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Re: The cost, and the value, of a modified Classic or IDX Pro.

October 20, 2020 04:36AM
With the 6" coil, the IDX balances extremely well and feels really lightweight, one thing I liked about it.

Here's a post from a few years back that I posted on the White's Forum
IDX Modified 2017

Went back out in the afternoon to test the brought back to life White's IDX Pro detector. The
one I also modified using Mr. Bill's Mods.

Had the Blue Max 600 6" coil on it. Not as deep as the 950 coil but, amazed how well it did on
Canadian clad coins.

I headed out to school I nick named Canslaw City. I found my share of canslaw and no small
foil, no iron. The meter works very well. I also had disc set at just to the point a Can clad
nickel pops in. Hunted in all metal mode, if the meter signaled on a nickel and flashed to iron,
the bulk of the time is was 100% foil or some small canslaw.
No reason to dig those signals. But if it didn't flash to iron and checking in all disc mode got a
pop, it was always a nickel. Same held true for the most part if the signal signaled in the gold
ring pull tab zone and flashed to iron, it was larger canslaw. Cool thing was if a good target
locked on and flashed to a higher conductive portion of the meter, it was a good Canadian
clad coin. The very latest composition Loonie will signal on the meter as iron then flash all the
way over to high conductor dollar setting on the meter. Think I passed up digging a couple of
those targets thinking it was iron. By the end of the hunt, I dug a lot of trash to learn the
detector. This detector, reminded me of earlier White's detectors I have owned, so setting it up
was very easy and a blast to use, especially since I used a wireless headset. I like this no
wires deal.
SAT Control, turning counterclockwise slows the threshold audio return to normal, you can swing at a
slower speed letting the detector analyze the target longer, gains a bit of depth and better target ID.If there's a lot of trash close together, better separation using a faster SAT speed should be used, you
can swing somewhat faster. Normal SAT speed will be between 11 and 1 o’clock knob position. 12
o’clock is a good SAT position. With the variable adjustable SAT control that I add, you can swing even slower or faster.
With a bit of experimenting you can use the SAT along with threshold adjustments to deal with
different ground conditions.
Please note Threshold is effected by any SAT (Self adjusting Threshold). If you increase SAT
speed, you need to increase Threshold a slight sound. If you reduce SAT, you will
need to back down on the Threshold a bit. Threshold knob position will approx. match SAT knob

The IDX works great in All Metal mode
If there's not a lot of trash, even if there is, try hunting slowly in all metal mode. Target Id works and
the audio is a bit mellower. Switch to disc mode to check the target, if needed. The target audio will
be louder and may give more clues to what the target is in conjunction with the ID meter.
Watch the ID meter when it comes to Can. Clad coins. Some denomination coins may may lock on in
the lower iron bars and flash very fast up to the high range. Tell tale sign its clad. Or lock on in the ring
range and flash high. Dig.
Mod Basics-----

Mr. Bill’s Mods By Sven Stau
Feb 2019

Ground balance
Removed VR1 Trimmer off the board. Replace with a 25k linear taper, single turn

Removed VR4 trimmer off the board replacing it with a 100k linear taper, single turn

Removed R32 220k fixed resistor with a 500K pot. Allows for a very low and very high SAT variable

Replaced resistor R28 (3.9 meg) with a 10 meg resistor. This aids in increasing the meter response

Only precision sealed RV6 pots were used. No cheap 50 cent Alpha pots commonly were used.This will be the key to getting precise control adjustments.

I dig it with a Nokta/Makro product-Legend,
DeepTech Vista X and Blisstool V5 The Beast
open | download - IDXDRWS1.JPG (1.6 MB)
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IDX-PRO w/Mr Bill Mod question -

UtahRich 715 October 19, 2020 05:01PM

Mr. Bill's modification was worth the price, it made a good beeper into a better oneWhite's Electronics

Hombre 479 October 20, 2020 09:08PM

The cost, and the value, of a modified Classic or IDX Pro.

Monte 497 October 19, 2020 05:32PM

Re: The cost, and the value, of a modified Classic or IDX Pro. Attachments

SvenS 549 October 20, 2020 04:36AM

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