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"He said any product like that is at least a year in the future."

March 16, 2019 05:08AM avatar
Famous last words, and by that I mean in more ways than one. That the kind of response we hear when a company is far behind the technology curve and lack savvy in-house engineers, or a company that lack sufficient funds to attract a knowledgeable engineer looking for work, or in some cases the folks running the outfit just don't see the R&D trend in the industry and aren't keeping in in several aspects of competition in the industry.

Sometimes a company might be working on a particular product but don't want to publically acknowledge it so they might say something like that as a 'stall' while working on it.

And I have heard the same or very similar responses from companies in the past when there has been talk or rumor about a particular feature or function, alleged or rumored project model, or other inquiry from a detector maker who appeared to be lacking in updated competitive products, such as what was heard from companies like Compass, Discovery Electronics, and Tesoro to name only three.

If you wanted to hear a good pinpointer in your headphones I wish you would have mentioned it when I was over that way for Thursday's club meeting. I know I have had some hand-held pinpointers that worked fine but didn't work for me simply because I can't hear their audio response even with headphones moved off my ears due to my hearing loss. My Makro Pointer works fine, and when I see you next I'll let you try an alternative pinpointer that, I guarantee, you'll hear very well in the headphones.

I'll now be watching between now and early March of next year to see if White's introduces such a pinpointing device that works, and works well at the time of introduction having had sufficient R&D and pre-release evaluation to have the bugs worked. For a while now we have see a rush-to-market with models that had too many glitches that should have been found and corrected before release, such as with the Vision that morphed along to end up being the V3i, or more recently the MX Sport that was plagued with errors after announcement and introduction when consumers were frequently finding all the faults it had.

My bet is we won't see such a wireless pinpointer that works well and is competitive from White's in the year ahead. Just my opinion. One good reason is that you have to have the wireless headphones initially that work well with a lot of detector models that the pinpointer can pair up with, so it's not only a pinpointing device they have to design.


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"He said any product like that is at least a year in the future."

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Re: "He said any product like that is at least a year in the future."

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