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Very Nice XLT - Current list of detectors . . AC / DC sensitivity

December 20, 2018 07:55PM avatar
I saw your Signature yesterday had an XLT in it and that got me wondering. I was going to e-mail but you've now satisfied that question plus one other. The other was that you didn't mention the Nokta CoRe in an earlier post of which detectors you are parting with.

I take it you're hanging onto the Minelab Equinox 800. Interesting, to me, that you are one of six people I personally know who bought the EQ-800. All of them are people I know who hunt older places like the iron littered RR ghost towns and other similar really challenging sites, and a couple of them are also avid Coin Hunters as well. Six people who bought a Minelab Equinox. And you are the Only one of the six I know who decided to keep the EQ-800.

The others sold or traded them, replacing them with a different brand detectors. The Nokta CoRe, and the Relic for denser iron contamination, are still my favorite models to grab in the more challenging sites I enjoy. The toughest iron filled places my Relic gets grabbed first, but in what some might consider to be 'average' ferrous litter I never hesitate to grab the Nokta CoRe. Both models are very, very tough to beat out in the real relic oriented world.

I'm the last one still swinging an 800 ?? confused smiley Dang, I am a slow learner, but you already know that. The EQ800 has been working well for me for what I do. I've been able to find targets deep, sort targets among nails, sort targets mixed in with other conductive trash, and to combine these abilities as well. I have found it easy to use. At the moment, it isn't my first choice for the heart of the trash in an old railroad town, that has been the territory of my Racer 2 / FORS CoRe.

I'm sure the other 5 Equinox owners had their own reasons for parting ways with their 600/800's. Detectors are a personal thing and what rings true to one of us may be a sour note to another.

I am pleased to see you added an XLT into your detector outfit and bet that with a 6½" Concentric coil it will be a delight for you to use in some of your permission sites. Even the stock 950 might be OK for you in some yards and other open grassy sites. Simply due to weight and balance and the difficulties I'm having with my neck/shoulder/arm I've been trimming my outfit and am down to only two White's models. A modified Classic ID w/5½" Concentric, and the MX-7 with a three-coil set-up to help take on most any need I might have come my way.

I have some plans for the XLT. It did arrive last night and I am pleased it is such good condition. Looks like it has hardly been used. I loaded up some batteries and turned it on and started running through the programming. Memories from the past come flooding back. The programming interface isn't as easy most of the newer machines, BUT, I am going to get familiar with all the settings and put in a few, like your bushwhack program and a few others I am gathering. I found a bluemax 800 coil for a very reasonable price. It arrived today and I'll hook it up when I get home late tonight and do some testing.

By the way, the MX-7, or any of the White's products made today or in the past, can come close to the performance of the CoRe and Relic on some of the toughest nail and non-ferrous sample that I use, but they cannot match the CoRe or Relic can do. No perfect detector so, with all that I favor, I pick them for the best performance they provide for various applications they excel at.


I was within a gnat's eyelash of buying an MX Sport when they first came out but held off and ended up with a used MXT All Pro which I liked. I've not had a swing with the MX7

My current list of detectors that I'm holding onto is the EQ800, FORS CoRE, and XLT. I picked up the XLT for a little 'project' of mine. I'm hoping the effort will work out, if so, the XLT will stay. I'm keeping my Garrett Pro Pointer AT, Pistol Probe and Vibra Probe. (on a side note, I think I typed on the other pages that my X-1 pin pointer was my first pin pointer, It was not, I had a Vibra Probe previous to my Explorer that I was using in the 90's. I just don't recall the first detector that I used it with.)

Anyway, so sorry to wander.

I have to start digging through the XLT manuals. Perhaps you can explain the thinking with labeling the XLT with AC and DC sensitivity? What the thinking here?

Rich -

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Looks like it is going to be a White's Christmas. . . . smiling bouncing smiley

UtahRich 417 December 20, 2018 12:14AM

Re: Looks like it is going to be a White's Christmas. . . . smiling bouncing smiley

Hombre 309 December 20, 2018 07:14PM

Re: Looks like it is going to be a White's Christmas. . . . smiling bouncing smiley

D&P-OR 242 December 28, 2018 08:50PM

Re: Looks like it is going to be a White's Christmas. . . . smiling bouncing smiley

Hombre 291 December 28, 2018 10:21PM

What's on the Screen is in the Ground ! eye rolling smiley

UtahRich 328 December 20, 2018 08:08PM

Rich(Utah) you acknowledged one of the XLT's strong points.

Monte 339 December 21, 2018 12:14AM

Signagraph . . . .

UtahRich 329 December 28, 2018 06:49PM

The Signagraph worked great on the XLT, and I haven't seen ...

Monte 293 December 29, 2018 12:38PM

Re: Looks like it is going to be a White's Christmas. . . . smiling bouncing smiley

GA1dad 340 December 20, 2018 06:36PM

What ? An XLT ?

UtahRich 253 December 20, 2018 08:18PM

Re: What ? An XLT ?

GA1dad 315 December 20, 2018 09:01PM

Re: Looks like it is going to be a White's Christmas. . . . smiling bouncing smiley

jmaryt 304 December 20, 2018 07:45PM

I'm Going to XLT School -

UtahRich 281 December 20, 2018 08:25PM

Re: I'm Going to XLT School - Me too, hear our Professor is tops in his field smiling smiley N/T

Druid 236 January 10, 2019 08:59PM

Re: I'm Going to XLT School -

jmaryt 260 December 20, 2018 10:05PM

Nice detector pickthumbs up, and answered my question.

Monte 373 December 20, 2018 10:00AM

Very Nice XLT - Current list of detectors . . AC / DC sensitivity

UtahRich 350 December 20, 2018 07:55PM

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