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Joe Average? -- No, that's NOt you, Rich.

September 24, 2020 07:16PM avatar
Actually, probably below average if I want to be truthful, which is why i feel so comfortable in the midst of all you smart people.

I don't mind being joe average, and my wife will tell you i'm her favorite fool !

And I love my SMF detectors. thumbs up

Rich -

And when it comes to any make or model detector that uses a Simultaneous Multi-Frequency (SMF) circuitry design, ... and I have owned and used a lot of them from Fisher, Minelab and White's .... some might provide some level of performance that can be seen and appreciated for certain tasks, but in the long-run I have had as-good or better in-the-field performance for many applications with a good Single-Frequency detector.

A SMF model can be a very good detector for a lot of applications and for a lot of average Hobbyists, but too many are fooled if they think a SMF detector is close to invincible or will out-class a Single-Frequency detector all the time. Not true as I discovered long ago, and have demonstrated to friends when we've been detecting some sites were they relied almost 100% on their chosen SMF detector.


If you love your SMF detectors, that's great. But in YOUR case, you're not in the 'average Hobbyist' group. What did I mean by an SMF detector being good for an 'average' Hobbyist? Because most SMF detectors have a certain amount of 'correction' built into their circuitry design, such as often handling wet saltwater environments, or some do a good job of handling some Ground Mineralization, or problem trash such as Bottle Caps, No, not all of them, but many to most of them.

In some ways a SMF detector is kind of like someone trying to help their wife or a child learn how to drive most 'modern' vehicles with power steering, power brakes, power windows, and automatic transmission.. You turn the key, get it fired up, put the shift lever in Drive and start cruising long. With a detector it's cruising across the park or front yard or wherever you might be. It keeps things 'simple' and in the minds of many people, they are going to work just fine anywhere they take them and there's little they need to do. Much like grabbing a Minelab Vanquish 540. Turn it On, select the Mode, and go hunt. In the average Hobbyist's mind it is working in Multi-IQ and that basically means more than one frequency and therefore it ought to handle any site environment.

Now, take a model like a Nokta FORS CoRe or we could make it tougher and pick a VLF / TR-Disc. Garrett Ground Hog or maybe a White's Coinmaster 4 TR-Disc. or maybe a Coinmaster 5 Supreme with Discrimination. Now take the same wife or teenager and try to teach them to drive by handing them the keys when they get in a '49 Chevy Fastback with manual three-on-the-tree transmission, standard steering and standard brakes, and hand-crank windows. They put the key in the ignition and you watch to see if they figured out your verbal instructions.

Foot on the clutch to disengage it, turn the key, right foot presses on the starter switch on the floorboard, then once it starts up, and they remember to have the hand-brake on so it wouldn't roll when the clutch was disengaged, you have to watch them, or help teach them, to use the foot brake and release the emergency brake. Then, with the clutch disengaged, manually shift into 1st gear and then, after making sure it's clear to go, learn how to use just enough gas and ease the clutch out to the friction point and harmoniously blend the clutch release with the accelerator increase to get started .... and be ready for them to learn to work the clutch, shift to 2nd, and once again properly engage the clutch with proper throttle pressure.

Then there is how to slow and stop and remember to disengage the clutch near the stopping point, and sometime learn to down-shift to help slow the progress down. All of that would be like instructing the 'average Hobbyist' on how to properly Tune for a Threshold-audio hum when the detector is turned on. Adjust the settings as required. Learn the pushbutton or handle-toggle position to Retune to restore a working Threshold audio. To maintain the search coil at a uniform coil-to-ground height while also maintaining a proper slight audio Threshold hum, by either tuning again or making use of a retune switch, if it has it. Let's not forget about instructing them to adjust for a proper Threshold, hum, and then lowering the coil toward the ground and then listening for any audio change, then adjust the Ground Balance .... manually ... to establish a good working GB setting for the All Metal mode. And remind them that in the conventional TR-Disc. mode the coil height has to be maintained throughout the sweep..

Those of us who had to learn all the detector's adjustments and proper settings also learned how detectors worked, or didn't work, and how to get the most out of them. As we progressed and learned more about our detectors and the whole metal detector performance how-to, we became Avid Detectorists and were no longer an 'average Hobbyist.' YOU are naturally in the Avid Detectorist category, not an 'average Hobbyist' type. You like your SMF detectors because long ago when you started using them, you also learned them and you continue to learn them.

The 'Average Joe' would be the group who don't have a clue how metal detectors work. What an 'operating frequency' is or what it means for performance. Most don't really know the difference between DD and Concentric coil design, the pros and cons of search coil size and shape, or even what an EMF looks like about the Tx winding of a search coil. They haven't a clue how a "Multi-Frequency' detector works, or the number of frequencies used, and in most cases just what these frequencies are.

And because so many people do not really know a lot of the facts behind what does or does not work, they have been mis-illusioned (a new word you're welcome to share) by claims they hear people make in forum posts or in videos, such that SMF's are a 'must-have' to hunt a saltwater beach or to handle high mineralization, or to find both coins and gold jewelry at the same time, and so-on and so-on.

I had Fisher CZ's, Minelab Sovereign's and Explorer's, White's DFX and V3i models, and today I have a Minelab Vanquish 540 and Garrett Apex ... all offering SMF performance. I know what they are, I know what they can do, and what some of their strong points are. I also know when it might be to my advantage to make a change and use a Single Frequency that would be to my benefit.

No, Rich, you're not the 'Average Joe' by a long short .... and your wife STILL Loves You.thumbs up.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Albert 361 September 03, 2020 08:03AM

Albert, sorry for the tardy reply. My goof.

Monte 266 September 23, 2020 12:15PM

Re: Albert, sorry for the tardy reply. My goof.

Albert 234 September 23, 2020 09:38PM

Back to you, Albert.

Monte 249 September 24, 2020 12:46PM

Joe Average - That's Me ! grinning smiley

UtahRich 237 September 24, 2020 03:04PM

Joe Average? -- No, that's NOt you, Rich.

Monte 227 September 24, 2020 07:16PM

Re: Joe Average No Tell me it ain't So

Senior Deacon 231 September 24, 2020 09:52PM

Well stated and quite correct.

Monte 287 September 25, 2020 08:54AM

Re: Joe Average - That's Me ! grinning smiley

D&P-OR 234 September 24, 2020 04:22PM

Re: Xlt

Timbertodd 233 September 03, 2020 08:15PM

Re: Xlt

Albert 223 September 04, 2020 07:55PM

White's XLT programs? They're Everywhere

UtahRich 233 September 04, 2020 11:55PM

Re: White's XLT programs? They're Everywhere

Albert 215 September 07, 2020 10:08AM

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