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Evaluation of the new White's MX-7 is coming soon.

January 07, 2018 10:05AM avatar
Hey Monte how bout the mx7? U can anytime to do any testing? Would love to hear what ya think if it.
Joel, we had been chilly enough before, but after buying the MX-7 we got a lot more 'winter' around here. Not a lot of snow, but the few inches fell on already frozen ground, and it has stayed rather 'seasonal' lately. However, the past couple of days we had some good 'hints of spring' and that means I should be able to get out detecting in the next few weeks. Also, I just might take a south-bound excursion to get into workable country soon. smiling bouncing smiley

I have had some opportunities to get out with the MX-7, however, and have mainly been working on in-the-field comparisons between the new 6½ Inch Concentric coil and the 7" Detech DD they have had. Not sure why since I know where my preference is and which is providing the better performance in iron nail environments, but it gives me something to do. eye rolling smiley

You are wondering what I think and the best way to answer that is this:

a.. I knew what the MX-Sport had to offer once they worked the glitches out of it.

b.. I also knew they would offer a land-based version which is what I wanted.

c.. After using a good, workable MX Sport with 7" Detech coil on a few occasions, briefly, in some ghost town areas, I felt this circuitry just might offer me some different features and performance that I could use for different applications. I thought it was going to be good enough to impress me and maybe be a 'fit' in my Regular-Use Detector Team

.... therefore ....

d.. ... I bought a brand new MX-7 on a drive over to the White's factory in Sweet Home, Oregon to give it some hands-on evaluation against my other preferred models, most notably the Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic devices.

The answer to: "Would love to hear what I think of it." ...

I replaced a stolen Nokta CoRe to have two in my Detector Team again. I replaced a stolen Nokta Relic to have two in my Detector Team again. And ... I got another brand new White's MX-7 to have two in my Detector Team.

I guess I like the MX-7. grinning smiley thumbs up

There's no 'perfect' detector so I like to have what I feel works best for me, knowing that different detectors can 'complement' each other, such as having a 15 kHz CoRe and 19 kHz Relic, a three frequency Impact, and by 10-14½ kHz Tesoro devices.

When I was at White's I told them, quite clearly, that as much as I am impressed with what they provided in their MX-7/MX-Sport circuitry design and performance, the MX-7 is not going to replace my CoRe or Relic in my arsenal. If I was over in Turkey I'd tell Dilek that as fond as I am of my Nokta models, there is still a 'fit' for the MX-7 because it does some things different, thus it will work for me in certain applications different from the others..

I hope to have an evaluation n the MX-7 soon. Just been busy around here the past couple of months.


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New mx7

Kickindirt 419 January 07, 2018 06:07AM

Evaluation of the new White's MX-7 is coming soon.

Monte 582 January 07, 2018 10:05AM

Re: Evaluation of the new White's MX-7 is coming soon.

Kickindirt 354 January 07, 2018 09:27PM

thumbs up for the MX-7, the 6½" Concentric coil, and the 'Bengal Orange' color.

Monte 445 January 08, 2018 08:18AM

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