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What replaced my original MXT ... and so on.

January 11, 2019 10:08AM avatar
As I have stated many times on many forums for years, I have had my favorite White's models, there have been many I didn't care for, and some recent to current models that leap-frogged before being discontinued. When the original MXT was introduced I had to have one after handling a very crude early prototype. I was satisfied with the MXT's three-filter performance, but it didn't halt me from also owning and using a few of my all-time favorites from White's ... and others.

At the time I was sent an MXT with the new 4X6 'Shooter' DD coil. I was also using a White's XLT, 6000 Pro XL, modified Classic III SL, modified Classic ID and one nor two others plus some favorite Tesoro models. The MXT worked OK but there were things I didn't like about it as well. When the M6 was introduced I added it and enjoyed using it more than the original MXT because the M6 was 'simpler' and had a nicer feel and balance. So was the MXT, but there was something I liked about the M6 for most of my urban Coin Hunting ... and I didn't use the multi-tone ID.

Then they released the MXT Pro which I just had to get having already used a prototype. The finished product had more and better features and a glitch or two resolved and I preferred the MXT Pro because it had the backlight, the Ground Grab and an easier to use audio Tone selector. I wanted the Ground Grab and the Backlight, but really appreciated the quick-selection Tone ID touchpad because I like to use a good 2-Tone audio, especially for the Relic Hunting sites, and I got that with the Iron ID in the Relic mode.

Then, a few years later, along came the MX-5. While it lacked 'Lock-Trac' that I wished it had, it showed more sensitivity and slightly better depth than the M6 and MXT Pro when all were using the 6½" Concentric coil. Plus, it had a functional audio Tone ID selector and offered a 2-Tone audio that the M6 lacked. The M6 was bumped from my detector group and the MX-5 was my preferred Coin Hunting as well as Relic Hunting model, dropping the MXT Pro to the #2 position.

White's dropped the M6.

Then a few years later, when we got to the MX-Sport and MX-7 models, White's had dropped production of the MX-5, but reintroduced the M6, and promoted it as a "crime scene detector" for the Law Enforcement community. Kind of funny because I think the MX-5 would have been a much better detector pick for the 'CSI' shoppers.

Strange to watch them keep the MXT All-Pro in their line-up that is now well over-priced compared with the market for competitive models. Then discontinue and resurrect a couple of good-working mid-priced units, and keep introducing some lame low-end or entry-level models. Coils that are too larger for most beginners and for working in urban environments where most folks search.

Can't handle working close to metal structures, they have a slower response time and a dreadful delayed response and recovery time for separation. On top of that they do not offer desirable-sized smaller concentric coils for them, either. They pay more attention to marketing (pushing) their upper-end V3i and ignore a lot of the rest, and most of the average hobbyists and even a big portion of the more serious detector users who are still in the sport are on a limited budget and can't afford the top-dollar or over-priced units.

Pricing seems to be unaddressed at times, such as looking at the $599.95 M6 and same MSRP MX-7. Online factory website quote:

"Packed with advanced features and class-leading performance, the MX7 is a lightweight, rugged metal detector built for demanding hobbyists looking to step up to the big-leagues without the sticker shock. At only 3.5 lbs, the MX7 delivers exceptional depth, recovery speed, and ergonomics at an unheard-of price

For the “beep and dig” types, get started with six preset programs (Coin and Jewelry, All-Metal, Beach, Prospecting, Relic, and High Trash)."

Then they describe the MX-7 features:

• easy-to-access threshold (No audible Threshold on the M6)

• gain

• ground

• pinpoint modes

• user-adjustable Volume (No adjustable Volume-only control on the M6)

• Threshold (No audible Threshold on the M6)

• Depth Units

• Backlight Level (No Backlight on the M6)

• Frequency Shift (No Frequency Shift on the M6)

• Salt Track

• Program (No selectable Programs on the M6)

• Self-Adjusting Threshold (No adjustable S.A.T. on the M6)

• Iron Grunt (No Iron Grunt on the M6)

• VCO (No selectable On/Off VCO on the M6)

• Reject Volume (No Reject Volume on the M6)

• and Discrimination Mask (No Discrimination Mask, or Notch Discrimination, on the M6)

All the better and functional features on the newer MX-7, but they price the M6 at the same MSRP? Nutty.

Just opinions.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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