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White's Pro Star headphones are my primary-use set.

January 06, 2019 01:01AM avatar
They work well with most of the models I own and use, and if I am not satisfied with the audio loudness, clarity or quality of the audio report I switch to my #2 or #3 headphones. #2 are my Killer B 'Hornet' and #3 are the Uniprobe w/8" Pulse Pinpointer.

In the last 2 years I have had some different detector makes and models that sounded like they had a weaker or sort of muffled audio with headphones compared to using the detector's own built-in speaker. Some worked a little better with the Pro Star's and some a little better with the Hornet's, and while they seemed to work OK, the audio clarity was noticeably improved when I switched. This has mostly been done with sets #1 and #2. For various reasons, those models have mostly been trimmed from my Regular-Use Detector Outfit.

Last May I made a detector trade to get a modified White's Classic ID back in my arsenal because it had the Threshold and GB modification and a hard-to-find favorite coil, the 5½" Concentric Ferret. I had that combo a couple of years ago and didn't turn down a very decent offer for mine ... and missed that set-up ever since. The Classic ID or more versatile IDX Pro are two of my all-time favorite detectors from White's, and with that small coil they are terrific in the dense iron nail contaminated sites I like to hunt.

One reason I gave in and let that set-up go is because I'm a bit on the deaf side and even using Killer B Wasps and Hornets or other headphones I had used in the past, I had trouble with the Classic series. The big built-in speaker produces a very loud-and-clear audio, but they have some resistance built into the headphone jack and that causes a more diminished and sort of muffled audio ... for me ... and that was really the reason. But still, I missed the simplicity and performance of the ID and IDX Pro devices.

One headphone I hadn't tried on these models was the Uniprobe that was made by Detector Pro, but 'Hombre', who I had worked the trade with, told me about his set and on our Welcome-to-Hunt Outing in Wells, Nevada where we made the trade. He brought his Uniprobe headphones to my room so I could check them out on the Classic ID and I was impressed. They provided me a slightly louder and cleaner audio than the Pro Star Headphones.

Unfortunately, they went home with him and I had to try and find something that was difficult to come across. Fortunately, shortly after I got home I spotted an as-new set on a Classified Forum, contacted the seller, and it turned out to be someone I'd met near where I used to live here in Oregon. That was a quick deal and I am now a proud owner of a like-new set of Uniprobe headphones with the in-line 8" long pulse pinpointing probe, They are not my regular use set as I reserve them for one or two models that sound better with them, and also when I'm working an area where the impressive pinpointing depth of that PI pinpointer works in my favor.

Back to the White's Pro Star headphones. I was shown what White's was working on prior to their introduction and I liked the audio quality they provided with the 50 Ohm speakers. Plus, like my Hornet and Uniprobe, they are designed with the 'tank style' ear cups that cover the ear fully for a more comfortable fit that doesn't pinch the ears like the Killer B or Killer B 'Wasp' or he same 'Wasp' style they made for SunRay ... the Pro Gold headphones.

At first, White's made them in-house there at the Sweet Home Oregon factory, and offered a Lifetime Warranty. Cost of production was too high and they changed to having them Made in China to their specs. Sadly, they had some that had inferior plastic in the headband that had breakage, and it was the same problem some other US headphone makers were having, caused by a plastic's issue. I brought that to their attention when one of the sets they made, with the Lifetime Warranty, broke and a replacement Made in China set also broke, easily, but White's replaced them. They also addressed the issue of the broken plastic headband and I haven't had a problem since the last set was replaced, I believe, in late 2017.

Today, I have only my one set of Uniprobe headphones. In a trade/purchase I got a practically new set of Killer B 'Hornet' headphones so I have two of them, keeping one as a back-up. I like having 'back-ups' when it comes to headphones and batteries and Pinpointers, and I managed to latch onto 3 additional boxed sets of Pro Star headphones. At times I come across folks who have broken ther headphones or had a speaker go out, got a short in the coiled cable, etc. Or simply didn't have a decent set of headphones, so I have back-up/extra headphones to offer for sale. Usually, once they check out my Pro Star's they are eager to buy a set for their own use. I have a set in my vehicle right now with my three detector 'Travel Team' because they do work very well.


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pro star headphones

jmaryt 362 January 05, 2019 07:46PM

Re: pro star headphones

OregonGregg 298 January 07, 2019 11:36AM

Re: pro star headphones

jmaryt 255 January 08, 2019 10:27PM

White's Pro Star headphones are my primary-use set.

Monte 277 January 06, 2019 01:01AM

Re: White's Pro Star headphones are my primary-use set.

jmaryt 292 January 06, 2019 01:14PM

Re: White's Pro Star headphones are my primary-use set.

flintstone 292 January 06, 2019 08:32PM

Re: White's Pro Star headphones are my primary-use set.

jmaryt 225 January 07, 2019 11:35AM

Yes, the Pro Stars have a very good audio and are comfortable.

Monte 252 January 07, 2019 06:39AM

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