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Yes, it's an old thread and yes, the MX-5 is good.

July 16, 2020 07:06AM avatar
That being said, let me add this. A lot of Forum followers are primarily Coin Hunters and while I am sure a lot of folks will encounter some occasional iron, typically nails, for 37 years now 85% of my detecting time has been spent in highly challenging, dense iron infested old sites. Randy knows because he came on one of the WTHO outings a couple years ago to ghost towns out of Wells Nevada. And if you have never been in a really ugly iron challenged site, come visit some of these townsites. Parts of them aren't too bad, but when you get into the very dense iron and your discrimination is low enough so you hear it, you can be shocked.

When the MX-5 came out I used it as one of my main use detectors, mainly for urban Coin Hunting but a in some of the Relic Hunting sites as well using the 6½" Concentric coil and it worked pretty well. I also rejected just the first two Disc. segments and used 2-Tone. I like to hear the presence of iron nails and more conductive iron so that I can concentrate my work around the iron to try and unmask good targets.

Plus, where I live and hunt here in Oregon and nearby western states, I find myself in very mineralized ground and, as I mentioned, I deal with a lot of iron debris. I have noticed, on occasion, when the lack of a track lock did allow the MX-5 to off–Track in some situations leaving me with an errant Ground Balance.

For that reason, the MX-7 appealed to me because it has the lock-trac feature which leaves me in control of the Ground Balance function. There are other things that I prefer about and MX-7 over the MX-5 so I liked it better. In my Detector Outfit I have models that are superior performers in dense iron than either of these two units. My use for either is mainly urban Coin Hunting and occasional use in modestly littered ghost towns with the 6½" coil.

Back when I was a White's dealer I liked the MX-5 so much I gave one to my youngest son, who will turn 39 in September. I checked it out for him just a month or so ago to make sure everything is still working fine, and it is. And it's a good detector.

If I were to compare the two on something like my Nail Board Performance Test, I feel the MX-5 has a slight edge in performance. That's with both working in 2-Tone with comparable discrimination settings and with both using their 6½" coil. In that iron test which involves four iron nails, they both can work very close to each other in performance, but they still don't match the performance and audio response I get from one of my Tesoro models, or my Nokta CoRe or Relic.

It's really a case of personal decision. If someone had an MX-5 and was satisfied with its performance, I told them that I could see no real reason or need to upgrade, so to speak, to an MX-7. The primary change or Improvement that most folks might appreciate is really the relocation of the headphone jack from the side of the housing to the rear of the battery box under the arm cup.

As for a detector operating in an auto-track or tracking function, some models may have some designed-in control or limitations on how far off a proper Ground Balance setting they might track before readjusting. And depending upon the search coil size, the amount of mineralization, and the density of the iron debris, some people might not be bothered by, or even perceive, problems from an errant GB setting. Or problems from the Ground Balance trying to make little shifts and adjustments during a search which can cause some noisy behavior and false signals.

On other occasions, some detectorists might notice such a problem caused experience. An example would be OregonGregg who used his favorite Relic Hunting detector, a FORS CoRe, this past week and was a bit annoyed by errant behavior. Some difficulty reading good targets in the heavy trash and some noisy behavior at other times which that detector seldom does.

It seldom does because he leaves auto track turned off. However, his control unit is in an after-market protective environmental cover that does not let him see the rocker switch and somehow the Ground Balance switch had been turned on, thus he was always in auto-track during his searching.

In this example, he was searching iron infested sites that he is very familiar with because he's hunted them over the last seven years. He does not Coin Hunt urban locations, preferring to Relic Hunt old sites exclusively. He's also used to using that detector for the last 5+ years and never using auto-track. So his experience this past week was that he could tell audibly by both some noisy behavior and some impaired behavior trying to isolate a good target in dense iron debris because, for the first time in 5 years, that same detector was now Auto-Tracking. The performance behavior was notably different from what he was used to.

If a person is using a model, such as an MX-5, that does not have a trac-lock function and is continually Auto Tracking, then they are used to how that detector behaves because it's always operating the same way and they would not know the difference, or would not hear the difference, between selecting auto-track or tracking off because that detector does not provide those options.

Matter of fact, it was just the weekend before the 4th I was talking with someone about White's Electronics going out of business and those two particular models. In his case, since he has been pricing some used specimens, and that he's mainly just going to be using it on an occasional basis for casual Coin Hunting I told him to take his pick, that the MX-5 would do all he needs, and that in either case get the 6½" coil.

And Randy, for either you or I, we should just grab whatever detector we enjoy using the most. For me, I no longer have either of them in my outfit, although I do kind of miss the MX-7. Most of my urban Coin Hunting work is handled with a Vanquish 540 with 5X8 DD, a Tesoro with 6" Concentric, or a Simplex + which right now has an 11"h Double D but will soon have one of their smaller, midsize coils. And I cannot forget also using my XLT with 6½" Concentric coil.


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The MX-5 and MX-7 as I look back.

Monte 309 July 15, 2020 08:07AM

As I look back...This thread is almost 2 years old and besides that I never missed :Track Lock: on my MX5White's Electronics

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Yes, it's an old thread and yes, the MX-5 is good.

Monte 285 July 16, 2020 07:06AM

I own both and the jury is still out on which is bestWhite's Electronics

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