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Re: My settings

June 10, 2020 01:40PM
Mr. Zincoln ... thank you for the very comprehensive answer regarding the separation of Spectra V3 and in all points you really evaluate the best settings on Spectra V3..thumbs up

Thank you very much for your extensive answer ... which perfectly explains the essence of things- separation ...smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float

When I bought the Spectra years ago ... for about three hours I tried to find the best setting for separation in iron..where I used it to test the Monte performance Nailboard Test ...

I used coils Sef 12X10 "and 8x6", if also original Whites Coils 10 "DD, 6x10" eclipse, 6x 4 "shooter ...

To compare the comparative properties, I could as a second detector teknetics G2 on a Standard 11 DD coil and also a coil Sniper Cors Schrew / nel snake / ...

I came to very similar results: I use Hi-Pro.

1. Spectra V3 will best separate in Mix mode at 22.5khz 1F frequency ,, at 12.5high filter ,, or 10hz high ,,, but the second best is 3F Salt multifrequency ... recovery Delay I use mostly around 25 -40 for good separation ,,, even though on the recovery delay 50 and more the detector excellently separates very demanding 4 direction at the position of the coin number 2 ...

One more important setting for separation and that is the Bottle cap on OF .... cutting it will improve the separation ..

The classic 3f multifrequency itself achieves only very average results ... with which I would not be very satisfied ... only a smaller coil can improve it .... the best separates here is a 6x 4 "shooter coil ..

2. Coils .. in this nailboard test it is best to separate a coil of the smallest size ,, what is a shooter 6x4, then 6x 10 "eclipse, 6x10 mars Sniper..and finally 10" DDod whitesa ...

Coil 6x8 SEF .even if it is a coil of smaller size than the coil Whites 10 "DD .... it will separate worse in this test ...- in my opinion, the geometry of the detection field has a much larger geometry ....

Although the 6X8 "Sef coil achieves very good results with normal detection ....

similarly, the Sef 12x10 spool is in a demanding 2 d nailboard test, you will not get good results ...

But it is a coil that has a good ratio * Depths and separations ...

The deepest coil for the spectrum is really 13 "Detech ultimate.. it masks the targets in the field a bit more .... just like a standard coil for detecting a less polluted field .. I take 12x10 Sef ...

Now I will say the core of the problem ..... I'm trying to set Spectra to the best 3D depth separation .... but so far I get weaker results ... my test is challenging because in the 3D test I use 2X 6 "long nails and a 5 gram coin is about 7cm lower ... and in the center between the nails ......

Some detectors pass this test very well .... but for Spectra V3 it is really a problem ..

Any advice regarding the correct setting of the Spectra is very welcome ...

Well thank you...

Recently, I have also been devoting myself to Setting the Spectra into a variety of strong mineralization ...

as a proven setting I would use 3F frequency .. and on

4 bar mineralization I would use 3F- Best Data ,, l RxGain max up to 7-8 ... Ds 90-93, 10 hz High Ground filterer, recovery delay 70 ,,,

6-7 bar mineralization I would use 3F- Best data Rx gain 4-5 / Ds 90-93 .. 10 hz-high Or 12.5hz band Filter..a recovery delay 70 ....

You can also use a 12.5hz high filter, but feel with significantly less detection depth.

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My settings

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Very detailed, thx!

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Re: My settings Excellent information Brian, thanks. N/T

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