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Why I rely on my Nokta and Makro favorites.

January 06, 2018 05:42AM avatar
Yes, I have added three new Forums and have singled-out three specific manufacturers who's products are in my Regular-Use Detector Team, for three very specific reasons:

'Because they Work'
'Because they Work Quite Well and are Versatile'
'Because they are *Simple* yet *Functional* and provide *Performance* I demand of them.'

Welcome to the Nokta and Makro Metal Detector Forum! I am pleased to call attention to my Regular-Use Detector Team, as I do in almost every post on any Forum I visit, which include my favorite and versatile models from Nokta, the FORS CoRe, FORS Relic and Impact, and their Makro 'cousin' the Racer 2.

All my detecting is supported by the use of my favorite Pinpointers: Both from Nokta and Makro.

I would like to welcome all open discussions and questions relating to both brands under this Forum heading. Most of us know that Nokta Detectors and Makro Detectors have not been on the scene with 'recreational' metal detectors as long as most of the more familiar names in the industry, but they have come from out of nowhere and have a very impressive presence in the industry.

They have provided very versatile detectors to appeal to Coin & Jewelry Hunters, Beach Hunters, Electronic Prospectors and Relic Hunters that are very functional devices. What is also very impressive in this industry is the exceptional factory-direct involvement on many Forums as they are committed to staying on top of the pulse of the consumers and alert to any product issues that might arise, and are there to help assist or clarify questions that product users have.

I had viewed the FORS CoRe at their early release and got a CoRe Pro Pack in-hand on January 8th of 2015. I had been curious about their weight and balance after viewing their appearance, and I naturally questioned the in-the-field performance they might offer, especially since the bulk of my detecting is associated with Relic Hunting sites that generally have a dense amount of iron debris to deal with.

At that time I was just two months away from starting my 51st year of avid metal detecting and I am very attentive to evaluating any detector for both strengths and weaknesses to determine if a particular model has a beneficial 'fit' in my personal detector battery. Within but a few hours after assembly and starting my evaluation of the CoRe I was quite impressed, and it easily was a 'for-sure' detector to stay in my hands. After ample side-by-side comparisons, in bench testing as well as in-the-field searches, it was a matter of two or three days and almost all my other makes and models were up for sale or trade. The CoRe was that impressive!

As you note I also have the Relic, since working with a prototype in January of 2016, and an Impact since January of 2017, and I'll make it clear here before I get asked, again as I have been countless times ... 'NO' the Relic and then the Impact didn't make me bump a former Nokta model from my arsenal. There is no such thing as a 'perfect' metal detector and all three of these models are an excellent 'complement' to each other and share equal appreciation, and easily they share an equal amount of use afield.

Because I spend the bulk of my time working densely iron littered sites, I prefer a smaller-size search coil to best work in and around brush and debris to unmask desired targets. I also enjoy using a mid-sized search coil for the low-to-modestly littered areas, and have a 5X9½ DD open-frame coil for each of these models. In wide-open places, such as large grassy parks, or a plowed field or working a beach, the standard 7X11 DD can work great, and there I really enjoy the exceptional comfort and balance of the CoRe and Relic units as they are some of the most comfortable detectors I have ever used for long-duration / bigger-coil searches.

In the Makro Detector line my current favorite model is the Racer 2, especially with either the small 'OOR' or round 5" DD coil mounted. After having five detectors stolen last April from my vehicle, I decided I'm going to curb my habit of always travelling with 4 to 7 detectors always in the vehicle. That was quite a loss, and to ease the temptation in the future, I will carry a full set of detectors on a prolonged detecting jaunt, but otherwise I'll just keep one lonely detector along full-time so as to be ready should I chance upon an instant opportunity such as renovation work.

Only one detector might eliminate an urge for someone to break into my vehicle and it would be easier to conceal, too. An always-ready detector to keep on-hand is the Racer 2 with either of the smaller coils mounted. I have a preference for the 'OOR' and that's what this year will see, having that combo always tagging along even if I am making a run to the grocery store or library.

Again, 'Welcome' to this new Forum and we appreciate all topic-related discussions pertaining to the use of Nokta and Makro detector models.


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Why I rely on my Nokta and Makro favorites.

Monte 542 January 06, 2018 05:42AM

Re: Impact

Sodbuster 375 January 07, 2018 01:08PM

Sodbuster, you asked: "when hunting in grass." I take it you mean Coin Hunting.

Monte 356 January 15, 2018 11:10PM

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