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Gold jewelry can span quite a range of conductivities.

April 08, 2018 07:18PM avatar
I'm surprised that gold ring came in that low that's pretty low isn't it on the ID scale?
That's about where most similar-size and percentage of gold will fall on the numeric VDI range. That's why we don't want to use too much Discrimination or we stand the chance or loosing (rejecting) good jewelry items. We also have to keep in mind the numeric scale each detector uses because that are not all designed to be the same.

Let's consider the Makro Racer 2 that Rich(UT) was using. The Ferrous/Non-Ferrous numeric break point on that unit is '10.' Rich was using a Discrimination setting of '18' which would have been up into the very low-end of the Non-Ferrous conductivity range to deal with most small foil. Typically small-size foil reads in the '14' to '18' VDI range on the Racer 2. The US 'nickel' or 5¢ piece reads about '30' - '31' and, as I would expect, this women's gold ring had a VDI numeric read-out just slightly below a 5¢ piece but notably above where most small foil would read.

Using a Disc. setting of '18' on his model, however, might have been dangerously close to rejecting gold ear rings studs, thin gold chins, tiny baby's gold rings, and other smaller-size gold objects, especially things that lack the enhanced conductive round or ring-shaped design.

But note detector model differences. As mentioned the Racer 2's Ferrous/Non-Ferrous break-point is '10.' The Nokta Impact and Makro Kruzer and Multi-Kruzer have a default break-point of '15.' My Nokta FORS Relic has a break point of '20' so a Disc. setting of '18' like Rich used would be just barely below iron rejection. The original Makro Racer and Nokta CoRe had a higher ferrous break-point of '40' and a setting of '20' to '21' will reject nails but not all iron.

The 'normalized' Nokta Impact and new Makro Kruzer and Multi-Kruzer have a nice compromise break-point of '15' to separate Non-Ferrous targets that I find works out very well afield. .

All of these mentioned models can and will perform very close to each other and have exceptional abilities in a dense masking-trash environment, but they will differ in the Discrimination settings and visual Target ID read-outs.


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NWCindy 197 April 08, 2018 01:29PM

Gold jewelry can span quite a range of conductivities.

Monte 215 April 08, 2018 07:18PM

Gold jewelry range . . . . . .

Rich (Utah) 149 May 11, 2018 11:36PM

There is a lot of missed gold jewelry out there.

Monte 188 May 12, 2018 05:33AM

Re: Gold jewelry can span quite a range of conductivities.

NWCindy 188 April 08, 2018 08:49PM

Where to set that Discriminator ? ? ?

Rich (Utah) 193 April 10, 2018 07:27PM

Rich, we're only a third of the way thru April.

Monte 200 April 11, 2018 07:02AM

Jewelry and Stuff

Rich (Utah) 199 April 11, 2018 03:58PM

Quote: "... and just seems to find stuff. I like that. "

Monte 201 March 28, 2018 04:42AM

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