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Dan'o, here are a few thoughts and observations.

June 26, 2018 12:31PM avatar
I picked up a new to me Impact and having only the stock coil decided to try it in the yard.
1st.. Congratulations on getting a decent quality detector that can provide some very good in-the-field performance.

2nd.. Keep in mind that it takes time and patience, trial and error, to learn a new detector and it's adjustable features in order to get comfortable with it and understand it well. The Impact, like all other Nokta and Makro detector models, is really an easy-to-use general-purpose detector.

I can't seem to find a setting that is not chatty. DI3 is less chatty than some and VLX2 is a little less than that. I have decreesed the gain to just under 50 and it's chatty. I wouldn't be too bothered by this initial test exept that I can run my MXT Pro with the 950 coil at +1 or +2. The mineralization reading hase been in the 72 range and sometimes as low as 64.
Don't be I a big hurry to change around the search modes and settings until you feel you have mastered one search mode, then move on to learn the next. On the Impact, my most used mode is Di3 and here are the settings I saved:

'99'.. Gain
'03'.. Discrimination
'02'.. Ferrous Volume
'15'-'40'-'70'.. Audio Tone Levels
'15' and '62'.. Tone Break Settings
'01'.. iSAT

I very, very seldom experience any real 'chattery' behavior, but that might be due to the fact that I mostly hunt rural settings, such as ghost towns, old encampments, farm and ranch sites. The types of places that are well away from so many EMI challenges found in a more urban environment. I still didn't have that much of a problem in the cities and towns were I used the Impact, but those were really few in number. Urban environments can have a lot of contaminated air waves with nearby electrical challenges.

I have the 7" coil on its way and hope that will help.
The 7" Concentric coil might very well help reduce some of the EMI issues, and it will also help clean up some ferrous target numeric VDI responses as well. It's my #1 preferred coil to use on the Impact.

As a side note; it hits solid on all targets and is unmistakable amoungst the chatter from 4 to 90. The 90 was a half dollar As tested with the other coins, an 87 was a quarter at about 4", a 20 turned out to be a stainless steel knife, and a solid 60 was a melted ball (marble size) of what i believe to be alluminum and an 18 on a shallow rusty, round nail. I also tested my collection of coins and silver and gold items with the surprize being a solid 04 on the 14K gold pocket watch chain. A 1974 penny was a steady 72 even on an angle in the grass.
All of the Nokta and Makro detector models I own and use have provided me excellent Target ID in a wide-range of hunting environments. Naturally, any densely littered site will cause some good target masking, but unmasked targets generally report with a very consistent numeric VDI on targets within a reasonable and predictable range.

All the other targets tested were steady in the VDI reading except for the the V and war nickle which seemed to fluctuate after a few passes. The reading would climb into the 60s in two different locations.
The US 5¢ coins will still tend to be consistent, but they are more challenging than the rest of our common coin mintage. Remember, while they are ¾ Copper they are still ¼ Nickel, and that can be an ample amount of a magnetic mineral in the mix to mess up an otherwise favorable target response.

Also, ground mineral make-up, the amount of moisture present, the target's depth and other things can alter a desirable target's audio and visual response and probable identity.

I did not have traking on and believe I kept most the settings at the stock settings, gain being the main exception.
Automatic Tracking should only be used in the Threshold-based All Metal modes, and not in any motion-based Discriminate mode.

I went out and tested again this morning and it was a lot quieter.
If you made no changes, then it is obvious the chatty interference is associated with the outside conditions where you were located.

I still got a high tone, short 'beeb' regularly and could only get rid of that by lowering the gain into the lower 30s. I wonder if the 95+ temp was causing some of this.
The temperature is most likely NOT the cause of any regular 'beeping' you heard. If you get repeated short, high-tone 'beeps' it could be from some ferrous object(s) in the area, and that can be associated with the objects size, shape and make-up, it's depth, and the amount of Discrimination you are using as well as the search coil size and type. My first consideration to this issue would be the bigger-size, standard, 7X11 coil and that it is of a Double-D design.

I might also say that I have a fair amount of cast iron pipe pieces from roughly 4"-13" deep scattered throught the yard. Some of these are as much as 10" long and the pipe itself is 3" or 4" diameter.
With any search coil, especially a standard to larger-size coil of Double-D design, there is more of a likelihood that you can get some false high-tine beeps in such an area with iron pipe present as you describe.

Just work on finding the best mode settings that work for you, use a slow and methodical coil sweep, and maintain a consistent search coil height ±2 off the ground and that can help eliminate some problems and provide the best in-the-field performance.


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New to me Impact

Dan'o 542 June 25, 2018 08:25PM

Dan'o, here are a few thoughts and observations.

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Re: Dan'o, here are a few thoughts and observations.

Dan'o 372 June 26, 2018 02:55PM

"Search coil to ground ... come in ground."

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Re: New to me Impact

Dan'o 396 June 26, 2018 06:45AM

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