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Re: My settings

June 09, 2020 07:04PM
Drew - take it for whatever value you find in my experiences...and sorry if I'm sharing more than you need to know.

I haven't found the polar plot to be too helpful. It gives some good info on gold rings and shallower targets, but when things get deep, have multiple signals around them, EMI, or may not conform to a perfect shape, i find its value pretty limited. Good gold shows a nearly vertical line that is dominated by 22.5kHz, where pull tabs typically show an x shape of sorts, very similar to a coin....unless the band is broken.

I use the sizing plot occasionally for fun when i'm in the ghost towns, but i dig anything that might be a good target. Used it on a $2.5 token Gregg dug up last year, and a Barber quarter i found - it strongly indicated we had a target of the right size and composition....but I'd have dug it regardless. Copper washers, buttons, pieces of round tin, and shell casings also look pretty good - but generally one of the frequency lines crosses over the other where on a perfect target they are in sequence and don't cross each other.

With tin, i can tell about 99% of the time if its tin. By observing the 3 frequencies, one (i believe its 22.5kHz), almost always shows up around 95/-95, and the others may be aligned in the dime/quarter area - there is a clear difference between them - I don't accept 95/-95, so these show up red on the spectrograph where the others are down in that happy green zone - set your specrograph bars to be about 3-5 VDI's wide,and it makes it pretty easy to tell. I can't do this w/ a single frequency detector. When its a coin, they all 3 line up pretty well on the spectrograph. By the time you kick the iron and tin away, the signal clears up enough to show a pretty tight alignment of the 3 frequencies, even if it is drug way down by iron beneath it. Exception to this is a deep nickel that can look just like a bottle cap when over 4ish inches (hits in the dime quarter range on 22.5 kHz, then up in the 90's on 7.5kHz, and nothing on 2.5kHz or also around -95). When i get a signal like this, and work it, i often get a few hits that line up around 20, and then it goes back to bouncing around. The sign here is that it rarely goes into the iron range - typically stays positive or just into the high end of the negative scale. A nail will climb the scale and sound really good, and after a few passes, will go over the top of the scale and solidly into the negative. Start over and climb the stairway again and hear that thud when it goes over the top. You can tell when you are crossing the nail the long way or the short way - bent nails, yeah, i dig a lot of those and on a rare occasion they are something good.

Hope you found something useful in this.

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My settings

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Very detailed, thx!

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Re: My settings Excellent information Brian, thanks. N/T

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