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Joel, those are the settings I use ...

November 30, 2019 09:15AM avatar
... and that doesn't mean they are all adjustments I made.

The XLT was one of the first multi-adjustable detectors we had, and the design engineer was already trying to make something of his design but with a lot of outside influences being requested. That resulted in having more adjustments than anyone really needed, and more than a savvy detectorist care for as well. The simple move was to figure out what DIDN'T need to be adjusted to mess things up, then just concentrate on those settings that worked to allow a functional operation and then SAVE them. Done!

I wish White's would have offered a different model, perhaps in the MX-7's excellent configuration, and make an XLT Express that eliminated the adjustments that were not needed. Streamline the unit so that it was far less cluttered and that would keep it 'Simple' and 'Functional' yet still provide the 'Performance' the XLT was/is recognized for.

Wow Monte all those setting make the Xp Deus look simple.
I am sure you made the desired settings that YOU wanted for your Deus and then SAVED them to get into action quickly Very often we hunt the same places or the same type of ground mineral make-up. Does your Deus remember the GB you're using when you shut it off? The XLT can, and when you turn it On you just quickly pull the trigger-toggle before it cycles through the start-up and you are right back to where you were at shut-down. All GB'ed and you're busy searching.

On an XLT Express I wouldn't have adjustments for:

Audio Disc.
Silent Search
Viewing Angle
Ratchet Pinpointing
Absolute Value
Track View
Auto-Trac Speed
Auto-Trac Offset
Track Inhibit
Coarse GEB
Fine GEB
Learn Accept
Learn Reject
recovery Speed
Bottle Cap Reject
Visual Disc.
VDI Sensitivity
DC Phase
Graph Averaging
Graph Accumulate
Fade Rate
Transmit Boost

I think that's 24 eliminated adjustment features so that really makes set-up simple. There could be one or two more, also, added to that list. Especially if we kept the XLT's overall performance, remembering that it was not a fully digital design. The blended digital and analog circuitry use would have a lot of the other things already incorporated in the default circuitry design and we would only need to or be able to tweak a few things that were important and had some real impact on the settings and performance.

'Turn-On' performance can sometimes be surprising. Just ask OrgonGregg. A few years back Gregg had a pristine condition XLT and I loaded my Bushwhack program for him. It was a very hot summer day and we had been spending some time at the Indian casino in Pendleton Oregon. Okay, we spent a little more than just 'time' but that's a different story. We came out and our vehicles were blazing hot! We drove a few minutes into town, parked in the shade of some trees and left our windows down so they would be bearable to be in.

Now, remember, Gregg had only been detecting for a year or two at that point, and almost exclusively at 'Rippville' or some other ghost town type site. He wasn't, and isn't, an urban city Coin Hunter. He fired up the XLT and was using an 8" Concentric coil, which happens to also be my favorite size coil for open grassy parks like where we were. He took off as he generally did, sweeping very briskly and wandering at a comparable brisk pace.

I was trying to verbally coach him along as he had removed the headphones and I could then also hear the audio responses. It was 104° that day and we tried to stay in some tree shade, but my cane and I couldn't convince my aching back to keep up with his wandering. It was a fast pace, much quicker than a stroll, but that was back then and he's been, slowly, learning to work sites in a slow-and-methodical manner ... and he does well as long as he doesn't get impatient.eye rolling smiley

So, it was hot, I hurt, so I just sat down on the grass. That slowed him up as he had to keep working his XLT w/8" closer to me so I could hear the responses and hear Gregg as we communicated about his XLT experience. GOOD HIT! A very clean audio response, it gave a VDI read-out of ±81 if I recall, and he pinpointed it and carefully worked his way down to the target. Somewhere between 7½" and 8½" ... so we'll just call it 8" ... he recovered a silver-content War Nickel. Yes, the VDI up-averaged, but remained solid, and the audio response was unmistakable, too.

That got him to slow down his progress a little to better concentrate on the area and in just a couple of minutes he had another very clean audible hit. VDI was almost the same, so he pinpointed and recovered .... another Nickel, but this time a common metal alloy 1940 specimen, and also at ±8" deep. It was still hot ,but he wanted to hunt a little more and I'm pretty sure it was less than 5 minutes later we heard another very clear, loud response. Similar VDI read-out and, after carefully plugging and working down to about that 8" mark, again, he recovered another silver-content War Nickel.

That was Gregg's introduction to the XLT, and I think it spoke in a very understandable language, too. I've enjoyed many great years using the XLT's I've owned with my Bushwhack program and there is very little 'tweaking' needed to get very satisfying in-the-field performance.


Up-averaging .... now that's something I wish I could control. That day it was 104° when we left Pendleton, and right now, at 9 AM this last day of November in Vale, it is 17° outside on my deck. If I could 'up-average' just to split the difference with what we had that summer day, it would be a comfortable 61° right now and I'd be off detecting instead of sitting at the computer and feeding the wood stove.'

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Bushwack Settings Help!

Kraemer 280 November 29, 2019 11:20AM

For Jack and any inquisitors: Monte's XLT Bushwhack Program.

Monte 234 November 30, 2019 01:48AM

Thanks Monte! Much appreciated. thumbs up N/T

Kraemer 135 November 30, 2019 06:15AM

Re: For Jack and any inquisitors: Monte's XLT Bushwhack Program.

Kickindirt 169 November 30, 2019 02:42AM

Joel, those are the settings I use ...

Monte 184 November 30, 2019 09:15AM

Re: Joel, those are the settings I use ...

Kickindirt 190 December 01, 2019 02:20AM

Why Gregg is so Quick . . . . . .

UtahRich 165 December 02, 2019 12:53PM

Re: Joel, those are the settings I use ...

OregonGregg 158 December 01, 2019 05:44PM

Re: Joel, those are the settings I use ...

Kickindirt 154 December 02, 2019 07:20PM

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