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My settings

June 09, 2020 01:19PM
Hello El Nino,

The following are setting I use to optimize for a ghost town environment, and gain separation (as tested on the nail board with nearly perfect results). V3i w/ 4x6DD. Start with the coin and jewelry program and set acceptable VDIs to about -15 (enough to avoid the nails, but capture non ferrous targets that are being pulled down by the surrounding iron).

- I run in 3 frequency salt (the salt setting makes a difference in performance, though i can't fully explain it...yet).
- I set up with AM at 25 and Disc at 90....you may want to run AM up higher. See what works for you.
- I found the best results at 12.5Hz Band Pass filter in the iron, this allows for and requires a quicker sweep speed. Decrease the filter to slow the sweep, but you also increase falsing and/or reduce positive hits as the nails have more effect.
- Recovery set around 80....and you can lower it more, but i found this was a nice balance between solid hits and recovery delay
- and i only run at a midpoint on my gain, no reason to run it up past 8 as you gain little depth, but bring in more falsing.

When using the 5.3" concentric, i adjust some.
- Ran either 7.5Hz or 10Hz band pass filter...but have been meaning to go back and recheck my settings. Think it all comes down to sweep speed and where your sweet spot is to eliminate the nails (nail heads). DD and concentric behave differently on the larger nail heads.

These settings won't get you a lot of depth - probably 3" (7-8mm) with reasonable VDIs, but its not intended to get depth as most of our targets in this desired environment are shallow.

When I'm looking for deep targets, I go to a larger coil that gets me the 6-9 inches i sometimes need here. I use the 10" DD or 13" Detech DD. I then use the Mixed Mode Pro and make below adjustments.
- With that, i typically then chose the 5Hz Band Pass filter.
- Will slow the recovery to 100+ to match a slower sweep/larger coil and to gain depth and time analyzing the target
- You aren't going to get super iron separation at depth, and i don't know how many machines can say they can give a tight separation AND depth as you have to run your gain up and slow your sweep - all things that in my experience lead to more false signal primarily on bent nails.
- When i'm hunting in this way, i use the Mixed Mode Pro and look at all the frequency responses on my visual display - looks like a cardiogram. Often time you will see bi-modal humps in the graph, and indication of more than 1 target of different composition in the hole. In that way, i can often see both iron, and a desirable target simultaneously (as well as hear it in opposite ears). Now, if a desired target is just above or beside a piece of iron, i can often tell it. If the target is directly below the iron or very near it in the vertical direction(again below), then you may be unable to determine it due to the masking. A lot of factors come into play regarding the number of targets, orientation and shape of the targets, detector settings, and user experience. I don't know that it would be possible to set up a 3D test that could possibly replicate the ground where a building has burned or rotted down - as there might be dozens of nails in a 1 square foot area at different depths....and as the case in our ghost towns, countless bits of tin of various shapes which is far more challenging than nails.

Oh yes, and the ground in your area plays a big role. Here in Western Oregon, it has a fair amount of mineralization, and various strata in the soil. I've never found a coin deeper than ~9", and after that it seems you are essentially blind as the effect of the ground start to null out positive responses. If i bury a dime at 9", i might get an occasional positive hit, but much of the time is looks/sounds like iron. Suspect in the US midwest or South, the soil may be more forgiving. Not sure what you face where you are.

Interested in any thoughts you or others might have on further improving the settings.


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My settings

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Very detailed, thx!

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Re: My settings Excellent information Brian, thanks. N/T

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