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Pawning off the 440 already . ? ? ? ?

December 09, 2020 05:57PM avatar
I was thinking I could send ya the Big Red Minelab 440 to use as it has updated and pretty smart IQ Multi Freq. technology. Perhaps it might give you an edge over the last decade MF tech of the V3i to capture #20. Anyhow just a thought............anything to help ya get #20 grinning smiley

Ah Gregg,

Already looking for a way out of that Minelab of yours - eye rolling smiley ? If you're really so uncomfortable with anything other than the CoRe - just admit it. And you can get rid of all the extra / backup / rainy day / end of the earth / walking dead / back up detectors you've bought along with the crates of lower rods and search coils and take that old CoRe with the 5" OOR mounted on it and stand it up in the corner of the room out of reach of the gnawing teeth of a growing puppy and call yourself good. (I'd hang onto the M6 with 7" detech as a complimentary option)

Just have a look-see on the storage shelves and make sure you have a couple dozen fresh AA batteries and you're good for the year. You can leave all of the detector comparison garbage behind, send your NBT to somebody new on the forum and know that you've moved onto the " I'm good where I'm at " stage of life. grinning smiley No need to try and keep up with the Jones' or anybody else trying on new detectors several times a day.


2022 - OregonGregg Challenge - CoRe w/OOR coil for Ghost towns
800 or D2 for everywhere else.
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What happened to Zincoln &Silver #20 ???

OregonGregg 561 December 08, 2020 12:24PM

Baiting me, i see Attachments

zincoln 355 December 08, 2020 04:50PM

Re: Baiting me, i see

OregonGregg 341 December 09, 2020 08:27AM

Pawning off the 440 already . ? ? ? ?

UtahRich 366 December 09, 2020 05:57PM

Re: Pawning off the 440 already . ? ? ? ?

OregonGregg 315 December 10, 2020 09:13AM

It's only the 9th of December and Gregg is already suffering ....

Monte 347 December 09, 2020 10:14PM

Re: It's only the 9th of December and Gregg is already suffering ....

OregonGregg 347 December 10, 2020 09:20AM

Baiting me, i see

UtahRich 321 December 08, 2020 07:23PM

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