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The Legend .. and other models .. My Nail Board Performance Test ... and other testing scenarios.

February 25, 2022 11:04PM avatar
Does it seem like many of the test are conducted while looking at the target and adjusting the machine until it hits and then filming it or as I recently noticed, shifting target positions around until the detector hits, then taking the video.

Yes, I have seen cases where the good and bad targets are 'repositioned' in such a way that they might favor one make/model detector over another. What bothers me more is seeing two or more detectors 'compared', but not knowing the settings of each model, and not having close/similar size and type search coils. In some cases one detector is worked at a different sweep speed than others, or they do not sweep the coil completely across the test scenario but instead to the 'coil wiggle' in a very narrow left-right sweep and that, too, can favor another model used for comparisons.

Honestly, I like to see detectors compared on both visual tests as well as in natural field encounter comparisons. But that also means I like to see the tests done side-by-side and not a few days to a week or two apart in the natural searches. One reason I like to see the test samples visually during a lot of testing is because that way I know they are using the same good and bad sample targets, and that they are in the very same portions for each detector, and that the sweep routes across the test samples are the same between each detector. If the targets are just out-of-sight for one detector, they might be just out-of-sight but repositioned for a model the tester happens to favor..

These test should be buried targets and unknown in composition and/or position by the tester.

A 'buried-target" test, in my opinion, should be a naturally encountered target during a search, and then immediately use any other detector and coil, with comparable settings, and check the located target with other detectors using similar settings, then everyone take note of the freshly-recovered find. However some 'tests' are valid to be viewed during the 'testing' if they are all in the very same orientation for everyone. That is one of the defenses I have for my NBPT because all my the Nail Board 'kits' I have professionally made, and I use and sell are all the exact orientation to the four Iron Nails and Indian Head Cent, just as I found them sitting on top of the ground at the 'school hill' in the ghost town of Frisco Utah. All laying on top of the ground in plain eye-sight.

As for some of the other tests I have seen done, such as a nail and 1¢ US Coin, I do not mind them being in plain sight because you can see the distance between the Nail and the Coin, and also see the orientation of them. Too often however, they are a Nail laying horizontal and the coil at either end of the Nail, close to an inch or two away. They should always walk around that test scenario and see how the detector responds from different approach and departure angles Also have the Nail in a more vertical position and the coin off to the side of the Nail about centered. That way you can also visually see the coil being swept with the center-axis of the coil as hottest spot on all detector tests. If that test is hidden from view, someone could sweep one detector at and un-centered sweep of the coil and end up favoring one detector response from a different detector. Those types of 'visual' tests are worthwhile because they show the strengths and weakness in performance with an 'ideal' sweep and search coil orientation to the test samples. THEN, the operator might know what the best performance for that set-up and settings might be when making a search for naturally lost targets that are now our-of-sight.

Too much obvious sleight of hand to be of value to a prospective buyer.


There might be some cases of folks intentionally doing a test that they have pre-determined might show-off a particular make or model detector they own, but if I watch enough of the videos out there I can soon tell who might do a bit more 'fibbing' than what I want to hear or see. There are a lot of very good tests folks ought to do.


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Legend on the nail board

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Re: Legend on the nail board

GeoW 278 February 25, 2022 05:28PM

The Legend .. and other models .. My Nail Board Performance Test ... and other testing scenarios.

Monte 297 February 25, 2022 11:04PM

Re: The Legend .. and other models .. My Nail Board Performance Test ... and other testing scenarios.

jmaryt 265 February 26, 2022 09:43PM

We're on the same sheet of music. Thanks Monte! N/T

GeoW 245 February 26, 2022 12:46AM

Re: Legend on the nail board

Albert 291 February 21, 2022 08:18PM

Re: Legend on the nail board

Albert 294 February 22, 2022 07:28AM

Re: Legend on the nail board & iron bias

Kickindirt 340 February 22, 2022 04:18PM

Re: Legend on the nail board

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Re: Legend on the nail board

Kickindirt 276 February 21, 2022 10:09PM

Re: Legend on the nail board

D&P-OR 277 February 21, 2022 08:40PM

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