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"Project Machine" aka Another OregonGregg Boondoggle

February 05, 2019 10:52AM avatar
Yep I delivered Montes New to Him Whites machine and also brought along my "Project Machine" I got this from a person that used the housing and mounted it to an external 9V power source. He then used the coil cable, less the coil and designed his own type of coil.....the coil cable wires were wrapped around a plastic tube......what he was testing for is beyond me.

Anyhow, I acquired the machine in hopes of restoring it back to original condition. I had to order new 9v battery connectors for it and finally found a new battery door cover for it. ( Thank you, Richard, at Backwoods Detectors) My goal at this point is to get the new connectors soldered on , put on battery door and get it functional again.

The next step will be to attach a coil and Monte and I can put it thru some hoops to determine that everything functions as it should. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to ship me there small 4 pin Tesoro coil. Upon shipping the coil back to you I will include some cash to cover your shipping cost. I want to be able to test it first before moving on making sure it works properly. Once I determine that it is in good working order I'll start looking for a rod System and coil.

Anyhow here are a few pics of my little project machine. Hope with new connectors a battery and coil to try that it will work fine. If not then I guess I will have to track down Sven or contact someone at FTP and see if they wanna tackle it and get it up and working. Or just stop and chuck it and move on to the next Boondoggle...................

Nokta CoRe & Relic
Makro Racer & Racer 2
MXT & M6
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Rich, how is that XLT working out?

OregonGregg 280 January 26, 2019 12:17PM

XLT is Progressing

UtahRich 264 January 26, 2019 03:18PM

Re: XLT is Progressing

OregonGregg 264 January 26, 2019 05:22PM

Sitting around waiting for good weather can get expensive.

UtahRich 255 February 04, 2019 05:57PM

Oh, how true. Waiting to get to use these → cool smiley I end up ...

Monte 275 February 05, 2019 09:43AM

Bullseye 5.3 -

UtahRich 248 February 05, 2019 03:33PM

Re: Bullseye 5.3 -

NWCindy 222 February 08, 2019 06:16PM

Bullseye 5.3 - just delivered today

UtahRich 181 February 08, 2019 10:54PM

Re: Bullseye 5.3 - just delivered today

NWCindy 214 February 09, 2019 12:02AM

Re: Bullseye 5.3 - just delivered today

NWCindy 199 February 08, 2019 11:48PM

Re: Bullseye 5.3 -

Monte 193 February 06, 2019 02:10PM

Coils Coils Coils

UtahRich 196 February 07, 2019 04:27PM

Detector picks and coil selections.

Monte 254 February 08, 2019 06:07AM

Detector picks and coil selections.

UtahRich 168 February 08, 2019 01:47PM

The 'Enhanced' MXT ... ITHA ... Winter

Monte 249 February 09, 2019 07:43AM

"Project Machine" aka Another OregonGregg Boondoggle Attachments

OregonGregg 296 February 05, 2019 10:52AM

Re: "Project Machine" aka Another OregonGregg Boondoggle

Druid 232 February 06, 2019 09:06PM

Re: "Project Machine" aka Another OregonGregg Boondoggle

OregonGregg 202 February 07, 2019 08:07AM

Re: "Project Machine" aka Another OregonGregg Boondoggle

Druid 192 February 07, 2019 01:13PM

Have a coil coming. Thanks Jim ( Dirtdigger) N/T

OregonGregg 200 February 06, 2019 02:08AM

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