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First Hunt with the new Simplex 8.5" DD search coil

July 12, 2020 07:28PM
Simplex Hunt with the NEW 8.5” Searchcoil
Part 1
By Sven Stau
July 12, 2020

Now I have read all about people having complaints the Simplex is to chattery and just noisy to use. So Nokta/Makro came out with Update 2.78 for those that don’t want a hot rod of a detector. My Simplex has not been updated to 2.78, didn’t feel the need to. Loaded on my Simplex is 2.77.

After a number of hours bench testing targets of various sorts from coins to gold and silver rings indoors. There was really no EMI issues living in this high rise. Maybe just a bit of noise at 7 bars, max. sensitivity. Much more quiet at 6 bars and silent or almost at 5 bars. This gave some indication how the detector would react in the wild.

Both new 8.5” round DD and the 9.5 x 5” coils were bench tested for air depth, reaction time, target ID, masking. First off, both coils are of the usaul high quality found supplied with Nokta/Makros other upper end detectors. They did not cheapen out, just because the Simplex is supposed to be an entry level detector. Both coils were impressive on the bench. Both coils would will really enhance a detectorists detecting ability to handle much more situations, hunting styles and types of hunting.

Both coils have no issues locating the usual good targets most are after. Target ID’s are more accurate, junk targets do bounce or have somewhat consistent ID numbers. Modes seem a bit better defined. Pinpointing is much easier, center of the 8.5” coil if using the pinpoint button or edge of the coils tip if using the pull back method.

Canadians will be interested on how it fares with the Canadian nickel plated steel clad coins.
There have been a number of different compositions of these clad coins over the years. Current clad coins are really junk. While the older composition coins can be difficult to ID due to some number bounce or whether they are lying flat or on edge. The older coins are not to difficult to find once you master their signature tones and ID number. They will mostly fall in the 60-72 number range. There will be exceptions. As for current composition coins. You will have to get your head around most detectors see them as rash targets. They will ID in the lower numbers such as 10-14 number range, if they are on edge, they drop ID numbers into the iron range 04-06 on average. That’s like nail range, so if you get a tight narrow target, or clipped audio sound that is not the usual nail double blip sound. Then you may as well check it out. Some of the older coins lying on edge will also ID in the 04-06 range.

Some want to know how depth will compare between the round and oval coils. Because they are DD, the round coils will get better depth. But, the oval coil have an edge hunting in very very trashy areas, where depth is not a factor. And will be better getting into tight spaces, such as corn stubble for farm field hunters. Air testing has shown the 8.5” coil gets close to the stock 11” coil air depth.

Saw others were asking about the coils weight. Some may find them a bit heavy, they are not super lightweight like those found on other detectors. As I recall they have to be heavier, the main reason is that the Simplex is both a land and water hunting detector. The coil has to be heavier so it will not try to raise to the surface. Like a beach ball when pushed under water, which takes a lot of human pressure to keep it down. If hunting in salt water, if the coils are not neutrally buoyant they will float unlike hunting in freshwater. So the Simplex being a dual purpose detector is probably not much different than other similar detectors. If the Simplex was strictly a land detector, super light weight coils could be made. And the Simplex would feel much lighter in weight more like the Quest detectors.

Today, went out to field test the 8.5” round DD coil. To a schoolyard hunted in the past, wasn’t too concerned if I didn’t find much or anything old. It was just to see how the coil handled the soil and performed among all the trash………………locating Canadian coins.

The Simplex was turned on and ground balanced. Notched out only the first bar, which I really didn’t have to do. First thing that was noticed, at 7 bars, max. sensitivity it ran stable and quiet. Didn’t matter which mode I was in. At 6 bars the Simplex was almost dead quiet. At 5 bars, basically a silent hunting detector. Except for All Metal’s mode threshold which is always there. Encountered no EMI, except from my pinpointer. Too lazy to switch frequencies, so the search coil was just moved out of the way. The only time you hear some slight chatter is when you lay the detector down to dig a target.

Most coin targets today were in the 5-7” range. They were not a problem for the Simplex to pick-up. As always there were some deeper targets, that were too deep to dig for. Performance was typical for a DD coil in the 8.5” range. Makes for a really good all purpose search coil that many favor. A breath of fresh air, it feels like when using the Simplex. Very pleased with this coil.

As for my finds, about $11.00 in Canadian clad, $1 and $2 coins, quarters, one nickel and a bunch of pennies, no dimes. And the usual trash.

Will point out, all modes were used, the mode I liked best for hunting Canadian clad was Park 2. Bench testing originally thought I would have preferred Park 1, the tones sounded a bit cleaner and crispier.

Next outing, will be checking out the 9.5 x 5” coil. Stay tuned.

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First Hunt with the new Simplex 8.5" DD search coil

SvenS 544 July 12, 2020 07:28PM

Re: First Hunt with the new Simplex 8.5" DD search coil

Druid 395 July 13, 2020 11:33AM

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