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The 10" D2 DD coils and my experiences.confused smiley

October 10, 2019 02:18AM avatar
► In development and pre-release I was provided a prototype 10" D2 DD coil. I used it on my MXT Pro. Very 'iffy' in more favorable sites with sparse targets, Terrible in bad ground and trashier conditions. Noisy, too. The 950, 6½" and 10" elliptical DD all worked much better at the same sites in side-by-side comparisons. I made another trip down to White's to voice my concerns and they swapped it out for a production coil. That one kind-of-worked, but didn't work well compared with other coils available for those models. Another drive down and another 10" D2 coil. It worked w/o noise and chatter. But it still didn't work as well as the other coils I compared it against. Got rid of it.

► I got a 'Vision' the week before the 'official' release introduction at the Texas Council of Treasure Clubs and that unit came standard with the 10" D2 DD coil. It had more hurry-up release issues than the MX Sport! I had my Vision back down to the factory three times before many of the problems started to surface on the internet, and called their attention to two or three things that I never saw mentioned on forums.

They replaced the 10" D2 DD coil because it wasn't working right. They did a lot of fixing on the Vision and replaced the wireless headphones. Problems continued after each 'fix' or 'replacement' and finally they replaced the entire unit with a brand new Vision from shipping on a Tuesday. It rained a lot that day and I didn't get to take it to an exclusive permission site I had been working until Wednesday. 10" D2 DD coil wasn't working well and I swapped it for a 950 Concentric. A little better performance but more problems with it ... NEW problems I hadn't encountered before.

Thursday I was back at White's and it was swapped for a new unit from shipping. I didn't take chances this time and traded it to a fellow back east who had a new MXT Pro and offered me his detector and extra 6½" coil and $600 cash for a trade ... I made that swap quickly! The MXT Pro made an extra in my Detector Outfit, but I knew they worked well ... and better.

► Later, as White's Master Dealer, the MXT Pro was easily the best seller. I had monitored the progression of the Vision to V3 to V3i, as a Dealer friend had them and sold them, so I had used his display models. Had a couple of faulty 10" D2 coils. I had a lot of detectors, mainly MXT Po's because they were selling well, but I did get two V3i's and two VX3's. I liked the VX3 better, even though I usually did better personally using my XLT or XL Pro, but used it so I could demonstrate it when I did shows. It came standard with the 950 Concentric and I used every coil they offered for it at the time, including having a new 10" D2 DD coil to put on it. That coil worked terribly for me on the VX3 as well, and by now they had been out a while.

I set up at a show in Pendleton Oregon and Oregon Gregg made the 4 hour drive to come to the show. He was curious about the 10" DD coil so I let him take it with his M6 or MXT Pro over to a site to hunt for a while. He returned and was certainly not thrilled with that coil and performance. I clearly remember how he summed it up as: "A piece of crap!" ... To which I agreed.

► As a Dealer I welcomed part of a change White's made with the MXT Pro. They unit had come standard with the 950 Concentric and they changed it to the MXT All-Pro. The only difference in the detector was an 'ALL' sticker on the side decal and no circuitry change. But they did away with the 950, which I'm not fond of anyway, and the new 'standard' coil was their 10" D2 DD.. Blah! But with the 'new' but unchanged MXT All-Pro's introduction they included an extra coil for free. That was the open-frame round 9" Concentric coil. A much better coil than the 950, and also better than the 10" D2 DD. They should have simply gone to the 9" Concentric as 'standard.'thumbs up

► Follow-ups or contacts from many of the customers who bought an MXT All-Pro often included comments about the 10" D2 DD coil. Few were favorable. Most commented that the 9" round Concentric was much better than the round 10" DD coil. Some said the 10" DD worked, but not as well as the Concentric. A few said the 10" DD didn't work and was returned to White's and found defective (not up to spec) and was replaced. A few simply said they dumped the 10" DD.

Due to a move and some instances that occurred in my life about that time, I sold out everything ... cheap (at cost) to end 2013, so the experiences I had with that coil were from pre-release until into mid-2014 when I heard from or had discussions with those who I sold to. It's been five years since that time so maybe, just maybe, White's managed to work the bugs out of the 10" DD and you are blessed to have a coil that works.thinking

I'm not all that fond of bigger-size search coils anyway so I never paid much attention to owning a White's model that would use that coil. But I o still hear from people who are experienced detectorists and can tell when things are working well and working right. Some of them had similar experiences with the 10" DD coil on different models even more recently and wouldn't own one their self.

Just my experiences.


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My first IHC this year Attachments

zincoln 254 October 05, 2019 07:08PM

Nice finds, Brian. - - And the answer is NO.

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My first IHC this year

UtahRich 129 October 06, 2019 09:20PM

Rich, you and Brian are 'special.'

Monte 153 October 07, 2019 08:50AM

'Special.' thinking

UtahRich 112 October 07, 2019 03:09PM

Re: Rich, you and Brian are 'special.'

zincoln 145 October 07, 2019 12:16PM

The 10" D2 DD coils and my experiences.confused smiley

Monte 161 October 10, 2019 02:18AM

Re: The 10" D2 DD coils and my experiences.confused smiley

zincoln 139 October 11, 2019 05:34AM

Is my eqpt Better or Worse ?

UtahRich 155 October 11, 2019 12:12PM

Re: The 10" D2 DD coils and my experiences.confused smiley

OregonGregg 138 October 10, 2019 04:36AM

Re: The 10" D2 DD coils and my experiences.confused smiley

jmaryt 122 October 10, 2019 10:45PM

Re: My first IHC this year

Kickindirt 152 October 05, 2019 07:49PM

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OregonGregg 134 October 07, 2019 04:31AM

Re: My first IHC this year

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"All other coins ... are subject to the laws of physics." .. YEP!

Monte 134 October 10, 2019 02:43AM

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