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Eric, your comment, " I'm pretty interested." is shared by a lot of people! smiling bouncing smiley

January 24, 2018 05:25AM avatar
Most 'normal thinking' Forums have been kind of quiet lately, partly because it's winter for most of us here in the USA and we can't get out detecting much and there hasn't been a lot of 'new news' to talk about. There are some Forums that seem to be overly brand loyal, or very talkative by those who are maybe closed minded to anything that isn't made by 'brand M.'

Well, those folks who like products that are made in Malaysia need to realize there's now another 'brand 'M' called Makro and, combined with it's sister company, Nokta, have been producing some excellent balance, durably constructed models with in-the-field performance that can rival most anything out there. Unless I am mistaken, you've been using the 'original' Makro Racer which has, and continues to, produce exceptional results in some really ugly iron littered old RR ghost towns and other places you search.

Three years ago, in January 2015, I got a Nokta FORS CoRe in my hands and was awestruck by the looks, the feel, the simplicity and function of the CoRe that, with the exception of some favorite Tesoro models, won me over and I thinned out all other brands in my personal detector battery, and then added the 'original' Racer to make a nice 'team' of TID models.

I did prefer the rod configuration and a few changes and added functions of the Racer 2 and it took a main spot in my Regular-Use Detector Team two years ago this month, along with the Nokta FORS Relic. I enjoyed a very successful year from January of 2016 to January 2017 putting my Relic, CoRe and Racer 2 to work in a lot of my favorite types of Relic Hunting sites that abound in dense debris, much of which is iron and rusty tin. Performance has been exceptional.

Then I added the Nokta Impact in January of 2017, as well as buying a few more Impact, Relic and CoRe devices, and have wrapped up a 3rd year of using Nokta & Makro detector models, and that means being asked by others on WTHO's and local detecting jaunts how they performed and why I like them so well. It only takes a few minutes to let others hold and feel these products to know how comfortable they are, and then a little demonstration using my Nail Board Performance Test or any other side-by-side comparison challenge they would like to try, and they can see why these Nokta and Makro detectors are such an ideal fit for me and the challenges I face.

Last year was an even better year for me and most avid Makro / Nokta users because this company doesn't just sit back and twiddle their thumbs. You know that they are very consumer involved and quite competitive in this market and pay attention to other things, such as bringing out an excellent 5" DD for the Impact as a much needed search coil for densely littered sites, then introducing a wonderful size Concentric coil for the Nokta Impact and the Makro Racer/Racer 2 models. I keep a 7" Concentric mounted full-time on my Impact and use either the 'OOR' DD or 7" Concentric on my Racer 2.

Another excellent new coil offering came out at the same time, and that was an open-frame 5X9½ DD for all of these models mentioned, and I have that coil at-the-ready on a spare lower rod for my Impact, and one mounted to my 2nd Relic and 2nd CoRe so those models are also ready-to-go with that mid-sized coil, or the main-use specimens with the smaller 5" or 'OOR' DD coils.

For 'specialty-use' they have hit the market with Gold Nugget Hunting models that were record-setting in this industry with the Makro Gold Racer at 56 kHz that also featured general-purpose abilities with a functional Discriminate mode option. The 19 kHz Nokta Gold + and Makro Gold Racer and Nokta Au Gold were/are excellent offerings for locations where electronic gold prospecting is a key application. But those models are still versatile for other uses, too.

The only thing we haven't seen in the Nokta & Makro product line has been a submersible detector. Beach Hunters are out there in good numbers, plus a lot of folks who land hunt in showery weather or light rain, and while their other models are somewhat weather resistant and have environmental covers for them (which I use on all their models I own) they still are not waterproof and submersible.

Most of the competition, such as the Garrett AT series and White's MX-Sport offer that ability to a depth of 3 meters (10 feet) which works for hunting in the rain, dropping a detector (accidently of course) in the water when working a creek or stream, or wading in the ocean surf or working knee-deep on some lake beach, it also lets the user dive or snorkel around a bit deeper in potentially productive beach sites.

But reading the above ad for the new release next month, we see there are three new Kruzer models and they are waterproof and submersible to 5 meters! That's a 66% increase over 3 meters to a depth of about 16½ feet. New achievement in the industry.

And reading further we can see that Makro offers the consumer three different Kruzer choices. The 'basic' KRUZER at 14 kHz which makes a great single-frequency model for general-purpose application, much the same as the 15 kHz Nokta CoRe or 'original' Makro Racer, frequency wise, but it appears to offer even more adjustment functions like the 14 kHz Racer 2 and then some. Tough to beat what is offered in the KRUZER package with an MSRP of $649.

For those who are more interested in a multi-purpose model that is designed more for Gold Nugget Hunting in a water environment, or one that will be more specifically used for Beach Hunting when lower-conductive gold chains, pendants, rings and other small jewelry is their primary goal, they offer the 61 kHz Gold KRUSER that comes with what appears to be a 5½X10 elliptical search coil.

Then there is the 3rd or 'premier' offering in the series, the Multi-KRUZER that offers three frequencies of operation: 5 kHz, 14 kHz and 19 kHz. That makes this device a very multi-purpose unit for a wide-range of hunting applications and since the ad says these models have 6 search modes, the Multi-KRUZER seems to offer some of the main features/options of the Nokta Impact but this is a smaller and lighter-weight model ... that can be dunked up to 16+ feet deep if you have a mind to or are just clumsy (like some of us 'mobility impaired' old pharts are).

An ad like this which Dilek posted for everyone has a lot to tell us if we just read through it a few times as well. Often we do a speed glance to see what the basics are, but right there ... next to the last blue-dotted list of features ... it tells us there will be 5 optional coils to choose from including a concentric coil. Like everyone else we are waiting to hear just what coils they will be, but a guess would be a 5" DD, 7" Concentric, 5X9½ open-frame DD, the over-size 14X15 DD and ???

Maybe a solid 5½X10 DD or Concentric? No clue and we are all waiting to hear that is coming, but certainly a new release announcement with shipments beginning next month (February) and a full set of optional search coils is refreshing news. A lot of the competition is either very stagnant, or they make a hint of what will come, but it's been four months and counting and no product yet. And how many have brought out a new model but been short-thinking on offering a nice selection of optional search coils?

They all need to step up to the plate, but at this point I think they would all be striking out. The Nokta/Makro Team always comes out swinging, and on the defensive side, they have one very capable female 'pitcher' in Dilek who always delivers. Batter up!

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Dilek just announced: THE NEW MAKRO KRUZER SERIES!

Monte 1100 January 23, 2018 09:18AM

Re: Dilek just announced: THE NEW MAKRO KRUZER SERIES!

Sodbuster 464 January 30, 2018 05:50PM

Picking an Impact or Multi-Kruzer ... and you made your decision.

Monte 635 January 31, 2018 03:28AM

Re:Making a decision

Sodbuster 449 February 02, 2018 03:23PM

Making a decision? Well, you might have left out one word.

Monte 539 February 03, 2018 02:36AM

3½ years and counting ... And the Winner is?

Monte 805 January 23, 2018 11:38AM

Re: 3½ years and counting ... And the Winner is?

SvenS 525 January 23, 2018 07:33PM

Re: Dilek just announced: THE NEW MAKRO KRUZER SERIES!

Utah1971 556 January 23, 2018 10:30AM

Eric, your comment, " I'm pretty interested." is shared by a lot of people! smiling bouncing smiley

Monte 1039 January 24, 2018 05:25AM

Re: Eric, your comment, " I'm pretty interested." is shared by a lot of people! smiling bouncing smiley

Remfire 458 January 24, 2018 07:41AM

The biggest 'Dealer' issue is with ....

Monte 587 January 24, 2018 09:32AM

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