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It's an early Coinmaster Classic III or III Plus.

December 12, 2018 11:13PM avatar

The control display looks like it is the early Coinmaster Classic III Plus. It might be the Classic III before the 'Plus' version.

Coinmaster Classic III Plus Owner Manual

You didn't mention a Frequency Adjust control on the front side of the control housing. Is there one there?

Did you buy a complete model with rod and search coil, and if so, what size search coil is it? The first Coinmaster Classic models all used the earlier style 8" coil, and the Coinmaster Classic I was hard-wired. But the Coinmaster Classic III 'Plus' had some front-end changes in the circuitry and came with, and was designed to use, the newer 950 Concentric coil as well as the accessory 6½" Concentric 600 Blue Max coil.

I do know two things for absolute certain:

You would never buy a detector from me that was so scratched up and mud caked.

You will never see a detector in my personal detector arsenal in such a mistreated condition.

I hope the device works properly and hope you didn't pay too much for a much older specimen. These were based on the original circuitry design by Wm. 'Bill' Lahr when White's needed a good slow-motion / quick-response detector to compete with the Tesoro products which had a commanding hold on that market in the industry back then.

The first of this type I used was a Coinmaster Classic II that someone brought to a southern Utah ghost town outing on Memorial Day Weekend in '94. I was on that outing while on my way to give a week-long class on Recreational Metal Detecting at Yavapai College in Prescott Arizona and this was the first of White's 'original' Classic units I had a chance to check out in an iron littered ghost town. After I returned home to Oregon I visited a White's Dealer friend and check the series out.

I bought a Classic III Plus because I preferred the ability to swap coils with my XLT and another model, and made use of the Coinmaster Classic III Plus for typical urban places with a lot of metal structures or trash using only the 6½" Concentric coil. I generally liked the model except for the packaging and balance or feel with the control housing positioned ahead of the hand grip. I also didn't care for the three 9V battery system used and need to swap batteries around due to the lone battery that powered the audio.

At the time, I preferred the balance and feel of the Tesoro models I owned and in time I parted with the CC 3+. However, I never gave up on the excellent circuitry design Bill Lahr came up with and the performance afield. Just the physical packaging, balance and battery system.

When White's changed up the packaging and dropped the over-use of the word 'Coinmaster' which they'd used for decades, I immediately took to the new design and got the Classic III SL. No battery test light, but the other control features were there, laid out much better, and, using the XLT's 'Slim-Line' control box, the new Classic 'SL' series worked with the 8-AA alkaline battery tray that slides in. A nicer-looking, better battery system model that balanced much better.thumbs up

If you get interested in the better Classic series and want to own a few models, I would encourage you to look at these:

Classic III SL, providing the full-range Discrimination and performance (Determined by the use of the Normal / Black Sand toggle) without a Target ID display.

Classic ID with an expanded Discrimination range to adjust a bit below the Iron Nail accept / reject point.

IDX Pro, which was the last renamed version of the Classic IDX which is simply a Classic III SL with the added Classic ID's TID display system.

The Classic III SL and IDX Pro came standard with the 950 coil whereas the Classic ID had the 8" coil standard. The Classic ID was based on the Classic II's circuitry but with front-end electronics change so that it also uses the 'Blue Max' series of coils like the III SL, IDX Pro, and the other models in their line back then like the XLT, XL Pro, etc.

The Classic I SL and Classic II SL used the older-style search coil technology and didn't work well with the Blue Max series search coils.

If you have the Coinmaster Classic III Plus with the Frequency Adjust control, I suggest you set it at the ▼ 'Preset' mark and leave it alone. The intent of that control was to be able to shift the frequency slightly to deal with interference from a nearby detectors on the same or close frequency. However, shifting the Frequency Adjust control will result in a change in the Ground Balance, and on the Classic series the GB is internally preset.

If shifted, it can often result in a too negative GB setting and that can cause falsing when the coil is worked near the ground mineral and site conditions. Another similar issue with that result is changing search coils as the new coil in use isn't properly set for that unit's internal GB setting. This again can cause falsing and other impaired performance.

The best way to have full operator control over a good Classic SL model is to also have a good modification that provides an external Threshold and 1-turn Manual Ground Balance control. That way with any search coil change the operator can properly adjust the GB for peak performance. Also, on the Classic III SL and IDX Pro, the Frequency Shift can still be left in the ▼ position as set-up and adjusted for search, but if it needs to be adjusted to shift the frequency to counter interference, the operator can quick adjust the Ground Balance for maximum performance and to eliminate falsing.

I have a terrific group of detectors in my outfit, and made sure I put a modified Classic ID back in the herd because I know what they can do and it holds its own against a lot of the more expensive competition out there. It's the only unit in my entire Detector Outfit that uses an after-market search coil (a 5½" Concentric) and works well for many Coin Hunting as well as Relic Hunting needs.

Just some thoughts. If you have any questions about your detector, just ask away as I or someone on here can be of help.


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Which model Classic is this? Attachments

Jamie 403 December 12, 2018 04:21PM

It's an early Coinmaster Classic III or III Plus.

Monte 338 December 12, 2018 11:13PM

Re: It's an early Coinmaster Classic III or III Plus. Attachments

Jamie 252 December 12, 2018 11:42PM

The photo and your reply clarify it all.

Monte 294 December 13, 2018 05:09AM

Re: The photo and your reply clarify it all.

Jamie 272 December 13, 2018 05:37PM

Re: The photo and your reply clarify it all.

RickUK 287 December 14, 2018 03:59AM

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