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Ground Balance procedures for a Classic III SL, Classic ID or IDX Pro.

November 14, 2018 07:24AM avatar
I have forgotten the exact way to ground balance my modified classic. Could someone walk me through it, copy and past, or post a link please? Starting point of GB knob and others would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
Jamie, it really doesn't matter where the GB control is set when you start, but it can speed things up a little by being 'close' so, if you have a 'Mr. Bill' type modified Classic with a 1-turn GB control. I suggest you set it about about a 2 o'clock position.

Remember that if you change search coils you should always double-check and re-adjust the GB as needed for the search coil in use.

Also note that if most of the ground in your area has a fairly consistent mineralization level, I have found that I can adjust the GB for a very slightly positive setting for the worst ground mineral present, then I don't fuss with the GB control most of the time. I only readjust the Ground Balance setting when necessary, such as if:

• I change search coils.

• I have moved to a significantly different ground mineral environment.

• The GB control has been errantly bumped/moved out of position.

• The Frequency Shift control (on a Classic III SL or IDX Pro) has been moved from the default ▼ preset marker to eliminate EMI from a nearby offending detector because that shifts the GB.

That way I can travel about with a modified Classic SL series model and have a 'workable' GB for most any site, if I simply leave the control alone once it has been adjusted very slightly positive over the worst ground in my area where I usually go detecting.

The key here is to make sure a Classic series model has a slightly positive GB in the All Metal or Pinpoint function when the search coil is lowered from about 6" to about 1" from the ground. The Threshold audio should increase just slightly as the coil is lowered and nears the ground in that last 2+" down to ±1" height.

Double-checking for a functional GB in the Discriminate mode is important, too, because of the Classic series GB design between the All Metal mode and Disc. mode GB references. Some makes and models, such as most Tesoro devices, have a very significant positive off-set GB reference for the Discriminate mode. Thus, a Tesoro with a 'spot-on' GB in All Metal will be significantly positive in the Disc. mode. For the Discriminate mode to have a peak-performance GB setting on most Tesoro's, the All Metal mode GB will usually be slightly negative.

But with the White's Classic series circuitry design, relationship between the All Metal and Disc. mode reference to the GB setting is just opposite. To have a functional GB setting in the Disc. mode, the All Metal Ground Balance needs to be set just slightly positive. If the All Metal mode GB is ''spot-on' the Disc. mode's GB will usually be slightly negative and that can cause falsing in the Discriminate mode.

Therefore, to double-check the Disc. mode's function, I always adjust the Discriminate level setting on a Classic ID to the minimum position, and on a Classic III SL or IDX Pro I toggle to 'Black Sand' (which is only a lower-end adjustment for Discrimination to accept both ferrous and non-ferrous targets) and adjust the Disc. to the minimum setting.

Once I adjust the GB in the All Metal or Pinpoint function to be very slightly positive, I release the trigger toggle to return to the Disc. mode at which time I bob the search coil toward and away from the ground going from 6"-8" down to 1". If I get a false 'beep' on the uplift away from the ground, then the GB setting is still slightly negative and I simply make a very gentle increase just until I have eliminated the false response on the uplift of the coil.

Once the GB procedure is complete, adjust the Discriminate level to your desired setting and begin hunting. As Hombre mentioned, I always set my Disc. level to just barely reject a commonly found iron nail. Models will vary but that is usually about the 9 o'clock to 10 o'clock position of the Disc. control. I do sometimes search with a lower Disc. setting, even to accept all metal targets in some applications, but I never increase my Disc. level higher than iron nail rejection.

How to Ground Balance:

Find a clean, metal-free patch of ground in your general search area (where you live or usually travel to hunt) that is some of the more mineralized ground you are likely to commonly encounter.

Set the Discriminate level to the lowest setting as I described above.

Make sure the Frequency Shift control is at the ▼ preset setting, and leave it there unless absolutely needed.

Over the metal free patch of ground and above settings made, hold the search coil about 6" above the ground.

Turn the unit 'On' and adjust the Sensitivity to the ▼ mark or to maximum if it is still stabile.

Select the All Metal mode, or pull the trigger and hold it in the All Metal Pinpoint function while adjusting the GB.

Adjust the Threshold Tuner control for a comfortable, slight audio hum.

Lower the search coil from that 6" height to about 1" and listen for a change in the Threshold audio. If it increases during the approach towards the ground, it is a Positive GB, and if the audio diminishes or completely nulls out and goes silent, the GB is set too negative.

DO NOT CHANGE ANY SETTING EXCEPT THE GROUND BALANCE. Raise the search coil back to the 6" height, and retune with the trigger toggle if needed to make sure you are retuned back to a proper Threshold audio. Use ONLY the variable Ground Balance control with very careful, slight adjustments, then lower the coil back toward the ground from the 6" level.

Continue to make the slight GB control adjustments until you have a Threshold audio that will produce a very slightly positive audio increase as the coil is lowered close to about the 2" down to 1" level and you are good to go.

Release the trigger toggle to return to the silent-search Discriminate mode and bob the search coil down-and-up from 6" to 1". It should remain silent on both the down-stroke and up-lift of the coil. As mentioned above, if you get a false beep on the uplift away from the ground, the GB setting is still slightly negative so you will make a very gentle adjustment with the GB control to get a slightly positive increase and eliminate the falsing.

Everything is set except readjusting the Discriminate level to where you want it and then start hunting.

If I lost you in this confused smiley, just shoot me an e-mail or give me a phone call.


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Ground balance procedure

Jamie 427 November 13, 2018 07:21AM

Ground Balance procedures for a Classic III SL, Classic ID or IDX Pro.

Monte 544 November 14, 2018 07:24AM

Monte does it again, his post is a great read & worth at least two cups of good cofeeWhite's Electronics

Hombre 262 November 14, 2018 11:45AM

Your modified Classic lll SL is Ground Balanced just like my modified IDX Pro White's Electronics

Hombre 276 November 13, 2018 02:21PM

Re: Your modified Classic lll SL is Ground Balanced just like my modified IDX Pro White's Electronics

Jamie 285 November 13, 2018 03:00PM

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