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Re: 2nd CoRe foray better

October 12, 2021 09:20PM
Hi Monte,
I will be doing more testing with the three coils I have currently, OOR DD, 7" Mars round DD, and 5.5x9, (or is it 5x9.5"?) in a variety of locations to assess the CoRe.
I had a much more relaxed hunt on Monday due to the less sparky audio, the Sunday hunt was nonstop staccato audio output which was very much like my original first release F75 unit. Good signals did come through loud & clear when a target was swept over, strangely enough I found Gen mode more audibly easy on me, and VCO was easily attention grabbing on targets.
I found the Mars coil a pleasure to swing and very stable, seems to PP slightly to the rear of center, I relied on the old 90 degree cross sweep method to pinpoint, and experimented with short back and forth sweeps while backing off the target like the Minelab wiggle as well.
No fatigue whatsoever during the time I was hunting with the Mars 7" and I liked the performance afield.
I will try experimenting with bumping up the Sens next few outings.
PM on way.
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2nd CoRe foray better

Druid 704 October 11, 2021 10:16PM

It's good to hear you're still working with the CoRe.

Monte 399 October 12, 2021 11:40AM

Re: 2nd CoRe foray better

Druid 269 October 12, 2021 09:20PM

Might have some.---I'll check my stock tomorrow & see.----How much are they worth? N/T

D&P-OR 433 October 11, 2021 11:21PM

Not a clue? N/T

Druid 403 October 12, 2021 09:22AM

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