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Sven, you brought up a good discussion about a favorite model.

October 07, 2019 08:42AM avatar
White's needed a so-called 2-Filter model to compete with the very popular Tesoro's. At the time, so much effort was directed at their fast-motion 4-Filter models. They wisely contracted William 'Bill' Lahr to design the circuitry for their Coinmaster Classic series. There was no TID offered. Then they made a change in that line and repackaged them in the 'slim-line' control box as used with the XLT. I didn't care for the Classic I or Classic II or Classic III of the 'original' group, but the Classic III Plus got my interest because it shared the Blue Max series coils like the XLT and 5900 Di Pro SL I had.

When they went to the slim-line housing that also changed the battery system from 3 - 9 Volt batteries to the slide-in 8-AA tray, and I preferred that, as well as the better balance and physical design for handling. The Classic III SL still used the Blue Max series of coils, too. I had talked with them about a Target ID model for the Classic series as the performance afield was very close to that of the Tesoro product line.thumbs up

The used the simpler 2-knob Classic II, did some "front end" modifications so it would then work properly with the Blue Max series search coils, and John Earle, an engineer there who had made notable designs when at Compass, used the "Flash Technology" method to design a very efficient yet simple Target ID display for the new unit and they named it the Classic ID. Naturally it was designed for the still strong Coin Hunting market here in the USA because it was a functional 8-segment display oriented for common US coins.

I was given one at the factory and especially with a 4½" and 6½" Concentric coil ready to work my sites it quickly became one of my most-used detectors. At the time, it was the XLT and Classic ID and two or three Tesoro models that handled most of my hunts. Then they made an almost better move and used the Classic III SL which had ED-180 Disc. range and added the Target ID display pod to it and brought out the Classic IDX and that morphed into the IDX Pro about the turn of the century.

They had their engineering team stop short of developing a 'very good' product when they kept-it-simple, sort of, by leaving it a "turn-on-and-go" preset design and not incorporate an external Threshold or Manual Ground Balance control. Fortunately for some of us, Bill Crabtree and already worked up his modifications, popularly referred to as "Mr. Bill's Modifications" with the earlier Classic III SL. That provided better operator control, especially if a user messed with the Frequency Adjust control to try and counter any EMI issues, or for hunting more challenging mineralized environments, and also when changing to different search coils.

I was the first to have a modified Classic III SL other than Bill, himself, and that's what made the Classic series more efficient and proven for me. Without hesitation I have my Classic ID modified, and then the Classic IDX / IDX Pro models have all had those modifications. I haven't had a 'Classic series' model in my Outfit without being modified for over twenty year now .... but I did spent a short time without having a Classic at all in very recent years.

With some moves I made and all the new and interesting, digitally-based, lighter-weight models coming on scene, with many from foreign detector manufacturers who have taken some different design approaches than most US detector makers, I have tested and switched over to several of them because of better weight and balance, and especially due to better in-the-field performance for the challenging sites I hunt, but have maintained my two favorite analog Tesoro models all the while.

I also parted with then reacquired another long-time favorite over the past 25 years, the White's XLT. I really enjoy that detector. It's not my most-used model, but it is a proven 'favorite' model that still serves me well, and all the while I am evaluating newer products and using those I especially like, I have continued thoughts of just how well the trusty Tesoro models can be .... and how well the White's Classic ID and IDX Pro performed for me. I missed the modified IDX Pro and DW-BGW had a very choice-condition unit up for sale that caught my attention. It had a recent modification, essentially the "Mr. Bill" modes, that was down by Keith Southern. I bought it, mounted a 6½" (Blue Max 600) Concentric coil and it travels with me almost regularly just to be at-the-ready.

Did it replace anything in my Regular-Use Detector Team? Nope, not at all. Everything I have works well and I use them all. It simply ADDED a model that has shown me proven performance and is 'likeable' for the many iron infested sites I encounter.

Debating. With current offerings by many detector manufactures. Makes me wonder if its still worth it to find a good used IDX Pro?
YES! Find a good, clean specimen that works well and go to it.

Or save the $$ for something newer.
Put a modified IDX Pro to work and gather up more $$$ to invest in other detectors .... while enjoying the performance of the modified IDX Pro again.grinning smiley

Looks like IDX Pro prices have increased for stock units to the $300 mark on ebay. A bit higher than I want to pay. Had one that I modified with Mr. Bills mods with the 6" coil and really liked using it. Modified Drews and liked the way his turned out.
Many former popular models tend to rise and fall, price wise, and I didn't have a problem (or at least not too much of a problem) paying $375 for my pristine modified IDX Pro. Matter-of-fact, it's loaded on my back seat now just in case I encounter a huntable site when I head out for a day of bird hunting.

Recently found out that Mr. Bill did make a few other changes that he did not let on about. Kind of has made me curious to see how much better the other changes make in performance. As I heard his standard published mod, did not increase depth to any degree. I didn't see much of a change in depth do the standard mods.
Yes, he did a few other mods. I've had them all. Honestly, my preference is just the basic Threshold and GB mods, and in doing them he incorporated a resistor change, I belive it was, that helped a little with the Sensitivity level or 'depth,' but the Classic series can provide very sufficient depth of detection for what they are designed to be used for. I don't fuss much about the 'depth' topic. If I am hunting a very trash-free site where I might benefit from a little added depth of detection, I can just grab a different unit.

Might as well make the move now. It's fall, and once winter arrives and cabin fever sets in, you'll have a nifty modification project to work on. Keep us posted on your thoughts and how things will likely go.


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Sven, you brought up a good discussion about a favorite model.

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Re: IDX PRO Yes No?

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