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Re: Scott, the 'Blue & Gray' models started out in the

August 16, 2021 11:16AM
I never really thought about Cascade Locks.
I always did like the feel of the place whenever I would stop there.
There was a pit stop I would make often.
Charburger. Lousy food, but a million dollar view.
I've seen videos of the Bridge of the Gods being built, it must have been in the 1920's. I bet it 'puckers up' the modern day OSHA types when they view it.

That entire old hiway 30 route must have some history intact, at least the parts of it still visible. I remember my dad and his brothers talking about family trips from Portland to the Palouse during the 1930's.

All of this opens up some potential research avenues for this winter. I never considered that camps would be on private land, and maybe not so well known today.

My pack of detectors could use some tweaking. The 3 you mention are definite keepers, and aren't going anywhere.

It is silly for me to have 3 watertight detectors.
I began with the Kruzer, and liked it OK. Then the Anfibio came out, and I read a lot about the potential of that coil.
I set out to get a used coil only, but soon ran across a used deal on the Anfibio. It had that coil I wanted, as well as water tight Nokta headphones, external battery pack, and the standard headphone jack that was then impossible to find.
Before I knew it I owned an Anfibio.
In retrospect a new coil would have been the more efficient choice, since I cannot find any difference in performance between the 2 detectors.

I had been curious about the Equinox since it came out. I remember all the hype about how all other detectors will be obsolete.
But, the problems with early models had me scared, especially the leaky control boxes.
I went ahead with it earlier this year, figuring the problems had been addressed.
I have enjoyed it so far. I won't wade with it though. The rare times I do that are accompanied by the Anfibio.

The Kruzer is on the inactive list. I should sell it, but what is the value? I'm the 3rd owner, and it uses the blue headphones.
I also could part with the IDX, but even one as nice as mine are in limited demand. The Racer with the 5" coil can do everything the IDX is capable of, but that Whites is downright "kool" in my eyes.

I don't have the wireless dongle for the Racer, and am using Whites Pro Star HP's with it. I do know there are better ones than that out there.
Is the dongle needed for my older Racer 2 available for green HP's?
Also I forgot to mention the waterproof Nokta HP's are just about useless to me. They are something those OSHA types would love, as they are certainly no threat to hearing loss!!!

I guess I'm getting away from subject matter this forum is supposed to be about...

EQ 800-6" COIL
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XL Pro?

scottwyl 520 August 15, 2021 01:01PM

Not a different detector or a different meter. Just the little back piece display you could buy and install. N/T

Monte 359 August 15, 2021 07:30PM

Re: Not a different detector or a different meter. Just the little back piece display you could buy and install.

SvenS 460 August 17, 2021 04:35AM

Re: XL Pro?

Timbertodd 301 August 15, 2021 04:19PM

Re: XL Pro?

scottwyl 296 August 15, 2021 11:11PM

Scott, the 'Blue & Gray' models started out in the

Monte 305 August 16, 2021 06:07AM

Re: Scott, the 'Blue & Gray' models started out in the

scottwyl 428 August 16, 2021 11:16AM

Scott, you're still 'on topic' and bring up interesting points.

Monte 327 August 16, 2021 02:26PM

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