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1st run with the Impact

August 07, 2022 01:35PM
Received the Impact Thursday, but it wasn't until yesterday that I had the time to give it a spin. I mounted 7 inch concentric and went to the local park to give it a whirl. Now, the oldest park in my hometown has had most of the dirt replaced. The burying of electric lines and water lines, along with the building of the sidewalks covers most of this park. So, where the oldest history is, the actual detecting finds are all modernish and the in-ground electric lines keep the detectors working at a relatively shallow performance. I no longer hope to find anything of any historic value here.

I hit this park first and pulled the expected clad and ring pulls as I became more confident at what the Impact was telling me in its 3 tone and four tone modes. But the real reason for me to own the Impact is its two distinct all-metal modes, and particularly the GEN(D) mode. To get the best out of these modes, my thought was to head to the other park, ten years newer, but the soil here is, for the most part original to the park. The emi issues here are almost nonexistent.

I got to the four corners park, NE corner, turned the Impact to GEN(D) mode ground balance perfectly and started hunting. The first hole at about 7 inches deep was a nicely conditioned 1893 barber nickel. Then I dug a bunch of can slaw. Differently from the all-metal mode of the T2, I couldn't discern the can slaw from a good target. Hopefully that will come with time over the coil. A bit further, I dug a 38 special fired brass cartridge, and a bit further again an Erie railroad bale seal. All in all, a pretty satisfactory hunt for the first time out.

This NE corner of the four-corner park has given me many good old targets, including a three fatty indian coin spill at about 12 inches. It is also here that I've met many of the guys that detected, "back in the day". These guys, while driving by and noticing a guy slowly griding the park, would stop and tell me that I was wasting my time as they 'cleared the park' back in the 70s, 80s and/or 90s. Many do not detect anymore. Each time I met a new guy, I had some find that they missed and like yesterday, this corner of the park still gives up a treasure to me, every once in a while.

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1st run with the Impact Attachments

ScoTTT2 401 August 07, 2022 01:35PM

Nice! N/T

kac 124 August 10, 2022 09:45AM

Re: 1st run with the Impact

Kickindirt 199 August 08, 2022 11:24AM

Re: 1st run with the Impact

ScoTTT2 184 August 08, 2022 07:14PM

Re: 1st run with the Impact

Kickindirt 162 August 08, 2022 07:45PM

Sometimes it is a headphone related issue.

Monte 162 August 09, 2022 11:25AM

Re: 1st run with the Impact

ScoTTT2 206 August 09, 2022 04:53AM

Nope, Scott is in NY. N/T

Monte 153 August 08, 2022 12:54PM

Re: 1st run with the Impact

Timbertodd 137 August 07, 2022 03:24PM

Re: 1st run with the Impact

Jeff (CA) 142 August 07, 2022 02:49PM

Nice looking 'V' Nickel. thumbs up

Monte 139 August 07, 2022 02:11PM

Making an Impact.

OregonGregg 205 August 07, 2022 01:51PM

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