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Re: Kickindirt, about The Legend and my post.

July 18, 2022 01:24AM avatar
Harsh words? No, honest opinion on what I have seen, and I point my finger more at the 'testers' who obviously didn't do a very good job.

Must be what happened to the fors relic??grinning smileygrinning smiley

As of last October in a letter from Dilek I was going to be getting a 'Test' unit. I was looking forward to it because I have the time. I'm retired and can devote ample time to use a detector, plus other units, to find what I consider to be strong and weak points, aw well as things I might feel are needed.

A Legend Test unit never arrived, so No, I didn't get one and therefore didn't spend time with one to learn it. Obviously a lot of the so-called 'Testers' didn't seem to spend enough time to learn the goods and bads of the detector they were sent because it should have been properly 'tested' and any changes made in features and adjustment functions ahead of time and before it was introduced. Obviously, that didn't happen and what we got appeared to be more of a 'rush-to-market', in my opinion, because it was not properly 'tested' and designed prior to release.

Oh now I get why your Bashing the Legend your mad cause you didn't get one to test.

Should it have needed all of the 'updates' already and when done have new issues due to a fresh update? And now be offered with an update, V. 1.09, so folks can use it and report to the manufacturer what issues they have or things they wish to see .... in another update with updates to follow?

So basically what your saying is that if you would of received one to test then you would have no prob with the updates?? Well thats what you would've agree to if ya were a tester obviously.Hmm interesting.

Do I think The Legend is a good detector? No, not at this time but I hope they get everything worked out. I also hope they get on the testers or use people who want to test and encourage a good product and not just use a unit a bit and say 'OK' when it really isn't.

It was a detector from the beginning. Maybe some of these tester should get away from these surface tests like nails next to coins on the surface. Go out and actually spend some time finding stuff in the ground 2 or 3 inches or more at least. Last I checked detectors were made to find stuff in the ground. At least thats where 99% of finds I find and see in videos are located.

When the FORS Relic prototype was checked out, before the name change or at the new name change to Relic, almost everything worked, but a couplie of things needed attention. Both Keith Southern and I discussed and agreed on changes we felt necessary and conveyed that to Dilek. Then the engineer, Alper, quickly made two new control housings that they sent to us with the corrections (call them update but different) and we checked it out and agreed everything was fine! The Relic was then introduced and went into production.

There were some issues with the Anfibio 19 prototype that I brought to their attention and sent in the whole control housing for them to check out.

What does this have to do with the Legend?? Sounds like more bashing cause you weren't a legend tester??grinning smileygrinning smiley Haters gonna Hate.thumbs down

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Updated the update that fixed things and now there's and update before the ones to come. confused smiley

Monte 414 July 13, 2022 06:44PM

I do hope they get everything working well.

Monte 189 July 18, 2022 11:10PM

Re: I do hope they get everything working well.

jmaryt 231 July 19, 2022 08:08PM

So what did ya think I would say ??

OregonGregg 211 July 16, 2022 09:55PM

Just about exactly what I thought you would say. smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float

Monte 201 July 17, 2022 12:40PM

smiling smiley N/T

D&P-OR 210 July 17, 2022 05:22AM

Re: So what did ya think I would say ?? Pink flame Suit??

Kickindirt 245 July 16, 2022 11:58PM

LOL that XP Juice is some versatile stuff. N/T

OregonGregg 244 July 17, 2022 08:03AM

thumbs up N/T

D&P-OR 186 July 17, 2022 08:09AM

Re: So what did ya think I would say ?? Pink flame Suit??

D&P-OR 169 July 17, 2022 05:23AM

Re: Legendary Updates

Kickindirt 195 July 16, 2022 09:10PM

Kickindirt, about The Legend and my post.

Monte 190 July 17, 2022 03:01PM

Re: Kickindirt, about The Legend and my post.

Kickindirt 170 July 18, 2022 01:24AM

Joel, let's eliminate the 'Bashing' business.

Monte 284 July 18, 2022 01:15PM

Re: Joel, let's eliminate the 'Bashing' business. Yes please do that MonteBash

Kickindirt 250 July 19, 2022 01:54AM

This is simple observed opinion.

Monte 313 July 19, 2022 05:03AM

Got me excited............

OregonGregg 213 July 18, 2022 03:54PM

Thank You. All fixed, with a few other flub-ups.

Monte 256 July 18, 2022 04:25PM

Got me excited............eye popping smiley

UtahRich 212 July 18, 2022 03:59PM

ask OregonGregg ?? Why, he don't know much..........

OregonGregg 248 July 17, 2022 03:22PM

Re: ask OregonGregg ?? Why, he don't know much.......... Attachments

Kickindirt 215 July 18, 2022 01:35AM

Joel, it is Monte and not MonteBash.

Monte 246 July 18, 2022 04:19AM

Re: Joel, it is Monte and not MonteBash.

D&P-OR 239 July 18, 2022 09:38AM

Is that the answer??

OregonGregg 306 July 18, 2022 01:15PM

Re: Is that the answer??

Timbertodd 180 July 18, 2022 03:34PM


OregonGregg 201 July 18, 2022 03:43PM


Timbertodd 238 July 18, 2022 06:03PM

Detector Battles -

UtahRich 177 July 18, 2022 03:56PM

CoRe w/OOR . . . what else is there?

Monte 268 July 18, 2022 04:28PM

Re: Detector Battles -

OregonGregg 156 July 18, 2022 04:10PM

Del, it is never going to happen.

Monte 231 July 18, 2022 12:32PM

Re: Legendary Updates

SvenS 241 July 17, 2022 09:13AM

SvenS I mostly agree, and Dilek is their biggest asset. N/T

Monte 186 July 17, 2022 03:03PM

Re: Updated the update that fixed things and now there's and update before the ones to come. confused smiley

D&P-OR 329 July 13, 2022 11:17PM

No, Del, I haven't. My 'opinion' is unchanged.

Monte 313 July 14, 2022 04:16AM


D&P-OR 261 July 14, 2022 11:21AM

Re: Monte.......

Monte 391 July 14, 2022 01:37PM

Re: Monte.......

SvenS 242 July 16, 2022 07:21AM

Back to you SvenS.

Monte 162 July 16, 2022 10:45AM

Re: Updated the update that fixed things and now there's and update before the ones to come. confused smiley

desertsmith 275 July 13, 2022 10:55PM


UtahRich 269 July 14, 2022 01:06AM

Re: Updates

desertsmith 178 July 14, 2022 09:56AM

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