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Picking an Impact or Multi-Kruzer ... and you made your decision.

January 31, 2018 04:28AM avatar
It's always interesting when a new detector comes out that offers so much of what the top-end model of the sister company features. There are several ways to tackle such new model entries, but it should come down to what the individual feels will best fit their wants and needs for the types of sites they hunt. I know that through the many years I have confronted new detector releases there have been a few times I have actually penciled-out the pros and cons to think through. Rarely have I made a purchase only to be let down by the and performance and build design of a new unit.

There are many forms of entertainment, and one I have enjoyed is watching to see what others do, pondering why they made a buy/no-buy decision. Often I don't know what types of sites someone usually hunts, or what detectors they own and use and based their decision on. Therefore, it leaves me wondering ... Why?.. and .. What? So, I'll ask:

I've been on the verge of buying an Impact, decided to get the multi-freq. Kruzer instead.
Why did you narrow your decision to these two models? Was it only due to having selectable frequencies?

What detectors do you own and use now?

Why do you feel now is the time to 'upgrade' or add another detector to your outfit?

What is it about the Impact and/or Multi-Kruzer that you feel will be the biggest benefit(s) for you and where you usually go detecting?

Hope the small coils are released promptly...
Like you, I am also eagerly awaiting word when they will be released. A link to a Dealer in Turkey revealed the planned search coils for the Kruzer and Multi-Kruzer models, and having my favorite coils for each detector in my arsenal has lead me to line up my favorite three for my Impact:

The 7" Concentric stays mounted full-time to grab-and-go virtually anywhere. A great general-purpose coil. thumbs up

The 5" DD is my primary accessory coil that brings out the best unmasking performance in dense iron debris sites.

The 5X9½ DD open-frame coil is my mid-sized coil pick.

The Kruzer and Multi-Kruzer both come standard with the 7X11 DD coil and ,while I seldom use standard-size coils, that can work for a lot of open-area beaches for coverage. If I had my choice, however, I prefer the mid-size search coils such as the open-frame 5X9½ DD. However, I already have one of that size mounted on one of my two Relic units, as well as that size mounted on my 2nd CoRe model. So, once the Kruzer's are released, I hope to add the 7" Concentric coil first and 5" DD as the next coil choice for very dense iron contaminated sites.

It's good to hear you thinking of not just the detector but the search coil, or coils, that you see worthy to handle the sites you will be hunting. Again out of curiosity, what would be the coil, or the first two search coils, that might interest you, and why that choice?

. and the snow melts soon.
Sorry I can't do much to help you with that one. sad smiley It got unseasonably warm Tuesday here in Vale in far Eastern Oregon to 51° but we also had strong winds in the afternoon with gusts to 29 mph. Kind of defeated the splendor of the warm day under cloudy skies. It's supposed to be a little cooler and only hit 46° today, then a 20% chance or rain on Thursday and Friday and clear up to be partly sunny and 55° on Saturday, followed by three days of being partly cloudy to cloudy with a slightly chance for an occasional shower and highs of 60°, 60° and 56°. I can only hope the weather guessers are close because that spring-like feel to start out the first week of February is great!

Oregon Gregg and I are planning to work a ghost town on Saturday, then a CCW Camp area and maybe a WW-II POW Camp come Monday or Tuesday. I know forecasts can change, but I just checked Accuweather and it said our next day in February with precipitation this weekend will be the 27th! I sure hope they have that right!!


PS: I mentioned several ways to tackle selecting a detector, and my favorite is to simply ADD one to my arsenal and not part with one.smiling bouncing smiley I have seen a few people put their Racer 2 and/or Impact on the For Sale block because they either like their 'test sample' Multi-Kruzer better or just plan to buy one when they are released to consumers in February. For me, the Impact has performed so well this past year that it has a 'stay-put' stamp of approval on it, keeping the 7" Concentric mounted full-time. I have other detectors with different coils mounted and ready-to-grab, so the Multi-Kruzer makes a great addition to my 'team' with what it offers. Waterproofed, well balanced, comfortable, with similar enhanced performance afield.

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Dilek just announced: THE NEW MAKRO KRUZER SERIES!

Monte 819 January 23, 2018 10:18AM

Re: Dilek just announced: THE NEW MAKRO KRUZER SERIES!

Sodbuster 348 January 30, 2018 06:50PM

Picking an Impact or Multi-Kruzer ... and you made your decision.

Monte 469 January 31, 2018 04:28AM

Re:Making a decision

Sodbuster 345 February 02, 2018 04:23PM

Making a decision? Well, you might have left out one word.

Monte 386 February 03, 2018 03:36AM

3½ years and counting ... And the Winner is?

Monte 602 January 23, 2018 12:38PM

Re: 3½ years and counting ... And the Winner is?

SvenS 410 January 23, 2018 08:33PM

Re: Dilek just announced: THE NEW MAKRO KRUZER SERIES!

Utah1971 416 January 23, 2018 11:30AM

Eric, your comment, " I'm pretty interested." is shared by a lot of people! smiling bouncing smiley

Monte 806 January 24, 2018 06:25AM

Re: Eric, your comment, " I'm pretty interested." is shared by a lot of people! smiling bouncing smiley

Remfire 347 January 24, 2018 08:41AM

The biggest 'Dealer' issue is with ....

Monte 455 January 24, 2018 10:32AM

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