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From my first factpry-produced detector in the summer of 1968, White's Detectors have had a presence.

January 06, 2018 07:52AM avatar
Yes, I have added three new Forums and have singled-out three specific manufacturers who's products are in my Regular-Use Detector Team, for three very specific reasons:

'Because they Work'
'Because they Work Quite Well and are Versatile'
'Because they are *Simple* yet *Functional* and provide *Performance* I demand of them.'

Welcome to the White's Metal Detector Forum! I am pleased to call attention to my Regular-Use Detector Team, as I do in almost every post on any Forum I visit, which include my favorite and versatile model from White's, the new MX-7.

All my detecting is supported by the use of my favorite Headphones and Recovery Gear:White's Pro Star w/'tank style' ear cups, and White's Ground Hawg Shovel and DigMaster digging tools, and a Signature Supreme Pouch.

I would like to welcome all open discussions and questions relating to White's brand under this Forum heading. Most of us know that White's Detectors have been producing 'recreational' metal detectors with some of the oldest names in the industry, and are very well respected.

I had been using home-built "metal/mineral locators" since March of '65 and when I got my first factory-produced detector in-hand in the summer of '68, a White's Ghost Towner BFO, it was like flipping a light switch in a dark room. What had been an 'interesting' hobby quickly turned into a really 'fun' hobby and started consuming more and more of my free time. I was hooked!

And for over five decades I have usually had at least one White's model in my always-ready detector battery because they have often provided a model or two that were a good 'fit' for the hunting I enjoy doing, mainly Relic Hunting but also a lot of Coin & Jewelry Hunting. I frequently make mention of the fact that there is no such thing as a 'perfect' detector, and there have been times when some of my White's models have been out-performaned significantly, to the point where I made a total switch of my primary-use units.

Even in recent years I let most of my other brands go, in January of 2015, when a Nokta FORS CoRe came on the scene and quite simply 'out-performed' all the other visual TID models for the types of hunting I preferred to do. I had been using and selling the White's line, especially working the MXT All-Pro with success, and also keeping some other brand models and a White's MX-5 in my detector battery, the latter mainly for Coin & Jewelry Hunting tasks.

To be quite honest, the CoRe was more comfortable for longer-duration hunts for me and my mobility issues, and it excelled when it came to unmasking abilities in dense iron trash. I did give in after parting with all the other brands I had, except Tesoro favorites, when I took on the Nokta and Makro devices in early 2015, adding a White's MX-5 back into my detector group, mainly as a 'loaner' unit for friends and family.

The MXT 'series', including the MX-5, can work okay for what I do the most, but they did fall short on offering more 'Functional' adjustment features in a 'Simple' to use detector, but I knew it was going to be coming. White's showed the right idea with the introduction of the MX Sport, but had to work a few glitches out of it and also package it in more of a land-hunting friendly package to get my attention. Well, the end of 2017 brought me just what I was hoping for ... a newer White's, reasonably priced with a performance-based features, all easy (aka 'Simple') to adjust and with an acceptable selection of search coils for what I like to do the most. It was the MX-7!

I immediately made the drive across state to purchase a new MX-7 and accessories I wanted for it, plus pick up a new-to-the-line 6½ Inch Concentric search coil. A long time favorite and proven performer where I like to hunt. That was followed by a trade deal where I now have a 2nd MX-7 in my working detector battery to keep a different search coil mounted and have an MX-7 ready-to-grab for any site conditions I want to deal with.

Do my MX-7's do everything as well as my favorite Tesoro models or my Nokta and Makro detector models? No, not quite. They all can complement each other very well and the MX-7's offer some features and performance that my favorite Nokta and Makro's don't offer, so that alone makes the MX-7 from White's a great 'fit' in my Regular-Use Detector group.

I do not have a brand-specific Forum for all makes of detectors, and that's because I don't use all makes of detectors. I have Forums here that represent the different makes and models of detectors that I rely on, and I know that many other beginning-Hobbyists to active and Avid Detectorists can also use and appreciate these fine products and this will open up some discussions and questions and answers about models from these makers. White's has been making a lot of detectors we have relied upon for many, many decades so we ought to see related model discussions here.

So once again, I welcome everyone to this new White's specific Forum and ask that Q&A's and discussions stay on-topic about this brand. There is a separate Forum for my personal favorite detector brands, and all other brand discussions should be posted under the General Metal Detecting Forum.

I wish everyone the best of success out detecting in 2018. I know I'll be working on my own goals, keeping a favorite detector hard at work.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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From my first factpry-produced detector in the summer of 1968, White's Detectors have had a presence.

Monte 472 January 06, 2018 07:52AM

Re: From my first factpry-produced detector in the summer of 1968, White's Detectors have had a presence.

slingshot 280 February 11, 2018 12:24AM

Often a 'gut feeling' purchase turns out to be better than imagined.

Monte 289 February 12, 2018 01:19AM

Re: Often a 'gut feeling' purchase turns out to be better than imagined.

slingshot 258 February 13, 2018 09:47PM

Hey slingshot, it's good to see you posting hereWhite's Electronics

Hombre 267 February 11, 2018 09:41PM

Re: Hey slingshot, it's good to see you posting hereWhite's Electronics

slingshot 282 February 12, 2018 11:49AM

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