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The 'differences' between an Old vs New White's XLT?

November 16, 2018 11:38PM avatar
The biggest 'difference' is going to be the user. Their program selections and settings, their search coil choice, and how they work the XLT for their chosen search areas. I have seen so many XLTs, early production to some of the last off the line, that should perform well, however, they didn't. The main reason was the detector operator didn't really understand the different adjustment features, had settings way out-of-whack to result in terrible performance, used the wrong size coil for the site, and their sweep speed and lack of overlapping left a lot to be desired.

But as we would expect, they were not doing well at finding stuff so "it was the detector's fault" ... at least in their mind.

Rich (Utah)

I think I mentioned a friend of mine I see now and again sports a Whites' XLT e series and does very well with it on the gold jewelry.
That doesn't surprise me, if he's using a good, lower Disc. level and knows his XLT and uses it right in favorable locations. Since mid-'83 the bulk of all my gold rings, pendants, chains, etc., have come my way with a Tesoro in-hand, but that's what I was using the most in jewelry-productive areas. Right in the 80% to 90% range of all my gold and silver jewelry. But the rest of it was found with other makes and models, and most of the rest was when I was working an XLT since '94 when I got my first of many.

Even tiny 14K gold kids rings with nice gem stones that read between -14 and +6 on the XLT but sounded very dig-worthy.

Rich (Utah)
I know that you're a fan of the Whites' XLT and have had more that 1 or 2 over the years. grinning smiley
Big fan since I started with an XLT in '94 to enhance my detector outfit, but I'd sell or trade them to try something different, but miss the XLT and re-acquire one for a while. I finally decided to quit parting with them and got XLT #30 last January and this one stays. Works great and is my most-used White's model.

Rich (Utah)
How does the newer XLT - E series differ from the older models, like the Spectrum XLT?

Rich (Utah)
There were two versions of the XLT circuitry. The original Version 1.0, and that was a rather short production. They made a few changes and updated to version 1.1 and that was it. Only two circuitry versions. Those were the primary circuitry differences, but there were little differences along the way. For example, the last few years of their production some of the backlight components were no longer available so those models had a more limited range of Brightness adjustment and didn't get quite as bright as the original and earlier units.

The main differences were mainly cosmetic. Getting away from the 'rainbow' version to the more attractive decal of the e-series was one. And going from the original thin-profile and unrepairable 950 designed coil to the newer, thicker, and (to me) uglier-looking 'fatty' 950 coil.

They all had similar adjustment features so you could use a Ver. 1.0 or Ver. 1.1 and adjust the settings to match each other and they would virtually work the same. I just took a break at 11 PM to load up my XLT, Omega 8K, Bandido II µMAX, CoRe and Relic so I'll be ready to pull out just before daybreak and head to 'Rippville' and hope to find it weed-free. My XLT w/6½" Concentric has rewarded me with silver Roosevelt, Mercury and Barber dimes back to 1892 this year, a really nice Trade Token and other stuff.

If weeds have vanished that were dense in June and July, I think my XLT is going to be the first device I put to work out there. But some rain showers arrived right after sunset and it was drippy until a little after 10 PM, so if I think it might be too wet/muddy out there I'll just hang around town and let the XLT works its magic close to home. smiling smiley


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The Whites' XLT - Old vs New

UtahRich 362 November 16, 2018 10:10PM

The 'differences' between an Old vs New White's XLT?

Monte 290 November 16, 2018 11:38PM

Re: The 'differences' between an Old vs New White's XLT?

UtahRich 247 November 17, 2018 11:55AM

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