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Re: What's going on here.......

August 06, 2022 11:58PM avatar
Ok Rich is being nice and say'n nice things, now your say'n nice things..........my Spidey senses are tingling......., especially since we are all meeting up in the middle of an NV desert next month.......................is this the demise of poor ol'OregonGregg ????

Did UtahRich really buy the CoRe to throw me off guard ???? Guess we will find out in less than a month.


If you think i'm going to spend $$$ and my holiday weekend to buy a CoRe, drive out to the middle of Nevada and then find nothing with it you are . . . . at Bob's. grinning smiley

i plan on finishing out my ghost town hunts this year with the CoRe / OOR you were kind enough to part with. Some think it a little drastic to part with my D2 as i move forward on this challenge. What do you say? Its a really good detector, though my all time favorite is still my 800.

You cant go wrong with either the D1 or D2 as weve seen from Brian and Rogers finds this year. They're killing it.

Just one more good target before I go.
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GoneLoco -

UtahRich 381 August 05, 2022 11:33AM

GoneLoco - Update Aug 9

UtahRich 195 August 09, 2022 11:25PM

Re: GoneLoco - Update Aug 9

OregonGregg 185 August 10, 2022 12:27PM

Re: Looks like we lost 2 more to the

Kickindirt 184 August 06, 2022 01:38PM

What's going on here.......

OregonGregg 188 August 06, 2022 06:36PM

Re: What's going on here.......

UtahRich 179 August 06, 2022 11:58PM

Live to see another day .................

OregonGregg 194 August 07, 2022 07:58AM

Another day .................

UtahRich 185 August 07, 2022 01:45PM

Re: Another day .................

OregonGregg 232 August 07, 2022 01:54PM

Re: Looks like we lost 2 more to the

D&P-OR 192 August 06, 2022 03:32PM

Ohhh Boy !!

OregonGregg 192 August 06, 2022 07:01AM

Re: Ohhh Boy !!

Timbertodd 183 August 06, 2022 08:18AM

A nice complement to your Equinox 800 ... a very proven

Monte 241 August 05, 2022 05:18PM

Re: GoneLoco -

Kickindirt 261 August 05, 2022 12:53PM

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