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Interesting new announcements from Dilek !!!

December 16, 2022 05:21PM avatar
I'll relate it backwards, starting with The Legend updates and product review. Dilek told me in an e-mail in October or 2020 that I would be getting a 'Test' unit and I waited and hoped for a great 'Equinox Competitor' model, but it never arrived. They got them to a number of 'testers' and some did a good job while others were eager to either find fault with it, or just ignore giving it any credit it deserved. Sad. I wanted to do an honest 'test' or really 'evaluation' and share comments directly back to Dilek, but it seems more of those early 'testers' simply responded in a negative way in e-mails and on forums and You-Tube. I never got a 'test' unit.

Today I watched Dilek's video and she said they are going to get some of the fresh Legends into users hands. Hear from users, directly, to know if any problems there might be. Real use and real problems users think need to be addressed. That sounds like the way to do it, and that's a good thing. Who knows, maybe I'll get a new Legend to do a 'modern' user evaluation? I have been in touch with a guy who had the Minelab Equinox 800 ands decided to go with a Legend, even with the new Equinox 900 and Manticore available. I do have to say that he not only likes hunting the same types of sites I enjoy. but he is also one who likes to look at simplicity with functional adjustments, and get the most value and performance he can at a reasonable cost. Today, it is really tough to find fault with build quality and retail value with products from Nokta/Makro.

Oh, that brings up another thing I noticed with Dilek's closing comments. I liked the fact that I owned a Nokta FORS CoRe, Nokta Relic and Nokta Impact, as well as a Makro Racer and Makro Racer 2. I always have liked noting a primary company more than a 'conjoined' outfit like Nokta / Makro. Well, she ended the video by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2023, then said it was from her, and "from the company I work for", Nokta Detection Technologies". No mention of Makro. Maybe that's a sign for the future and it will just go back to the primary business that bought out the others and be 'Nokta' again for everything?

Then the part I found most welcome was when she started out by mentioning two new Accessory Coils for the Legend. The LG-24, which is an open-design very similar looking to the other mid-sized coils for former models, like the SP-24. Those were all 5X9½ but the new Legend coil she said was 6X9½. Looking at it when she held it up it did appear to be slightly wider, and checking the Nokta Detectors website it is listed as 6X9½. Viewing it and the others it is slightly wider. I think that's great to now have a mid-size coil for the Legend, and especially since it has the rod-mount centered where it ought to be.

The other good and very interesting new coil in my opinion, is the LG-30. It is also an elliptical design. Interesting that Minelab has now added a Vibrate function and 'Headlight' to the Equinox 900, like Nokta and Makro have had since 2014, and that the new Legend coil looks very similar, and is the same size, as the larger coil that comes with the Minelab Vanquish measuring 9X12. I happen to like the Vanquish 9X12 coil and it is the larger coil I mount on the V-540 for hunting a plowed field or wide-open old grassy park. It is comfortable and I enjoy it more than any of the detectors I have used from Nokta, or Makro, or Nokta/Makro, or Minelab that are a round 11" size. It also has a properly-located rod mount in the center.

Matter-of-fact, I like the two new coils so well that I would be pleased to have a Legend and only these two coils rather than the 11" standard coil or the small 6" with the rod-mount way at the rear. I can grab my Nokta Relic or Makro Racer if I want to use a really small coil in dense trash, and I would enjoy the 6X9½ for regular-use and 9X12 for open-areas on a Legend. Hummm, maybe that would let me thin out one or two more and have these three as some primary-use detectors to represent what Nokta and Makro have given consumer.

Anyway, if you own a Legend, here are a couple of new coil options for you to consider. I sure would.


Of course if you have a Legend and/or get new search coils for it and decide you just don't like it. Well, buy something new. A lot of used / pre-owned detectors are not selling well these days so a good idea would be to just box it up and get it out of the way. Send it to me at my new address here in Utah:

Monte Berry
1111 N. 2000 W. Unit #50
Farr West, UT 84404

I can guarantee it will be going to someone who really enjoys this great sport, as well as favorite models from Nokta and Makro.

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Interesting new announcements from Dilek !!!

Monte 115 December 16, 2022 05:21PM

Makro was dropped some time ago from the website.

UtahRich 71 December 17, 2022 01:55AM

By golly, you are right UtahRich.

Monte 64 December 17, 2022 02:43PM

Update worked and I made the changes. N/T

Monte 49 December 17, 2022 02:48PM

Re: Interesting new announcements from Dilek !!!

kac 62 December 17, 2022 12:03AM

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