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Albert, sorry for the tardy reply. My goof.

September 23, 2020 12:15PM avatar
I started my reply back on the 3rd and somehow it didn't get posted. I think I fell asleep when I hadn't planned to ... and that seems to happen more often the last couple of years. I'm awake now, so before I try to work in a little detecting today I'll give you a quick reply.

I used to use my XLT's (I have now owned over 36 of them) mainly for hunting moderately to very sparse-target sites such as private yards, sports fields, beaches, and so forth using the 950 coil on very rare occasions, mainly favoring a good-working 8" Concentric instead The 8" coil has a nice rod-mount position so it balances and handles well, and it provides a little better site coverage and depth-of-detection that is sometimes needed to hunt wide-open areas with minimal target encounters.

The majority of the time you'll notice that my XLT sports a 6½" Concentric coil. That allows me to use it in tighter, brushier locations and work the coil in and around obstacles while still getting very acceptable performance. It's not a slow-sweep / quick-response circuitry deign, but with my settings and the 6½" Con. coil, it can be worked at a comfortably modest sweep speed.

After I got my first XLT in early June of '94, I got busy learning what it offered, what worked, what adjustment functions could mess up performance if they were over-tweaked, and how I could get the best performance for my wants and needs to keep me happy. And just what does it take for a detector to "keep me happy?" Simple answer is, it needs to be comfortable to use, [provide ample performance without needing a lot of frequent adjustments, has to provide ample in-the-field performance, and it needs to be 'fun-to-use.' And for me, all these many years later, the XLT is still a lot of 'fun' to grab and go hunt a site.

I worked up three Custom Programs that really have very little difference between them. They just make it quick-and-easy for me to get started when I arrive at a different site where I might want to try a slightly different approach. My primary-use choice is my 'Bushwhack' program. The other two are called 'Ghost Town' and 'Open Range' and I labeled the 4th Custom slot 'Experimental'. That one is where I save any programs settings I am working with and if I find something that satisfies me more than those I am using, then I'll save it as a replacement in that slot.

But since everything is based off my main-use program, let me give you my settings:

◄◄ 'Bushwhack' ►►

Target Volume .. '62' (or higher, but '62' is loud enough for me)
Audio Threshold .. '6' (but this can vary from unit-to-unit so adjust it for a proper slight audio Threshold hum)
Tone (Audio Freq.) .. 225
Audio Disc. .. 'On'
Silent Search .. 'Off' (included because silent-search 2-filter detectors were popular, but it doesn't work well)
Mixed Mode .. 'Off'
AC Sensitivity .. '75'
DC Sensitivity .. '35'
Backlight .. '0'
Viewing Angle .. '25'

Ratchet Pinpoint .. 'Off' (this will improve pinpointing w/o auto-tuning out on repeated sweeps)
S.A.T. Speed .. '7'
Tone ID .. 'On' (a personal choice, but I like it for most urban Coin Hunting sites)
V.C.O. .. 'On'
Absolut Value .. 'Off'
Modulation .. 'On'

Auto Trac .. 'Off' (I only use Auto Tracking on any detector in a wide-open area w/o a lot of ferrous and non-ferrous targets)
Trac View .. 'On'
Auto Trac Speed .. '14'
Auto Trac Offset .. '+1'
Auto Trac Inhibit .. 'Off'
Coarse GEB .. 'N/A'
Fine GEB .. 'N/A'

Disc. Edit Reject .. '-95' to '-41'
Disc. Edit Accept .. '-40' to '+95' (I prefer a detector's performance with a low Disc. setting to accept a little into the Iron range)
Learn Accept .. 'Off'
Learn Reject .. 'Off'
Recovery Speed .. '20' (I worked with faster and slower, but the results were terrible)
Bottle Cap Reject .. '1' (this low setting still works well for most Bottle Caps as well as some rusted tin, etc.)

Visual Disc. .. 'On'
Icons .. 'On'
VDI Sensitivity .. '85'
DC Phase .. 'Off'
Graph Averaging .. 'On'
Graph Accumulation .. 'On'
Fade Rate .. '7'

Transmit Boost .. 'On' (generally, the better performance I get overall)
Transmit Freq. .. '4' (if I have EMI, I change locations. If by another detector, I encourage THEM to change their detector)
Pre-Amp Gain .. '10' (usually works just fine. I prefer to start higher and reduce only as needed for stability)

◄◄ 'Ghost Town' ►►

This is just a quick program to use when hunting a more iron-littered ghost town or other similar old-use site. Naturally, those would not be the ideal places to use the moderate to faster-sweep XLT and I'd typically grab my White's MX-7 w/6½" Concentric coil, or another detector from my outfit that would also be better suited for the task. But, if called upon to use the XLT, these are the only changes from my 'Bushwhack' program:

Tone ID .. 'Off' (sometimes I have it 'on' but due to abundant trash with blended audio responses I like 'Off')
Icons .. 'Off' (I rely on the audio response and a VDI number, not suggested Coin Hunting Icons)
Pre-Amp Gain .. '6' (most often there is too much trash to make use of a higher setting and '6' is usually stable enough)

◄◄ 'Open Range' ►►

obviously, by the title I opt for this program when I want to hunt a plowed field, pastureland or rangeland, or maybe an urban setting like a wide-open park, etc. Places with sparse targets and where I can take advantage of achieving some depth w/o target masking from an abundance of shallower debris. The only changes from 'Bushwhack' are:

The only setting changes from 'Bushwhack' are:

Tone ID .. 'Off' (I am looking for deeper targets where Tone ID is seldom very functional, especially 'at-depth')
Auto Trac .. 'On' (this is one of the times I use Auto Tracking since most ground mineral is more uniform with gradual changes)
Icons .. 'Off' (deeper targets and they won't be, or won't identify, with modern Icon suggestions)
Pre-Amp Gain .. '15' (generally useable as I am away from a lot of trash, and generally away from EMI sources)

I hope this answers some questions you had, and I wouldn't doubt that you or another reader might have new questions about my settings. At least those of us still using this out-of-date but really fun-to-use detector model.thumbs up


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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I'm now 'back home' in Farr West Utah
monte@ahrps.org ... or ... monte@stinkwaterwells.com
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Albert 622 September 03, 2020 08:03AM

Albert, sorry for the tardy reply. My goof.

Monte 418 September 23, 2020 12:15PM

Re: Albert, sorry for the tardy reply. My goof.

Albert 396 September 23, 2020 09:38PM

Back to you, Albert.

Monte 413 September 24, 2020 12:46PM

Joe Average - That's Me ! grinning smiley

UtahRich 413 September 24, 2020 03:04PM

Joe Average? -- No, that's NOt you, Rich.

Monte 394 September 24, 2020 07:16PM

Re: Joe Average No Tell me it ain't So

Senior Deacon 416 September 24, 2020 09:52PM

Well stated and quite correct.

Monte 448 September 25, 2020 08:54AM

Re: Joe Average - That's Me ! grinning smiley

D&P-OR 400 September 24, 2020 04:22PM

Re: Xlt

Timbertodd 395 September 03, 2020 08:15PM

Re: Xlt

Albert 387 September 04, 2020 07:55PM

White's XLT programs? They're Everywhere

UtahRich 423 September 04, 2020 11:55PM

Re: White's XLT programs? They're Everywhere

Albert 385 September 07, 2020 10:08AM

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