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Very detailed, thx!

June 10, 2020 03:04PM
El Nino - very detailed and easy to follow. Thank you. Nice to see our results align fairly closely. I would agree 22.5kHz would be best for me, and i'd run it in ghost towns, if not for the TIN. The 3 frequencies allow me to ignore much of the tin, or I'd be digging hundreds of the little buggers each day.

Regarding the coin below the nails which have some separation, I'm afraid I don't have good advice and as far as i can tell, this is a weakness that the machine may not be able to overcome. To be honest, I've not seen a detector do well on this....but i've not spent much time trying to find a machine that does it well. No doubt, this is likely the scenario that masks most of the desirable targets in the field (or just large iron that overwhelms the field), and if you had a machine that excelled at it, you'd have something. Curious if the Deus or Nokta users think they can put a small coin a couple inches below 2 nails separated by 2-3 inches and whether they'd get any hit at all.

As for SEF coils, i have the 6x8, and i leave it on the shelf. I was unable to get it to perform w/ the same level of consistency and it was far more bouncy on VDIs compared to other coils we've discussed.

If you've not tried it, give the 5Hz band pass filter a try w/ the 10"DD (or similar) in location that aren't littered w/ iron (fine to have a few dozen nails in a square meter, but not a carpet of them) and set up mixed mode pro to show all hits (set consistency/repeatability of signal around 10) and gradient at 1 or 2 VDIs wide on the spectrograph. It shows how you can see a piece of iron and a desirable target simultaneously w/ a bi-modal distributed graph. You get that painted picture showing the ramp up and down on each side of the strongest VDI, but lump around the mode (most commonly occurring). Be sure to set your undesirable VDIs volume to 0 - you don't discriminate it out, you just mute it out - and you will see everything on the screen while not having your ears beat up w/ countless grunts....and you get maximum depth and performance. You can set up the same effective method in Hi Pro.

Best to you,
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My settings

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Very detailed, thx!

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Re: My settings Excellent information Brian, thanks. N/T

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