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When we get past this virus stuff, I'm going to try to get a Mini Competition Hunt set-up for kids.

July 08, 2020 07:59AM avatar
In about two months one of the clubs I helped get started should have an Annual Fun Hunt & Potluck, and after that I'm trying to get access to a handy site to hold a Fun Hunt here and incorporate a Kids Hunt. It will be a Mini Competition Hunt, and if the two new Nokta / Makro detectors are out by then, it will be a Kid's Mini / Midi Competition Hunt with a couple of new models for some to use and help introduce them to a really great sport.

I did a small kids hunt about twenty-five years ago when we still had more detecting clubs and people involved in the hobby, and they helped inspire more interest is a number of them. It was fun. Today, and in recent years, we have had more people pass away or retire from the detecting sport. More detecting clubs disband and local dealers close up or just drop the products. We've seen some USA detector manufacturers offer "entry-level" or beginner models with 9" and 10" search coils that are too big for youngsters, and certainly fewer kids getting involved in the metal detecting hobby.

Too often a 'kids-size' detector has been a cut-down model an adult uses. At the Detectival last year Dilek held up a prototype / concept detector called the Mini Hoard, and what we are seeing now in the just announced two models nearing formal introduction, they show some improvements in search coil design and other design features. When I saw what they were working on, and to be an even lower-cost model to make a good starting model price to get youngsters involved in the sport, I started thinking about what to do to get some of them inspired to learn more about the hobby and fun we have.

One way, to organize an event for anyone but especially for kids. I hope everyone who has kids, grandkids or friends with kids, see an opportunity to do what we can to get more younger people involved in this great outdoor sport. I get asked quite often by kids about metal detectors and metal detecting, and when I talk to them, most don't have a parent or close relative with a detector. They just know what they are from seeing people and are curious. So, my new goal is to work to put something together by late summer or early fall. Step #1 ... secure permission for a really good hunt site. I know the place so I'll work on that.

Any of you doing something to inspire the younger folks?


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When we get past this virus stuff, I'm going to try to get a Mini Competition Hunt set-up for kids.

Monte 521 July 08, 2020 07:59AM

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