older Indian Head cents from late 1864 thru 1909, and many early-era Wheat-Back cents from 1909 to about 1920, also have a lower conductivity that is similar-to the modern Zinc Cent. So if I encounter an Indian Head or early dated Wheat-back at 4" or more, there's a good likelihood the 'up-scaling' will let them produce a desired High-Tone audio.

Also nice about the new Park 1 mode is that means the Mid-Range VDI's are broader and that can be useful for those who like to try and listen for and get a VDI hint for finding gold jewelry which covers a wide span of conductivities. Now most gold jewelry will fall in that Mid-Tone range.

Then next on the Display is Park 2, which is basically the 'original' 3-Tone Park program, now labeled '2' and it is still a good choice for denser trash due to the faster processing it features. Then the Beach mode which is still the 2-Tone audio w/o VCO. I really like to use this program and it was my preferred start-up mode, but now I'm going with Park 1 and Beach might be my 2nd pick mode. Finally, the All Metal mode, moved from the left end to the right end, and they have enhanced its versatility by adding a -50 to +50 Threshold level control. I like it better now.

Just some quick comments on the Simplex + updates and I'll report back more about it when I take it out detecting. Limited with the 11" DD for now, but the smaller coils ought to be coming along very soon.thumbs up


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Hey, Minelab Equinox users ... I like Park 1 mode.smiling bouncing smiley

Monte 334 April 19, 2020 11:00AM

Dabbling with Park 1

UtahRich 215 April 20, 2020 11:19PM

"I enjoy my CoRe out in the stix amongst the ghosts. ."..

Monte 196 April 21, 2020 03:39PM

Gettin' Serious with the CoRe and the Relic . . .

UtahRich 202 April 23, 2020 06:44PM

Re: Hey, Minelab Equinox users ... I like Park 1 mode.smiling bouncing smiley

SvenS 212 April 19, 2020 05:40PM

My Simplex + traveled with me today, just incase.

Monte 218 April 19, 2020 07:43PM

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