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Making a decision? Well, you might have left out one word.

February 03, 2018 03:36AM avatar
Tough! Trying to select a detector when you already have several, have itemized your desires, then sit down to figure it out, I think it can be trying to make a tough decision. confused smiley

I wanted to buy a US made detector, but I do not see the right detector coming from the US in the near future. sad smiley
You know, several years ago I would have shared a similar feeling. I had several Minelab Sovereigns and Explorer series models, but weight and balance issues, or lack of performance where I needed it in dense iron trash always caused me to abandon them, but fortunately I had a few USA detector maker's units in my personal arsenal, usually from Tesoro and White's but sometimes others, and I felt just fine.

I also had an XP Gold Maxx for a very short while to check out the products from France, but, once again, the overall build quality and performance were not up to what I owned and used back then. There were a few models from England I had borrowed to check out, but the good old USA products were what satisfied me and continued to be 'fun' to use and reward me with great results wherever I hunted. Other offerings were also checked out and compared, but not until January of 2015 did I ever imagine I would find a quality built, well engineered detector that could match or exceed the performance I got from my whole array of personal detectors.

Then, on January 8th, a day I will remember well for a long time, a Nokta FORS CoRe was delivered, and after assembly and comparisons began I realized I had a detector in my hands that out-performed all of my Target ID detectors ... ALL of them ... and was a near perfect fit in providing excellent balance and comfort, Simplicity, practical Functional behavior, and as the next five or six days of evaluation revealed, Performance that was impressive.

That was soon followed with a Makro Racer which provided a different yet Functional design and, happily, very similar in-the-field performance. Then the experience of the 19 kHz Nokta FORS Gold Plus, quickly followed by an industry record-setting Makro Gold Racer that operates in the Low Frequency range at 56 kHz that was targeted at the Gold Nugget Hunting group yet also included two motion-based Discriminate modes at that operating frequency! An industry first!

Not to stand idle, in the past two years, a short two years to January/February of 2016, we have also seen the introduction of the Makro Racer 2, Nokta FORS Relic, and a year ago the selectable 3 frequency Nokta Impact, and now as we get 2018 underway the new Makro Kruzer series of submersible waterproof detectors.

I do still maintain and use a few of my all-time favorite Tesoro models, simply because they work and work well. I also enjoy using my White's XLT which joins the two new releases from White's, the MX-7 of which I bought a pair of. But that's it for USA representation as they join a Makro Multi-Kruzer, two Nokta FORS CoRe and two FORS Relic and my Impact detector group. I do have a few 'back-up' models, but these make up my Regular-Carry Detector Team.

Nope, I can't blame you at all for wanting to keep the purchasing among USA manufacturers, but I don't see any of them doing much the past few years, and certainly not on the level of advancement I have seen from the Makro and Nokta brands out of Turkey.

I'm looking for a deep hunting multi or selectable frequency unit that has fast response time, and good unmasking abilities, something less sensitive to emi interferrence than either my V3i or F75 ltd2. I want something light, that is easy to program or make setting changes. I want small and medium coils available for separation and unmasking.
Depth capabilities? Multi-frequency? Fast response time? Good unmasking abilities? That pretty much narrows it down to two models that are on the market today: The Nokta Impact and Makro Multi-Kruzer.

Light weight for good balance and easily accessed control adjustments and features that can be saved? Impact and Multi-Kruzer.

Small and medium coils for improved separation and unmasking? Well, I like the 5" DD and 7" Concentric in both of these devices.

Another top priority is to have something that is waterproof, so that sudden showers, or drizzly days are not a killer for a hunt, and I can go into the water if there's a good opportunity.
Weatherproof from showers and the ability to wade and surf hunt without submersing the detector, again, would be the Impact and Multi-Kruzer, but if you want a submersible unit, that is the Multi-Kruzer.

Right now I have an F75 ltd2 as my primary machine with a V3i, a deLeon; a Golden uMax; and a Tiger Shark that mostly sit; and a superclean Spectrum XLT that does just sit.
I have owned all but the Tiger that you have listed, and of them all there is only one model that I care for and just happen to have back in my workable arsenal now, the XLT.

I do not NEED another detector. grinning smiley I am hoping that the Kruzer will make a better all around machine and the waterproofing is a big plus for me along with the 3 frequencies to help unmask. I have been impressed with what I've heard about Makro/Nokta customer service.
The Multi-Kruzer, as well as the Impact, can provide you with all the things you are looking for. As for the 'customer service' aspect, EVERY detector maker out there, from any country of manufacture, need to wake up and take a long hard look at how the Nokta / Makro group does things. They are involved with the end consumers unlike any other detector maker is today, or ever has been. Commendable.

so, Multi or selectable freq., Waterproof, light, simple to use, fast, rejects emi, good service, coil selection at reasonable prices. Those are my hopes for the Kruzer.
The Multi-Kruzer has a lot to offer and is one very power-packed device. thumbs up

I actually found a minty used Impact for sale; got past my indecisiveness from the Equinox announcement, and sent a buy message to the seller, who had JUST sold it... that was the day before the Kruzer was announced.
Too bad you missed it. You could have parted with almost everything else you own and narrow it down to an Impact and a Multi-Kruzer and been well outfitted withy two great detectors. Naturally, I guess I am biased. grinning smiley

The Equinox is tempting, but there is no word on what coils will be available or what the pricing will be on whatever becomes available.
Nope, an early announcement and teaser, then not much of any useful information, just delays, and who know how long it will take to get from Malaysia to the USA, with what search coils, at what price, and then folks will find out how it does or doesn't work for the $$$$.

So, I'm getting a multi-Kruzer. I expect to order the 7" concentric and the 5" DD when they're available. Probably can get them both for less than the price of one Minelab coil, but who knows.
Naturally, I can't fault a Multi-Kruzer, and the two best coils you can get, in my opinion, are the 7" Concentric for general purpose, everyday hunting, and the 5" DD for the really nasty, dense trash sites. My two favorite coils, and the 5X9½ open-frame is a close 3rd.

Maybe I'll still get an Impact, or an Equinox. Probably will have to get rid of a detector or two if that happens.
Good idea/bad idea ... again, in my opinion ... but that's because I own, know and use the Impact. It makes a great complimenting detector to the Multi-Kruzer allowing one for wet-duty and the other for fair-weather hunting.

Let us know what final decisions you make, and what your thoughts are after you get any new detector out enough to learn it well.

Now, if you need to get rid of a detector or two, you said you had: ".. a superclean Spectrum XLT" so, just how 'super clean" is it, and is it the early 'rainbow' version or the latter e-series? I know someone who likes my XLT and would maybe be interested, but mine is in 95% condition and he is a little picky like me about clean 'used' detectors.

All the best in your decision making.

"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Dilek just announced: THE NEW MAKRO KRUZER SERIES!

Monte 811 January 23, 2018 10:18AM

Re: Dilek just announced: THE NEW MAKRO KRUZER SERIES!

Sodbuster 344 January 30, 2018 06:50PM

Picking an Impact or Multi-Kruzer ... and you made your decision.

Monte 468 January 31, 2018 04:28AM

Re:Making a decision

Sodbuster 342 February 02, 2018 04:23PM

Making a decision? Well, you might have left out one word.

Monte 383 February 03, 2018 03:36AM

3½ years and counting ... And the Winner is?

Monte 597 January 23, 2018 12:38PM

Re: 3½ years and counting ... And the Winner is?

SvenS 408 January 23, 2018 08:33PM

Re: Dilek just announced: THE NEW MAKRO KRUZER SERIES!

Utah1971 414 January 23, 2018 11:30AM

Eric, your comment, " I'm pretty interested." is shared by a lot of people! smiling bouncing smiley

Monte 799 January 24, 2018 06:25AM

Re: Eric, your comment, " I'm pretty interested." is shared by a lot of people! smiling bouncing smiley

Remfire 345 January 24, 2018 08:41AM

The biggest 'Dealer' issue is with ....

Monte 450 January 24, 2018 10:32AM

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