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Why the 5900 Di Pro SL?

January 13, 2019 06:56AM avatar
5900 Di Pro SL, Composite Board. What revelations do you have on best operating practices sir?
I believe it is pretty much a manual ground balance 6000 XL is it not?
White's over-used the '6000' label on their product lines and had a well respected 6000 Di Series 3 that worked much better then the 6000 Di Pro they introduced in mid April of '85. The big problem was that they soon discontinued the 6000 Di Series 3 with that new model introduction and there were many very loyal White's fans ... and I was among them ... who wanted manual GB and the better performance of the 6000 Di Series 3.

That was the latter era of the blue box housing designs. When they went to the black housings using the newer configuration with the stand-up handle with the arm cup for better balance and control, they morphed the 6000 Di Series 3 into the 5900 DI Pro. That introduced the 'Pro' to the new design and eliminated the 'Series' numbering. Using the 5900, perhaps, as a slightly lower number than 6000 to separate the manual GB from the newer Auto-Trac circuitry.

Finally through some circuitry improvements, such as the 'XB' circuitry variant, they finally moved the 6000 Di Pro to the 'CB' circuitry and then incorporated that revision in the 5900 Di Pro with the 'CB' indicated inside the battery door.

I treated the 5900 the same way I usually treat most detectors from any manufacturer. Like the XLT and 6000 Pro XL that was simply renamed the XL Pro, I preferred the 8" Concentric coil for general open-area hunting instead of the 950. However, most of the time I kept a 6½" coil on my 5900 Di Pro SL, then on my XLT's, and also on my XL Pro's for the bulk of my day-to-day hunting.

I have the Discrimination set to just barely reject common iron nails and no higher.

I set the Signal Balance, aka Pre-Amp Gain on the XLT, as high as possible w/o instability.

Adjust for a proper slight audio Threshold hum, Ground Balanced, then set out to find good stuff. Pretty simple and I like simple. With these three models, especially the 5900 and XL Pro, I would use a moderate sweep speed and hunt away using proper search coil sweep, coverage, and ample overlapping.

The key is to always increase the Signal Balance as high as possible and then, if it was unstable when in the normal search coil height and sweeping over target-free ground, I would very carefully reduce the Signal Balance just to the point where the unit stayed stable. I wouldn't rely on a preset mark of guess at a lower setting. Just at the setting below instability.


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hi Monte, need your memory on another oldieWhite's Electronicssmiling bouncing smiley

Druid 317 January 12, 2019 01:30PM

Why the 5900 Di Pro SL?

Monte 335 January 13, 2019 06:56AM

Re: Why the 5900 Di Pro SL? Because I bought one!

Druid 242 January 13, 2019 03:49PM

Back to you, Drew.

Monte 222 January 13, 2019 04:10PM

Re: Back to you, Drew.

Druid 246 January 14, 2019 06:22PM

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