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Ryan, as you know I have several favorites from different brands that work for me.

September 07, 2018 12:54AM avatar
And to work for me, in the nasty iron debris sites I enjoy hunting, they have to be very capable detectors. Very few can match or come reasonably close to what a good Tesoro can give me. That is determi9ned by just barely rejecting the four iron nails on my Nail Board Performance Test then hitting 8 solid hits out of 8 possible on an Indian Head Cent or similar conductivity modern Zinc Cent.

My Tesoro Bandido II microMAX (µMAX) and Silver Sabre µMAX have Tesoro's ED-120 Disc. circuitry. At the minimum Discrimination setting, they reject iron nails. Using a smaller Concentric coil that I prefer, the round 6" Concentric, I get 8-out-of-8 hits. It takes 6-out-of-8 hits to 'Pass' my NBPT to hunt in densely nail infested sites, but 7-out-of-8 to make the cut for me as a Regular-Use Detector.

In the ghost town of Toano a couple of years ago you demonstrated to yourself how one model, the Tesoro Tejón you bought, 'Failed' to pass the NBPT using the silver Barber Dime you had found with a 6X10 Tesoro DD, their new 8X11 RSD DD coil and the NEL Sharpshooter DD coil. But low-and-behold, with the 'stock' 8X9 Concentric coil it easily 'Passed' the test!

Some detectors were / are designed with a Double-D search coil and they can perform quite well with it, while other makes and models kind of suffer with a DD because, by design, they worked better with a Concentric coil. When 2014 came to a close, my primary-use or general-purpose detectors included a White's MXT All-Pro, MX-5, modified Classic ID and IDX Pro and an XLT.

ALL of them worked best using a 5½" Concentric coil on the Classic ID, and a 6½" Concentric coil on all the others for general purpose work in trashier environments. In a sparse-target area where I could use a mid-size to larger coil, I only worked the newer 9" open-frame or 'spider' Concentric coil on the MXT All-Pro or MX-5 or an .8" or 950 Concentric coil on the Classic's or XLT.

I also had a Teknetics T2 'Classic' but used ONLY the round 5" DD in iron littered Relic Hunting sites, and I had a Tek. Omega 8000 Ver.4 that I used a 5" DD or 8" Concentric coil, but it was my lighter-weight Coin Hunting device as it couldn't 'Pass' the NBPT to qualify as a top pick for Relic Hunting heavy debris areas regardless of the search coil chosen.

I also had a few other detector models on-hand that I was evaluating to see if they might be a 'fit' in my Regular-Use Detector Team, such as a Minelab Explorer II, Fisher F19 and a couple more. I always like to own more than one device because I know fully well there is no such thing as a 'perfect' metal detector. I primarily Relic Hunt so I use some very challenging test scenarios as well as work detectors and coils side-by-side in several challenging sites to see what might make the cut, and I also have some Coin Hunting models I really like. Some of those can also hold-the-own for Relic Hunting duty.

The last several days of December of 2014 I was reading about and intrigued with what I saw form the newer manufacturer, Nokta Detection Technologies, based in Turkey and thought about giving their FORS CoRe (for Coin and Relic) a try. While at my computer close to midnight on January 2nd, Pacific Time when I lived in Arlington, Oregon, I had an incoming e-mail from someone named Dilek Gonulay at Nokta. She said they had been referred to contact me to see if I would be interested in evaluating their new Nokta FORS CoRe. I was shocked! eye popping smiley

Naturally my immediate reply was YES, and I asked if I could get the smeller search coil for it as I prefer to use smaller coils since I hunted sites with a crazy amount of discarded trash. She immediately responded with "No problem" and got my address. On January 8th the UPS driver delivered some packages to me and I sat in my den and opened them, assembled the device, and mounted the smeller search coil.

That coil is listed as measuring 4.7 inches by 5.2 inches so it wasn't a true 5" diameter coil, and not a typical pointed-end elliptical design, either. Like Tesoro's 8X9 Concentric I used the same description for it as it is just a slightly 'Out-Of-Round' design. Therefore I used the term 'OOR' to describe the CoRe's smaller-size search coil, and in typical internet fashion my label of 'OOR' caught on with many.

I had several coins on my desk and I got my jug of test sample targets out of my Seminar Tote and began doing some quick comparisons with the now in-hand Nokta FORS CoRe and all my other models as mentioned above. I conducted my initial tests as I usually do, without reading any of the User Manual and just running it cold turkey (pun winking smiley ) against my already proven performers. I then used my NBPT and took the units outside for comparison on two levels of very mineralized ground.

Was it an impressive model? Could the FORS CoRe make the cut for me and my needs? Well, the easy answer is that within 24 hours after I started evaluating the CoRe, I ranked it as my #1 All-Purpose detector. My other devices, except for my Tesoro's and White's Classic's and XLT, were ALL up for sale! To this day I have bought and sold several other detectors and have my current on-hand 'Detector Team' outfitted with four favorite, versatile units from Nokta / Makro Detection Technologies (their new combined-brand name) and the top of the list of most versatile in dense iron is one of my FORS CoRe devices that always keeps the 'OOR' DD coil attached.

I do have three favorite White's detectors, one Teknetics and two Tesoro's on my Regular-Use Detector Team, but my four Nok/Mak detectors have a very solid place in my arsenal and provide me with very impressive performance. They are going nowhere!

Ok, this time I'm getting a year old Nokta Fors CoRe from a partial trade deal.
Congratulations on making a terrific detector pick!

After watching Gregg and Rich having so much fun with their machines last weekend, I decided I needed one.
I've been suggesting to anyone for over 3½ years now that they ought to consider the FORS CoRe, and the FORS Relic as well, or some serious detector performance. And you mentioned one thing that Gregg and Rich got to have last weekend, and that was 'FUN' for hunting the sites we pick on and using a FORS CoRe. They not only work, but make it 'FUN' to work such terribly-littered old places.

If it all works out I'll need a small coil for it. Any suggestions?
YES, the Nokta 5" DD 'OOR' coil.

Should I just get the 5" dd "OOR"?

Anyone have one for sale?
YES, I do. It is a brand new 'OOR' coil that is in my Accessory Coil Tote.

Are there any other coils I should look at?
YES, for a mid-sized coil I would suggest the 5X9½ open-frame DD, which is the preferred search coil I keep mounted full-time on my 2nd FORS CoRe. thumbs up

I'm planning this to be my Heavy, Heavy, iron machine.
For dense iron contaminated sites, the absolute best coil for the CoRe is the 'OOR' DD.

Does nel make a snake coil for the fors core?
They might, but I sure don't care because I have tried one and preferred the CoRe-with-'OOR' as a must-have detector/coil; team.

Are the coils interchangeable with any other Nokta/Makro machines?
The 15 kHz FORS CoRe shared search coifs with the 15 kHz FORS Gold model.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Use a proven coil and detector combination, and follow some of the best advice I can give anyone working those iron debris locations we enjoy hunting, and that is to 'use a slow and methodical sweep speed' in order to best cover a site, and remember to overlap. Don't be in a rush as prober technique will help use find those hidden keepers we are after in a nasty good-target masking condition.

That's about all I can say. Lengthy, I know, but Gregg can testify how well the CoRe and 'OOR' can do in a very challenging test using my much dinkier-size 1836 Capped Bust Half-Dime on the NB. That was a real challenge and it took a NEL Snake on a Racer 2 to out-perform the 'OOR' or round 5" Racer 2 coils. But the best of them all with a detector company's coil was the 8-out-of-8 CoRe with 'OOR' on that side-by-side comparison we did with several makes and models and coils.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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I've drank the Nokta koolaid, now I need some sugar

GISGUY 555 September 06, 2018 09:22AM

Ryan, as you know I have several favorites from different brands that work for me.

Monte 435 September 07, 2018 12:54AM

Thanks Monte!

GISGUY 335 September 07, 2018 02:44PM

Ryan, I prefer 'simplicity' to 'complexity' so here are my FORS CoRe settings.

Monte 375 September 10, 2018 11:25AM

Re: Thanks Monte!

OregonGregg 327 September 08, 2018 05:18PM

I've drank the Nokta koolaid, now I need some sugar

UtahRich 428 September 06, 2018 09:57PM

Re: I've drank the Nokta koolaid, now I need some sugar

GISGUY 335 September 07, 2018 02:46PM

Snazzy Yellow Paint Job -

UtahRich 375 September 07, 2018 07:53PM

Re: Snazzy Yellow Paint Job - Attachments

OregonGregg 420 September 08, 2018 05:07PM

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