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Interesting, but too late for a lot of folks.

June 27, 2022 09:46AM avatar
It is not unusual to watch someone, maybe a newcomer or maybe someone who is into detecting but still hasn't learned a lot of descriptive language and function adjustments, to grab a detector and fiddle around for a moment trying to figure out how to turn it On, or then decide what search more to use. Really I see it all the time, or hear comments when I ask about settings, even just Ground Balance or Discrimination. Yet we often hear or read about these 'average' people who think they want to 'upgrade' to a more modern and more featured detector. It's difficult enough for many to learn a lot of the newer models from several manufacturers because the detectors are not as easy-to-use, or 'simple', like a lot of us are used to.

Sure, there are a lot of very avid detectorists who do understand the terminology and who can, in time, figure out how to micro-manage all the new and different settings, but I don't believe that is for the masses. Then a manufacturer wants to offer a decent unit for the consumer. Fine, just do it and provide a thought-out, engineered and tested, working detector and market it for what it is. Excellent examples from recent years could include Bounty Hunter's Land Ranger Pro and Time Ranger Pro, Deep-Tech's Vista X, Fisher's F5, F19, F44 and F75, Garrett's AT Pro and AT Max, and even the Apex, Minelab's E-Trac, CTX-3030 and Equinox 800, Makro's Racer and Racer 2, Nokta's FORS CoRe, Relic an Impact, Nokta/Makro's Anfibio and Simplex +, Teknetics' T2 and G2+, even the Tesoro Silver Sabre µMAX and Bandido II µMAX as well as the XP Deus (original) and ORX.

Most of them worked without a problem, and yes, a couple of them had a simple 'update' but didn't require a lot of excess button pushing or mess up performance. They had a few problems with the Makro Racer and Racer 2, but those were fixable. The CoRe and Relic and Impact and most other earlier models worked fine. But if you want to compete with a very popular model, then do it right from the start in engineering and design and testing, and don't release something that is glitchy or inferior in the way of adjustments.

I have not been, and definitely am not today, a fan of a bunch of bandaids in the way of 'updates' to try and change things, add things and fix things, because ... as we have seen ... they often come with trade-offs in impairing some features or performance, or even call for some counter-adjustments for changes that are made. On top of that we have all the new names and the changes call for more coordinated multi-button pushing, and that alone will confuse a lot of those who are not totally up on modern features and modern terminology of what the function is supposed to do ... or not do.

I liked the Anfibio, and hoped the Legend might be an improvement in function and comfort. But from my experiences afield, in the city or out in rough areas, the Simplex+ was almost the last best detector they offered. Simple and functional. Upgrades, but not too much of a change or adding a lot of confusion. I liked the 2.77 'fix' and the Simplex + worked quite well, especially with the mid-size 5X9½ DD with a proper rod-mount design. But they offered a very functional and affordable detector, but never followed through with a good smaller coil like the 'OOR' or 5" DD, or even the nice 7" Concentric. They offered us a decent detector, but let us down on on available coil options.

So now we see there MIGHT be a 1.08 update coming, but it is out in the hands of 'testers' again, who seem to have missed a lot of stuff earlier, and IF all the testers agree that the 1.08 update is fine and not glitchy, then they will okay it and offer consumers the opportunity to add the 1.08 update fix with all the extra button-pushing to try and make the detector work more like the competitor's unit. Perhaps they should have just offer a Legend as an affordable detector for many to hose and not try to make a low-priced unit that is supposed to bump the competition. I would have preferred a good-working detector and not a multi-upgrade, multi-fixed example when I could have bought 'an original' that worked out of the box for just a little more.

Oh well, time will tell and for those who have a Legend and like the Legend I hope they get an upgrade that satisfies them. I personally don't see one being a replacement for me to bump my FORS Relic from my serious Relic Hunting spot, or even nudge my original Racer for being a nifty grab-and-go urban Coin Hunting unit that can also do well in old iron nail littered sites. It will be interesting to follow the remarks made by some of the 'testers' who are tinkering with the 1.08 updated Legend and then those of consumers when they get their turn to like or not like what is coming.


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Legend v1.08 update coming soon

SvenS 385 June 27, 2022 04:23AM

Interesting, but too late for a lot of folks.

Monte 223 June 27, 2022 09:46AM

Re: Interesting, but too late for a lot of folks.

SvenS 380 June 27, 2022 06:26PM

Menu's that are JUST RIGHT

UtahRich 276 June 27, 2022 10:28PM

Re: Interesting, but too late for a lot of folks.

D&P-OR 266 June 27, 2022 03:00PM

Too late for a lot of folks?

UtahRich 265 June 27, 2022 02:48PM

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