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Hombre said: *** White's dropped the ball ... *** and I couldn't agree more.

November 08, 2018 07:02AM avatar
White's dropped the ball when they did not promote the IDX Pro as much as the more expensive XLT and DFX. Actually the XLT and IDX Pro would be a dynamite duo as they share the same coils.
I agree, and Alan Holcome who was a marketing guy and then CEO at White's before he was gone agreed with me. We discussed the Classic series on a few visits I had at White's after they dropped them and introduced the Prizm series. A lot of those decisions came from further up the line. They pushed the XLT, DFX, 6000 Pro XL / XL Pro, MXT and just didn't direct attention to the Classic SL series.

And the IDX Pro, like you mentioned, was the top of the three models they could have concentrated on. My two favorites in the series were the Classic ID and the more functional IDX Pro, but they were targeting the Tesoro line of performance and White's could have also included the Classic III SL. All they did was take that model and add the Classic ID display to it and end up with what became the IDX Pro.

This model is a true 'sleeper' when equipped with the 6½" concentric coil. Just as great as my more modern MX5 and MX7 but just a bit better in an urban environment with high tension electric service running overhead. It is just a well behaved high performance machine that remains calm when under high tension lines and even transformers! It can be run at full sensitivity in most places and it will tell you with it's great audio that it needs to be dialed in some by reducing Sensitivity a little at a time until it calms down. Most of the time it is running at full Sensitivity and is quite deep when set up this way.
Quite true, the refined Classic SL line could almost always work well at full Sensitivity and usually handled EMI quite well.

I still grab my modified Classic ID when my MX-7 gets too chattery in some noisy urban settings, plus the Classic series handle nails and other iron debris very well.

The Mr. Bills mods really make this model into a great performing machine.I bought mine in 2007 brand new and had the mods done, really like this one because it hunts in the iron trash so well.
Bill and I talked and e-mailed a lot about the XLT and the Classic series, and I was the first person to benefit from a 'Mr. Bill' modified Classic. We couldn't figure out why White's didn't pay more attention to the Classic series and address this enhancement at the factory.

I live in a more mineralized environment, and most of my detecting travels out here in Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and several other states take me into even more challenging ground environment where having manual Ground Balance control was, and is, quite valuable. Since I have always tried to maintain at least two or three all-time favorite Tesoro's in my personal arsenal and they are non-display types, I didn't have a problem taking to the Classic III Pus and the redesigned Classic III SL because it provided a lot of adjustment performance ... especially after 'Mr. Bill' got one all modified up for me. It was as handy and smooth running as a Bandido II µMAX, but with the equivalent of the ED-180 Discrimination adjustment range of the Eldorado, just quieter or smoother sounding.

As you mentioned, the 6½" Concentric coil was by far, and still is, the best general purpose search coil on the Classic series, or most White's models, and that's what I kept mounted on my modified Classic III SL, and then on my modified Classic ID after that model was introduced and got the 'Mr. Bill' after-market 'fix.' Once I got the modified Classic ID w/6½" Concentric in my Outfit, I took the 4½' Blue Max 350 coil out of my accessory coils and mounted it on my modified Classic III SL. That was reserved for the really nasty dense iron trash environments when visual TID is just about useless anyway.

When the Classic IDX came out, then got a name change in 2001 to the IDX Pro, I also had that modified and in my arsenal and would now-and-then let one of the three modified Classic's go in a trade, but tried to hang onto at least one modified Classic ID or IDX Pro w/6½" Concentric coil. I managed to do that until later last year when I had a couldn't-resist an offer from a guy who wanted my modified Classic ID that had a 5½" Concentric Ferret after-market coil mounted. His price was decent and my health wasn't/isn't and he talked me out of it.

For the hunting I do these days and my limited mobility I still rely on my non-display Tesoro favorites to take care of most of my simple tasks and managed to get by with all the other terrific detectors I have or have since acquired in my current Detector Outfit ... but I did miss having one decent modified Classic SL model in that group of models and really missed my modified Classic ID and that dinky Ferret 5½" coil.

You helped me satisfy my wants and desired this past May on our Welcome-to-Hunt Outing in may down in Nevada. You brought a few detectors with you (always a good idea!) and one of those was a nice condition modified Classic ID that had a 5½" Ferret Concentric coil attached. I really wanted it as I missed the one I errantly sold.

I knew you had an outfitted IDX Pro so I made you a decent trade offer that worked out for both of us. I now have a choice condition Classic ID and 5½" Ferret coil, all modified and ready-to-go, and you got the brand new-in-the-box MX-7. With the XLT and MX-7 and now a modified Classic ID in my Outfit to represent the White's product line, I am well pleased. Two excellent older and discontinued detectors, and what I consider to be just about the best they are offering in their current detector line-up.

Having a Threshold and Ground Balance adjustments is something White's should have done in the first place and just left the Prizm line in the trash bin. Just my thoughts on a deserving of praise metal detector.
Thoughts I have stated my self many-a-time ever since they ignored the Classic line and brought out the plastic Prism series.

It gets hard to imagine why some manufacturers don't think things through or really learn from suggestions and direct more marketing efforts and design attention to their entire product line. Not only White's but many detector makers through the years overlook some of their own products at times. There was an engineer or two there at White's I heard from back then who thought about moving ahead with the Classic line and adding a manual Ground Balance, but that idea wasn't well received from the higher-end final decision maker.

Quite a shame. They were losers for not enhancing a worthy model they already had that worked great, but the biggest losers were the end consumers, all of us who use these devices afield far more than most of the folks that put them together, and it would be good to encourage anyone who has a modified Classic ID or IDX Pro to take it out and use it. Get to know it well and appreciate how it can be a very good regular-use unit you your detector arsenal. Don't ignore them just because you are using a newer, more modern design with some niftier features.

White's has abandoned the 6.59 kHz models, too, and relies on the Prisms that morphed to Coinmasters that have moved to the two Treasure Master & Pro offerings at 8.1 kHz frequency, and none of them provide the quick-response and fast-recovery of a good Classic ID or IDX Pro. The physical packaging of the newer models are fine, but it would be great if they would use the smaller-size modern housing and reengineer the Classic circuitry, even using the lower 6.59 kHz operating frequency, in their analog circuitry with matching performance to the ID/IDX Pro ... and of course include a variable Threshold adjustment as well as manual Ground Balance.

If they were to repackage and enhance what they gave us before I know I'd be near the front of that line to get one.


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Welcome back Darrenthumbs up

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Mr. Bill no longer does this modification.

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Re: Mr. Bill no longer does this modification.

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Hombre said: *** White's dropped the ball ... *** and I couldn't agree more.

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Re: Hombre said: *** White's dropped the ball ... *** and I couldn't agree more.

jmaryt 379 November 08, 2018 07:41PM

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