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First hunt with the new Simplex 9.5x5" searchcoil

July 19, 2020 08:54PM
Simplex Hunt with the NEW 9.5x5” Searchcoil
Part 2
By Sven Stau
July 19, 2020

One week has passed since I field tested the 8.5” round search coil. Today, was the elliptical 9.5x5”
chance to show what it can do.

Headed back to the spot(s) hunted last weekend.

Today, really wanted to see what was missed by the 8.5” coil. Compare ID numbers that appear on the screen to the dug target. Check its depth capabilities, and its ability to handle trash. Typically I am a coin and jewelry hunter so, extreme depth is not needed. Most places hunted targets are found within the 5-7” range. There is always an assortment of trash to wade through. Main goal today was not to see how many good targets I could find without digging much trash. They say you have to dig trash to find treasure.

They called for rainstorms to hit the area by noon time. They came earlier than that, managed at least to get about 4.5 hours of digging in. First thing I noticed with this coil is, ground balancing was super easy. Next thing was, how stable the Simplex was. Very quiet when hunting with sensitivity at set at max. Only some light chattering when the detector is placed on the ground to dig a target. Simplex is running the 2.77 update.

Last weekend I ran Park mode 2, did the same today, with only the first notch, notched out. Other modes were also used at times and used to compare targets found in Park 2. Targets of all sorts were dug and many target ID numbers would reveal some consistencies depending upon the target. The pinpoint button feature also comes in handy to classify a target. Finding some similarity to the Tesoro Eldorado using the pinpoint/detuning feature on classifying a target by listening to the audio.

Dug trash and more trash than I have shown in the picture of today’s finds. Was pretty confident by the end of the hunt what targets I could pass on and what should be dug. The 9.5x5” coil works really well in the trash. Separates targets nicely and pinpointing is just about dead on, center of the coil if using the pinpoint button. Otherwise the pull back method is dead on as well. Really didn’t need the pinpoint button for locating the target precisely. The coils tip held up in an angle or edge helps locate a target, if an electronic pinpointer isn’t being used. Very, very nice coil….enjoyed using it.

It is known that an oval coil does not get the same depth as a round coil. The 8.5” round coil is much deeper. Noticed that hunting in Park 2 with the 9.5x5” coil, to get the same depth as the round 8.5” in Park 2, you had to switch to Park 1 mode. When switching from Park 2 to Park 1,using the 9.5x5” coil, noticed that mode needed a slower sweep speed. Park 1 is a better option in areas with more trash, if you don’t need the depth. And Pasture mode needs a bit slower swing speed but, gives greater depth. Switched to Beach and All Metal a few times here and there. Preferred Park 2 for most of the time.

One site, have hunted for the past 3 years, many, many times. Never found gold there, always hoped. Always had a thought there was at least one piece hidden away in there. Just so elusive, wasn’t giving up on this place until I find one. This mornings hunt panned out, almost passed on this particular target.
It was dug with the notion it was just another pulltab. Saw a golden color in the dirt, it was gold, real gold. A golden colored ring. Figured it was just gold plated….Took a good look at it, saw a cracked band and the front had double headed eagle design on it. Right away I knew it was foreign from one of Europe’s Balkan countries. Looked inside the ring and spotted three number—585. Proves to be European and being 14kt. Pretty nice find. Finally this spot gave up some gold. About 20 minutes later, 20’ away, dug another target, saw that gold color again. A golden colored ring with a Mason’s emblem on it. Pretty cool, I am on a roll, two gold rings in one day. Took a good look at it, no gold markings and saw some silver color in some high spots where the gold was worn off. Magnet proved it was not gold.

Overall, found the 9.5x5” coil another excellent search coil to own. Happy to have both Simplex accessory coils, on hand to choose from.

I dig it with a Nokta/Makro product-Legend
and Blisstool V5 The Beast

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open | download - Simplex Finds 9x5 coil 1.JPG (392.7 KB)
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First hunt with the new Simplex 9.5x5" searchcoil Attachments

SvenS 595 July 19, 2020 08:54PM

Simplex 9.5x5" searchcoil

UtahRich 384 July 20, 2020 06:16PM

Re: First hunt with the new Simplex 9.5x5" searchcoil

OregonGregg 386 July 20, 2020 08:56AM

Sven, 'Thank You' once again. Nice report.

Monte 417 July 20, 2020 03:41AM

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