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A n f i b i o ... 2 ways to go for power supply..

October 04, 2018 07:57AM avatar
Reading and watching some now available test videos I see that the Amfibio has a sealed lithium battery.
The waterproof Makro Kruzer 'series' (Kruzer, Multi-Kruzer and Gold Kruzer) and the new Nokta-Makro Anfibio 'series' (Anfibio Multi, Anfibio 14 and Anfibio 19) are all powered by a built-in LiPo battery. In my 'testing' of the Multi-Kruzer and work afield with both Kruzer and Anfibio models, I have used the built-in battery for general evaluation and to check on battery life for these rechargeable batteries. I have never been a big fan of "rechargeables" going back to the days of NiCad's and have always preferred to use alkaline batteries.

I got longer run-time than other rechargeables and could buy them very affordably. While I still prefer alkaline batteries the models in these two series are powered with built-in Lithium batteries and time has shown that, generally, they can have a longer run-time and life span than other rechargeable types such as NiCad or NiMH.

If the battery eventually fails to hold a charge can it be easily replaced or does it need to be sent to the manufacturer?
Good question and it's probably been answered elsewhere on some other forum, but I'll find out the answer to that and post it here when I get the answer. Personally I don't think about it much because:

1.. I think the LiPo battery will last a very reasonable amount of time, and

2.. My personal decision was to rely on the Lithium battery as 'back-up' power and use AA alkaline batteries as my primary power supply.

I like my AA and 9 volts that can easily be carried as backups and quickly replaced. From what Ive seen and read I am really intrigued by the detector and feel it would be a great addition to what I currently own, I just have reservations about its power supply.
I don't have any reservation about the Lithium batteries, but like you I prefer alkaline batteries because they usually provide a longer run-time and can be easily changed when they run out of steam.

Both the Kruzer and Anfibio series share the same accessory ¼" adapter for use of corded headphones, as well as a unique, waterproof AA battery housing that easily attaches under the arm cup and makes it very simple to operate on AA alkaline battery power and quickly change batteries when needed. I ordered and paid for my own ¼" adapter, AA battery holder, and 7" Concentric coil from metaldetector.com when I got my test sample Anfibio 19 because I learned the value of that personal upgrade.

When I want to use corded headphones rather than wireless I can, and for all my day-to-day detecting with the Anfibio I am operating on AA alkalines batteries. My get-around abilities haven't been too great this twenty-five to thirty years when I used to hunt all day long and hoof-it through woods or off in sage and brush-covered desert sites and end up quite a ways from my vehicle. I used to tote an extra bag on my gear belt with some water, grub and extra batteries.

Today I can't handle much extra weight on my belt, I never enjoy long sessions with a heavy detector/coil set-up due to the dense debris I hunt in, and I no longer search long distances from my vehicle. Over a quarter-century getting around with a cane wears me out and makes even shorter trips back to my rig a very tiresome journey.

The new stock 11" round DD coil on the Anfibio's works great, by the way, and for open area/sparse-target searches it is a pleasure to use, but I most often hunt in trashier locations. That's why I ordered the already proven 7" Concentric coil Nokta-Makro offers, and I say 'proven' from nthe experiences of many avid users here on our Ahrps Forums as well as my personal experiences with that coil. The 7" Concentric is, to me, the best general-purpose coil I used on the Impact, racer 2, Multi-Kruzer and now the Anfibio which is why I bought it.

Batteries can run down unexpectedly, as we all know, and it's good to be prepared if that happens on a day when you're a good stretch from your vehicle. If that happens to me when hunting with an Anfibio, I simply disconnect the cord from the AA battery pack from the system box and continue on with a fully charged built-in Lithium battery. thumbs up

And yes, I checked that concept out using the Multi-Kruzer and the Anfibio 19 by fully-charging the LiPo battery then using just the AA batteries until they ran out. I wasn't timing them but it seemed like ± 40 hours of operating time, and then I changed to fresh alkaline batteries and ran-down another set of decent alkaline batteries. That gave the fully charged LiPo time to run down like I have seen NiCad batteries do when they sit around unused for a while. When two sets of alkaline batteries got used up I went to the built-in Lithium's and it showed them to be fully-charged and I continued to hunt

I didn't but should have then clocked their run-time as well, but I was impressed that the devices continued to operate just fine for quite a while on the rechargeable battery. I did a lot of detecting for several days with the built-in battery power, which is what I consider to be my built-in EBUB's, or Emergency Back-Up Battery system. winking smiley The Lithium battery is easily charged without having to remove it from the device, and the built-in battery is there when you want it and there when you need it. A nice design.

And while at home or if travelling on some detecting trip .. (like a Welcome-to-Hunt Outing .. hint - hint) ... and staying in a motel, an RV or camp trailer, the Anfibio series are really nice because they collapse down quickly to a compact size so they are not as in-the-way in a smaller confined area if you need to take the detector in to charge.

Just my thoughts on the Nokta-Makro detector design and decision to Lithium power their sealed water-proof detector models.


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Amfibio Sealed Lithium Battery Question

Timbertodd 99 October 03, 2018 05:14PM

A n f i b i o ... 2 ways to go for power supply..

Monte 98 October 04, 2018 07:57AM

Re: A n f i b i o ... 2 ways to go for power supply..

Timbertodd 74 October 04, 2018 09:06AM

An Anfibio review will be coming soon.

Monte 74 October 04, 2018 02:51PM

Re: An Anfibio review will be coming soon.

Timbertodd 76 October 04, 2018 04:24PM

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